In a world where life is designed around consumerism, people are finding themselves paying a high premium for services and products that, upon closer examination, may not warrant the cost. In this article we will explore 15 different things that feel like highway robbery, but all too often the consumer is more than willing to pay for it.

Old-School Cable TV

With streaming and apps to access just about any TV show or movie at a lower cost, it almost seems silly that anyone would have cable, in fact cable feels downright archaic.

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However, despite the lower cost of other options, many homes still continue to pay the high monthly premiums for cable channles. Many of which will go unwatched, a little strange if you ask me, but perhaps it’s just the comforts of familiarity that drive people to hold onto things like cable tv.

New Textbooks

Anyone that has attended college knows that the cost of new edition college textbooks is astronomical! However, many students are forced to purchase them because they are a requirement of the class.

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The option to find gently-used or even digital counterparts are available, but aren’t always easily accessed. So once again the hast of needing these items outweighs the costly expense, and students find themselves spending egregious amounts of money on textbooks for college.

Brand-Name Or Generic

Not everyone understands that the generic brands of medications typically contain the same ingredients as their brand-name counterparts, but are significantly cheaper.

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Some consumers still choose the name-brand option, despite the cost being significantly higher. I suppose the medications they have seen advertised eases their angst and sways them towards the more costly options, leaving its generic counterpart in the dust.


If you have owned a printer then you are all too familiar with the ridiculous cost of printer ink!

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While people may gripe about the money shelled out, the convenience of being able to print their own documents as needed keeps them coming back for more.

Food At The Airport

All seasoned travelers know that you should buy snacks and eat before you go to the airport. airport food is known to be exceptionally high, and half the time the quality isn’t that great either.

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Despite the options being pricey and often lackluster, many passengers, for one reason or another, find themselves indulging in airport food.

Fancy Water

Whether it be alkaline, spring, or glacier derived, designer water is marketed to entice you into thinking it’s healthier. Oftentimes this “healthier” option comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

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Regardless of price, many consumers will voluntarily spend extravagantly on these so-called premium brands. Little do they know that oftentimes their tap water is just as good.

Theater Popcorn

Movie theaters know that very few consumers can resist the urge to splurge on their gourmet popcorn, so they jack up the price accordingly.

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The undeniable attraction of the buttery delight is difficult for movie goers to resist, and many are more than willing to pay to enjoy this movie treat.

Concert And Event Tickets

I’m not sure many consumers even pay attention to the additional fees that are tacked on when buying event tickets online, but what I can tell you is companies profit heavily from this.

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They bank on the fact that most consumers are so eager to be the first to get tickets to the latest and greatest concert, they won’t notice the excess charges being added on. All the while their pockets are getting bigger and yours shrinking.

Ready To Cook Vegetables

The modern day consumer loves convenience, pre-cut veggies are no exception. However, these pre packed goods come with a not so desirable price tag.

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In an effort to save themselves a few extra minutes, many people willingly offer up the extra bucks for convenience.

A Gamers Downfall

The age old saying “nothing in life is free” isn’t far off, even games that claim to be free will typically come with in-game add ons.

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These virtual enhancements can accumulate and really break the bank over time. Despite the cost, consumers remain undeterred.

Lets Win The Lotto

Despite the fact that your odds of winning do not increase based on the frequency in which you play, the allure of instantaneous wealth draws consumers in.

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A few dollars here and there hardly seems offensive to the wallet when the possibility of the payout is so high. Afterall you can’t win unless you play, right?

High Grade Gasoline

Most vehicles don’t require premium gasoline in order to run well.

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Regardless of this fact many drivers are under the impression that higher quality gas is what’s best for their cars, so they are willing to foot the bill, even when the difference in price could mean a few dollars per gallon.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a little ridiculous when you actually think about what you’re paying for.

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However, the sentiment of giving such a personalized gift still appeals to many people, expensive or not they are willing to pay the cost that comes with it.

Hotel Snacks

The satisfaction people get from simply reaching over from the comforts of their hotel bed, and having access to all the little snacks and drinks they could want, is more than most people can resist.

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The temptation is just too great, and they find themselves incurring the cost for convenience.

Custom Ringtones

There are so many options out there for free ringtones, making paying for a custom one seem unnecessary.

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Yet, the need to have the exact desired ringtone seems to outweigh the free options, and has consumers dishing out the big bucks for these little digital files.

Bottled Water

Bottled water has always been expensive, especially considering you can acquire fairly easy and typically for free.

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Even though there are considerable environmental concerns and many question the quality of bottled water, consumers remain unphased. Their need for convenience keeps them coming back for more, and keeps water sales at a steady incline.

High-End Fashion

This one isn’t new nor is it going anywhere anytime soon. A lot of people have a need to keep up with the latest fashion, and in most cases these name-brand items come at an extreme cost.

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However, the desire to own these luxury items drives many consumers to willingly go bankrupt. To them it’s a worthy investment and the price tag means nothing.