We all have that dream of building a house as wild as our minds can imagine. Some people out there actually made it happen.

Alabama | Lighthouse Estate

This lighthouse, spanning over 18,000 square feet, is Alabama’s local legend. Crowned with a catwalk offering panoramic views, this lighthouse has become a magnet for locals and visitors alike.

Source: Forbes

Adding to its uniqueness, a helicopter pad is also located on top of the roof. People, we’re talking about a private house with a helicopter pad, beyond the next level!

Alaska | Dr. Seuss House

The design of the building in Alaska follows the quintessential patterns of Japanese houses with roofs over each of the cabins.

Source: Atlas Obscura

If you stare at the building for long, you start to feel like it’s going to collapse at any moment. Yet, it still stands tall. One can only wonder how astonishing the view is from the top.

Arizona | Falcon Nest

Next, we have another skyscraper with a height of 124 feet! Named after its design, Falcon Nest is located in Prescott, Arizona. It happens to be the tallest single-family home in all of North America.

Source: Pinterest

This place is prime for stargazing and offers panoramic views of mountains all around.

Arkansas | Quigley’s Castle

This Arkansas home giving off major castle vibes is the brainchild of the builder, Elise Quigley. She made sure the house resembles just like a castle and adorned it with stones, rocks, and fossils from her own collection.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

What’s even more fascinating is that there are legit gardens inside that were planted back in the ’40s and are still thriving.

California | Flintstone House

This house in California looks like a mushroom. The house was designed with rooms that had circular surfaces. Such a bizarre house is quite amazing to look at.

Source: Atlas Obscura

It is situated on the lakeside of the city. Because of its distinctive look and strange construction, it has become quite a tourist attraction. You can easily slide into the cartoon world by visiting the building.

Colorado | Bishop Castle

The exterior of the building in Colorado greatly resembles the exterior of the many ancient castles of the prehistoric days.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is a certain notion of whimsicality in the building as well as it is believed to have been created by a single man who carried 1000 rocks alone.

Connecticut | The Round House

Ever heard of a house that can rotate? There’s a Connecticut house that can make a full rotation and rotate every 45 minutes.

Source: Zillow

It hangs 12 feet above the ground with the support of a pillar, sturdy enough to hold it till today since it was built in 1968.

Delaware | The Futuro House

There is a never-ending obsession of us with flying sorceries and UFOs. This piece of wonder in Delaware finally brings our fascination to reality.

Source: Flickr

The building works similarly to a time machine, taking us to a period when only these sorts of wonders will exist. The best thing about the building is that it is entirely made of wasteful products such as glassware and plastic.

District of Columbia | ‘The Spy House’

A seemingly ordinary house made our list with its occupants’ unusual activities. Rumor has it, that this spot is the undercover hub for FBI and NSA agents.

Source: Google Maps

Despite the intrigue, no one’s ever spotted an open curtain or received a single piece of mail.

Florida | The Lewis Spring House

This “hemicycle” shaped house is known as the Lewis Spring House in Tallahassee. It was built in 1954 by designer Frank Lloyd Wright. It happens to be the only private residence he designed in Florida.

Source: TripAdvisor

A bank president wanted to build a unique house for his family. Specifically, he was deeply impressed by Wright’s concept of a boat-like house and chose that design for his house.

Georgia | Replica Of The White House

Why bother travelling all the way to Washington when you can enjoy the magnificence of the American White House just in the green state of Georgia?

Source: TripAdvisor

It is a picture-perfect replica of the original version. From the white columns in the front to the Oval Office, the building ticks all the boxes.

Hawaii | Kehena Cliff House

This house that looks like a pile washing machine is located in Hawaii. Standing tall over a cliff with ample windows, this house ensures you get the best views of the Pacific.

Source: New York Post

It also gives a rare view of active lava flows. You can rent it on Airbnb on your next trip to Hawaii; just remember to book early.

Idaho | Bulbous Dome House

This dome-like structure is quite similar to the creatures that live in the deepest part of the ocean. With just 5 acres of land, the house has built up quite a name for itself.

Source: The Kansas City Star

As it is nestled in the barren greenery, there is a natural aesthetic to it as well.

Indiana | The Hulking Residence

This huge property in suburban Indianapolis started with grand mansion ambitions. The builder’s experimental attempt took a wild turn. The use of stone, ornate molding, marble, statues, gargoyles galore, and whatnot made it a pretty confusing architectural spectacle.

Source: The New York Post

Iowa | Pyramid House

Have you ever pondered the possibility of creating a structure like this for a home? You may find this kind of house in Iowa state. It’s about 5,500 square feet.

Source: Pinterest

The most intriguing aspect is that visitors can hire it. This place is becoming so popular among the people to celebrate special occasions or family reunions.

Kansas | The Garden of Eden

This park-like house in Kansas is filled with more than 150 figures. Starting from 40-foot “trees” to many human, animal, and birds sculptures which are made of limestone logs.

Source: TripAdvisor

If you’re itching your head and wondering what these sculptures are representing. To your knowledge, the Garden of Eden portrays the story of the world’s creation.

Kentucky | Mother Goose House

The exterior of the house is like any other. However, there is a giant green mother goose just on top of the roof. Yes, you heard it right. The building even has egg-shaped windows, which light up the eyes of the animal.

Source: Flickr

The goose itself is not so realistic, but its bizarre placement has turned the house into one of Kentucky’s most famous attractions.

Maine | ‘My Way’ Cottage

This straight-out Disney movie house is located in Maine and was built by a local who happens to be an engineer as well as an artist. He marked his skills successfully in his construction; we can clearly see that.

Source: Facebook/ For The Love of Old Houses

It is said that many tourists come to sightsee the house, but they never spot anyone living inside.

Maryland | The Mushroom House

It seems like a mushroom is a popular choice whenever someone thinks of building a unique house. This gentleman from Maryland had the same plan, and with the help of some local contractors, he managed to bring his vision to life.

Source: Google Maps

As far as we know, a 3-year renovation with a plethora of gallons of spray foam brought this mushroom-like appearance finally.

Massachusetts | The Paper House

The entirety of this wondrous house is made out of newspapers. In a time where everyone is choosing steel and bricks to construct their home, Elis F. Stenman took a different approach.

Source: Pinterest

The structure is not only eco-friendly but also looks incredibly pleasant amidst the forest. The only part of the house that is not made of newspaper is the roof.

Michigan | Pickle Barrel House

The Pickle Barrel House is situated in Michigan and was designed by William Donahey, an author-cartoonist. The centerpiece of this home is a 4.9-meter-tall barrel.

Source: Pinterest

There is a small barrel situated near the large barrel which is used as a kitchen. Furthermore, you will find an outdoor seating area there.

Minnesota | Ensculptic

Here, we have another mushroom house for you guys. This was built by an architect enthusiast along with his students in 1969. They used polyurethane foam and burlap to bring out the shape.

Source: Reddit

Some may confuse it with a long-stretched circus tent; jokes apart, it is just a cozy one-family house inhabited by the owner’s family.

Mississippi | The W.C. Gryder House

Does it resemble a bat or a helmet, let’s not get into that debate. We just know that it’s a one-of-a-kind house that earns its spot on our list as an architectural insanity in Mississippi.

Source: National Park Service

Also note that, it was designed by the renowned architect Bruce Goff and is considered one of his masterpieces. So understanding its mystery is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

Missouri | The Water Tank House

Would you like to live in a repurposed water tank? Although it sounds weird. You may think it’s impossible. But in Missouri, you will find a water tank house.

Source: KHMO AM 1070

This distinctive home features about 3500 square feet of living area and contains a huge garage. This is a private property and not available for renting.

Montana | Shire Of Montana

The warmth of the shire from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series is something we all want to experience. Just as we are writing this article, soothing music is playing through our ears.

Source: CNBC

This particular house in Montana brings joy to every Lord of the Rings fan in the world. The house is filled with all the little elements that made the series so popular among all ages of people.

Nebraska | Underground Earth House

This house is completely true to its name. Hidden under Nebraska’s green hills, this earth house peeks out to let us appreciate its unique appearance.

Source: Airbnb

This house is available on Airbnb for rent. Speaking of that, have you ever mowed your roof? Well, if you rent this house, you’ll surely have to.

Nevada | The Underground House

Here we bring a cousin of Nebraska’s underground house, but this one’s in Nevada! From the outside, it looks like a modest 2,300-square-foot home. But, step inside, and you’ll find a grand 15,000 square feet of space!

Source: Daily Mail

It’s not just a house; it’s a whole experience. It occupies a luxury bunker, guesthouse, waterfall, yard, pool, and yes, even a spa!

New Jersey | Luna Parc

The house clearly tells that only an artist is behind its design. The mastermind behind this magical creation is none other than the uber-talented artist, Ricky Boscarino.

Source: TripAdvisor

One interesting fact about this house is that Ricky has built this house by himself and it took him around three decades.

New Mexico | Taos Pueblo

In America, Taos Pueblo is most likely the oldest construction. A taos-speaking native american tribe has resided there for centuries. It is located about 1 mile north of the current city of Taos, New Mexico. It is predicted that the buildings that exist today were built between 1000 and 1450 C.E.

Source: Shutterstock

Taos Pueblo represents a powerful interaction between the American Indians and the Spanish. The sandy exterior of the structure boldly depicts Spanish culture and customs.

New York | The Mushroom House

Looks like the concept of the mushroom house spread like wildfire. Just so you know, this is not the last mushroom house you’ll see today; we have some more crazy mushroom houses for you, keep reading.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, we got to know that this wasn’t made to look like a mushroom on purpose. Initially, it was an attempt to portray the stems of Queen Anne’s Lace, but the end result had another plan.

North Carolina | The Mug House

There was a couple in North Carolina who were super into collecting mugs. Like, next-level obsessed. They had this crazy idea to deck out their entire house with mugs.

Source: TripAdvisor

And, after 15 years they pull off this epic mug-themed house that showcases over 2000 mugs. Interestingly, now if you visit the house, you’re allowed to leave your own cup as a tribute.

North Dakota | Polka Dot House

Back in 2012, the owner of a modest century-old rental home in Grand Forks decided to spice things up a bit. A former painter, he decided polka dots were the way to go.

Source: Flickr

Though a city planner was none too pleased with the result, the home has become a minor local sensation and even boasts a smiley-face chimney.

Ohio | The Mushroom House

Well, this mushroom house is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a feeling that this one is the queerest mushroom-shaped house on our list. It gives off a vibe, as though it is a stage from a fairytale.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This interesting mushroom house was designed by architect Terry Brown. He made sure to add several architectural quirks to this home to make it extraordinary.

Oklahoma | The Cave House

Do you feel like traveling back to the days when our ancestors lived in caves? While the Oklahoma Cave House is not necessarily a cave, it definitely looks like one because of its rustic appearance.

Source: X / @OklahomaOMES

The rocky exterior and the subtle off-white coloring on them truly seal the deal.

Oregon: Aqua Star

This makes our age-old fascination of living on the glassy surface of the deep blue sea come true. The futuristic building located in the middle of the Columbia River looks as extravagant as imaginable. 

Source: Oregon Live

The ceilings are completely stainless, and it even has its own dockyard. The 3000-square-foot behemoth is quite a sight to behold.

Pennsylvania | Haines Shoe House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are a fashion fanatic then this last entry of our list will surely captivate you. To promote their new line of shoes, Haines basically made an entire house resembling one giant white shoe. You can think of spending your honeymoon here if you are a newlywed as it’s completely free for the new love birds.

Rhode Island | Clingstone

The first thing that comes to our mind when we see the building is how on earth it is still stable. Well, you will be flabbergasted to know that the clingstone house in the Colorado River withstood a literal hurricane. The structure is situated right on top of the stones that make up the bay.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

According to visitors, the house has its own solar panels and filtration system. So by no means, it’s an abandoned house.

South Carolina | Auldbrass Plantation

The tiny splash of whimsical colors in the heart of the jungle is quite aesthetic. The most intriguing aspect of the house is that it has no squares in any of the corners. This notion makes the structure feel like it’s going to collapse at any moment.

Source: TripAdvisor

This house is known to be the only plantation house built by the famous Frank Lloyd Wrist.

Tennessee | The Spaceship House

Can you sense a pattern here? The white replica of the spaceship from the sci-fi movies makes decades of our conspiracy theories finally come true.

Source: Zillow

Like the depiction in the movies, the house has tiny windows all around the exterior. It has several poles which makes the centerpiece feel like it’s floating six feet above the sky. At night time, it truly appears as a realistic flying saucer.

Texas | The Munster Mansion

Sandra and Charles Mckee were avid fans of the 1960’s sitcom “The Munsters”. They decided to show their dedication to the show by building an exact replica of the house shown in the series.

Source: Pinterest

The task was quite painstaking, as each part of the building is created by watching footage and scenes from the show so that it’s an exact match.

Virginia: Innis House

You may be wondering what’s such an ordinary-looking house doing on the list of architectural insanity. Well, the house is a witness to the many horrors of the Civil War.

Source: Atlas Obscura

The tiny wooden house in Virginia doesn’t bluff. The house works as an amulet of the many stories and sacrifices that occurred in the war.

Vermont: Pyramid House

The lovely brownish triangle protruding from the surface looks astonishingly beautiful and symmetrical. The point structures take us to the desert lands of the pyramids.

Source: Pinterest

One really interesting fact about this house is that the interior is decorated with LSD pipes, which glow radiantly at night.

Washington | USS Manzanita

The USS Manzanita is a former 190-foot-long steel ship that was first built in 1906 to transport fuel, food, and other supplies. It sailed as the US Navy around the Pacific coast and is now anchored to the ground near Lake Washington.

Source: Pinterest

It is now modified to be a one-family home with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a kitchen.

Wyoming | Smith Mansion

The 75-foot building has an eerie and almost morbid appearance as if there are some dark energies lurking inside. It’s so massive, besides its spooky vibe, that anyone wouldn’t be afraid to live here.

Source: Flickr

You will be more perplexed to know that the owner of the house died in the process. Some claim that the house killed him.

Wisconsin | The House on the Rock

Escape from mundane lives filled with tension and stress and get lost in the natural habitat of this building in southwestern Wisconsin. The house resembles a Buddhist temple, sitting on a steep mountain.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The moment you step foot into the structure, you will be greeted with natural elements such as tropical plants, curvy hills, and even a waterfall.