In an ever-evolving society, particularly in the home construction industry, individuals are now moving towards more sustainable and affordable construction materials. And unlike the usual building materials like wood and concrete, these innovations are somewhat perfect.

And to add a little cherry on the cake, this lady who recently went viral on Tiktok has explained to the public how she and her family were able to build a house made only of lime and hemp. This is such an intriguing concept, come with us to get a better understanding of the whole idea.

This Lady Built Her Home From Lime And Hemp Hurd

This lady is building a concept that’ll differentiate her and her family from others.

In a clip that now has more than 400 likes, TikToker HempHealthyHome shared the details about her family’s construction project.

Source: Instagram/hemphealthyhome

Surprisingly they are building a house using just hemp hurd, which is a woody substance obtained from the inside of the hemp plant.

People Have Been Building With Hempcrete

The fact that people have been building with hempcrete is surprising, but hear us out! Building with hemp has a long-standing history and this TikToker has highlighted the advantages of using hemp for building.

Source: Instagram/hemphealthyhome

It has over the years shown its effectiveness as a building material which has made it an appealing and enduring choice for environmentally conscious construction practices.

The First To Do It In The Whole United States

While sharing her story, the Tiktoker added that she and her family were the first set of people to ever construct a hemp block house in the whole United States using a specific hemp-based product.

Source: Instagram/hemphealthyhome

Another thing she mentioned in her Tiktok video was how they transitioned from the common practice of covering the blocks with drywall to a different approach, which sets their home apart from the conventional practice.

What Is Hempcrete Made Of?

The hemp alternative is a building material that has a carbon-negative effect, it is made from hemp fiber and has been gaining popularity as a substitute for the traditional use of concrete for construction. It helps to capture carbon dioxide rather than release it.

Source: Instagram/Harthempco

The bio-composite material is produced by using a hemp shiv, which is the tough inner core of the hemp stalks. This hemp shiv is then combined with a binder such as lime powder and water. This mixture forms what is usually referred to as Hempcrete.

The Outcome Of This Mixture Will Shock You

After thoroughly mixing the hemp shiv with lime powder and water, it turns into something unbelievable. The result is a tough and adaptable material that can be customized by adjusting the proportions of the hemp and lime based on what you intend to use it for.

Source: Instagram/hemphealthyhome /Keith Bien

Because it is flexible to adjust the proportions of the hemp and lime, it makes the material adaptable to a range of construction applications. It allows you to tailor its use to suit your construction needs and requirements.

Hempcrete Is Commonly Used To Build Internal Walls

Although hemp as a building material can be used for various purposes like roofing, attic spaces, and also flooring screeds, internal walls are what the hemp material is most commonly used to construct. Additionally, the hemp material also helps to provide insulation.

Source: Instagram/hemphealthyhome

On the topic of how effective the hemp material is, there was a report, where the material gained public attention when a 12-story building was constructed primarily using the hemp material. This helped to showcase its potential on how it can be used for larger and more diverse projects.

The Importance Of Hempcrete

For years now, the building and construction industry has been in search of construction materials that are lower in carbon footprints. And, after so much attention from the public, Hempcrete has proven to be the best alternative

Source: Instagram/hemphealthyhome

This biocomposite material not only offers environmental benefits by being less carbon intensive but at the same time it also presents multiple advantages for the building and construction industry and their several projects.

It Also Serves As An Exceptional Carbon Sink

Another important feature of Hempcrete according to this tiltoker is that the hemp serves as an exceptional carbon sink during its growth. And research shows that hemp can capture twice the amount of carbon dioxide compared to trees.

Source: Instagram/hemphealthyhome

When hemp is used in Hempcrete construction, the captured carbon dioxide becomes soaked within the walls of the home for as long as it stays standing. These dual features are highly eco-friendly and give you a strong and lasting building.

It Has Excellent Insulation Properties

According to this TikToker, Hempcrete has a lot of great potential, in addition to its exceptional carbon sink and its rapid growth, it is also an amazing weatherizer. This means that the hempcrete possesses excellent insulation properties. This feature helps contribute to lower energy consumption within homes which causes their electricity bill to reduce.

Source: Unsplash/Erik Mclean

Hempcrete is out there offering both economic and environmental benefits, as it helps decrease the need for excessive heating or cooling, it also works to minimize the generation of pollution associated with conventional energy usage.

The Two Reasons Why Hempcrete Is A Highly Effective Insulator

The first is, the air pockets formed between the pieces of the hemp shiv and the microscopic spaces within the material which creates an ideal environment that helps trap and retain heat. It makes it perfect for regulating indoor temperatures.

Source: Unsplash/Matteo Paganelli

The second one is that once the lime binder is set, heat can be absorbed or stored directly within the material. This perfect characteristic, helps individuals maintain a stable indoor temperature even when facing external temperature fluctuations.

Hemp Has A Rapid Growth Cycle

Did you know that hemp has a rapid growth cycle that allows it to reach its maturity within just 90 days? Oh yes! And that’s even in comparison to the other traditional building and construction materials which take approximately 20 to 25 years for a forest to mature before it can be harvested.

Source: Flickr/Meggers24

The Tiktok user also emphasized that the hemp blocks do not stop absorbing just because they have been incorporated into the house, rather they continue to absorb some carbon, which helps to highlight the sustainability benefits of using hemp in construction.

Deforestation And Its Harmful Impacts On The Planet

This report is straight from the desk of National Geographic, which revealed that deforestation has significant implications beyond climate change. Some of its harmful effects include an increase in the transfer of diseases from wildlife to humans due to habitat loss.

Source: Unsplash/roya ann miller

Here’s another fact that will leave you shocked. Did you know that approximately 60% of all occurring infectious diseases are believed to originate from animals? Bet you didn’t know. That’s the extent of the relationship between environmental health, biodiversity, and the possibility of diseases spreading if there’s a slight decline in the ecosystem through activities of deforestation.

Cement As A Key Ingredient In Concrete Is A No!

The production of cement, which is the most important ingredient in concrete, contributes a significant amount to the nation’s air pollution. Most of their manufacturers rely on fossil fuels to heat the limestone and clay in a kiln.

Source: Unsplash/Anaya Katlego

The use of fossil fuels in turn releases about 600 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2)  into the atmosphere and this occurs for every ton of cement produced.

Concrete And Its Nonrenewable Materials

Another reason why we might all need to switch to hempcrete is the fact that most of the materials that make concrete are nonrenewable. Materials such as sand and gravel, are currently being mined faster than they are being replaced by erosion.

Source: Flickr/NCDOTcommunications

One thing people are not aware of is that the extraction of nonrenewable materials like sand and gravel for concrete production poses a great environmental concern. And as individuals, we need to be careful so as not to cause damage to the local environment.

Sand Mining – The Real Cause Of Frequent Flooding

Sand mining in river and marine areas is known to have a detrimental effect on the environment, as it increases the risk of flooding. The constant removal of sand reduces the natural buffering capacity of these areas.

Source: Unsplash/Shane McLendon

Excessive sand mining also leads to the collapse of the riverbeds and also contributes to coastal erosion, which has been negatively impacting the ecosystem. Also, excessive sand extraction has been linked to habitat loss and declining biodiversity.

Hemp – The Better Alternative

Switching to hemp as a building material allows us to alleviate environmental concerns that are associated with the use of building materials like sand and concrete.

Source: Instagram/hempblockinternational

Hemp has a high vapor-permeability which allows the moisture to escape its walls efficiently and prevents the buildup of dampness and mildew. The use of hemp has advantages that outweigh its limitations and make it a sustainable alternative.

The Perfect Influence

This TikTok has influenced quite a lot of people to take on the challenge of using lasting and healthy building materials. And this has opened our eyes to a more sustainable way of building our homes.

Source: Instagram/hempblockinternational

Individuals who love the idea are now changing from building their homes with wood and concrete to building them with hemp because it is much better.