Leaf blowers are time savers in autumn. Instead of spending hours raking leaves, just whip out your machine and send them back to the underworld. But what happens to your leaf blower after autumn? Well, we have 11 brilliant ways to use this tool.

Your trusty leaf blower doesn’t need to stay in the garage collecting dust. It has surprising applications from being useful in winter to helping out in your truck. How’s that possible? Join us as we explore these 11 brilliant used for your leaf blower.

1. Blow Snow Off Your Sidewalk

Snow on your driveway or sidewalk can be pretty in winter. However, it can become super slippery if it settles or melts improperly. One way to quickly fix this issue is with your trusty leaf blower. How?

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Simply head on outside, unleash that turbine power, and watch the snow leave your property. Granted, this trick mostly works with light amounts of snow as heavy snowfall weighs too much to be blown away. Nevertheless, your leaf blower can help you clear off the snow.

2. Quickly Dry Your Vehicle

Drying up your vehicle after a proper wash can be a hassle. It’s even more stressful if it’s a big machine like an RV or truck. If you’ve got a leaf blower lying around in the garage, you’ve got all you need to speed up the drying process.

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The leaf blower has enough pressure to push beads of water off your car. This significants improves the drying process since you don’t have to repeatedly squeeze a soaked rag. After blowing off as much water as possible, you can wipe off the remaining to droplets.

3. Blow Leaves Off Your Roof

Leaves fall all season and may land on your roof depending on the height and size. Over time, the accumulation may look visually unappealing, but the roof may be too hard to reach. You can quickly solve this problem with your leaf blower.

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Simply take a ladder, climb to your roof, and blow away! This process is more efficient because the leaves fly off instead of getting into your gutter. Just ensure your ladder is secure to avoid a bad fall.

4. Clean Your Gutter

Rain will naturally leave dirt and filth in your gutter and the cleaning process is complex. You may have to scoop out the soggy waste by hand. Afterward, you’ll be left with some smaller particles. That’s where your leaf blower comes in!

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Instead of wasting water or waiting for rain to flush out the remaining particles, use a leaf blower. The pressure can knock out the leftover particles from your sanitation efforts, leaving a pristine gutter. It’s an efficient end to your hard work.

5. Preserving Pool Lines

If you own a pool, you have to winterize that area. This means blowing water out of the pool line before the temperature drops. This action prevents damage to your pool equipment as freezing water expands. Fortunately, a leaf blower can help.

Source: Freepik/Ededchechine

Instead of using a compressor, a leaf blower packs enough power to clear the water out of the pipes. However, ensure to check whether the water has cleared out completely as some situations may require more power. Nevertheless, a leaf blower can give you substantial results in the winterization process.

6. Sweep Your Porch

Porches naturally gather dirt, dog hair, leaves, and other debris. You’ll have to find time to sweep them to keep your home’s front view clean. Naturally, you can speed up the process by merely blowing them out of sight.

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Instead of spending an hour ridding your porch of debris, a leaf blower will lower the time to minutes. The process feels similar to blowing leaves off your compound. After taking out the lighter items, you can then spend seconds picking up heavier items like rocks and branches.

7. Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

Your frying vents gradually accumulate lint with every use. Failing to clean this area can cause allergies and asthma symptoms. They’re also a fire hazard as lint ignites easily with heat. Fortunately, you can clear the vents with a leaf blower.

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Unplug the dryer and let it cool down. Then, turn on your leaf blower and let it run for more than thirty seconds. Thirty seconds to a minute is enough to dislodge the lint Snr threads from the vent. Afterward, go to the exterior vent and remove the remaining particles with a brush.

8. Finding Hidden Leaks Or Punctures

Finding Leaks, especially microscopic ones in a vehicle is tricky. The holes are too tiny and takes time before water begins to drip through. Surprisingly l, some repair shops use a leaf blower and soap to find these holes.

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Simply coat the area with soapy water then blow it from the inside with the leaf blower. The pressure will force air through the holes and reveal tiny bubbles. This trick has been successful in patching pin-prick holes in rafts, inflatable pools, and air mattresses.

9. ‘Vacuum’ Your Car

Vacuuming under the car’s seats and other tight corners is tricky business. Over time, the accumulation of dirt becomes ugly and smells uncomfortable. As expected, you can fix this problem with a leaf blower.

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Simply blow the dust, dirt, and crumbs out of that corner. You can use it under your seats, in the trunk, and in those difficult nooks and crannies. However, ensure to wear a mask and safety goggles since you’ll be covered in debris.

10. Clean Your Lawn Mower

It’s a long day mowing your lawn and you’re too exhausted to clean the blade. But failing to clean the blade could damage it mad leave your garage smelling awful. Same as before, you can count on your leaf blower.

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Once done, turn off the lawn mower and begin blowing. It will clear the leaves from the body and blades within seconds. However, you may need to pick out stubborn grasses sometimes. You can also use the blower to dry off your lawn mower after washing it.

11. Clean Your Strimmer

Cleaning a strimmer is more straightforward than a lawn mower. You merely turn it over and remove any build-up of grass from the guard and feed line. However, this task becomes difficult after a lot of days of work.

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However, a leaf blower can make it much easier to clean this took. Merely switch it off and blow the grass out d the bottom. After, hoar down the area then blow dry again with the leaf blower. This process should save you minutes of your time.

Leaf Blowers Are Truly Versatile

Leaf blowers are most useful in autumn for clearing our excess falling leaves. However, this list of 11 brilliant uses for leaf blowers proves they go beyond mere garden work.

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They can help you clean your car, clear out the gutter, clean your dryer vent, and much more. The best part is that there are more creative options. The limit is your imagination. Just ensure to be careful when operating or experimenting with your leaf blower.