Meet the Eyerly family: Dane, Deena, and their six children. They are not your typical family. They have traded their traditional home and city life for an adventurous journey across the American roads. Their vehicle and home? A repurposed double-decker bus!

This family of eight has chosen to redefine their living space, transforming a conventional bus into a comfortable dwelling that carries them on their numerous expeditions. As we step into their abode on wheels, we cannot help but admire their daring choice and the spirit of adventure that propels them forward. So, buckle up as we explore the unconventional lifestyle of the Eyerly family.

A Leap into the Unknown: The Eyerly Family’s Transition to Road Life

Dane and Deena Eyerly soon realized that their city lifestyle was hindering the time they could devote to their children. A motorcycle accident left Dane evaluating the undue burden that his hobby could have on his family. This realization sparked a yearning for change, a desire for a lifestyle that nurtured familial bonds and cherished shared moments.

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In search of a better way of life, the Eyerly family made a bold decision to ditch city life. They embarked on an exciting journey to discover what it truly means to live full-time on the road. Full of uncertainties and unknowns, this new nomadic lifestyle promised one thing – an abundance of time together.

Embracing Nomadic Freedom: A Family’s Unique Solution

They found a solution that swiftly catered to their needs, enabling them to journey together. The family embraced the spontaneity and freedom of a nomadic lifestyle, settling on an unconventional choice: a 2009 Van Hool TD925 double-decker bus!

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This extraordinary vehicle spans 45 ft (13.7 meters) in length, standing just over 13 ft tall (3.9 meters tall). It offers ample space for the entire family – mom, dad, and their six kids.

Crafting the Bus 101

In the heart of the bus, Dane’s office takes center stage. This spacious cockpit area doubles as a workspace, housing his computer and essential equipment for their journey. This thoughtfully designed space is a testament to their commitment to adaptability and efficient use of space.

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As you venture further into their home on wheels, you encounter a fully-equipped kitchen that any stationary home would envy. A large fridge stands on one side, opposite a freezer, ensuring ample space for food storage. The kitchen shines with a spacious butcher block countertop, numerous cabinets and drawers for storage, a large sink, a two-burner induction cooktop, and an oven.

The Heart of the Home: A Dining Space Steeped in Light

Moving further into the heart of this mobile dwelling, you encounter a dining space that radiates warmth and light. Thanks to the large windows adorning the bus, natural light streams in to illuminate this communal area. This clever design choice not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also creates an inviting ambiance where the family can gather to share meals and enjoy each other’s company.

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Two comfortable couches flank the dining area, each serving a unique purpose. One couch features a versatile backrest that ingeniously transforms into a table when pulled up, making it a perfect spot for family meals or a game night. Behind the other couch lies a massive storage area. This hidden treasure trove is where the family stores their dry ingredients and other small items, ensuring that everything they need is within arm’s reach.

Bathrooms and Shower with a Twist

On the primary level of the bus, there’s a unique feature that one might not expect: a bathroom. This isn’t the only one, however. This bus boasts not one but two bathrooms, ensuring that occupants never have to wait in line for too long. Strategically placed towards the rear, it offers both convenience and a bit of seclusion. Such design consideration ensures that while the bus is in motion or stationed, the bathroom is easily accessible to passengers or residents on the first level.

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Yet, there’s an additional gem of a feature, intriguingly positioned between the two levels of the bus – the shower. Far from being a cramped cubicle, this shower exudes a rustic charm reminiscent of a log cabin. The woodsy aesthetic adds warmth and a touch of nature and ensures ample space. One can comfortably move around without feeling constrained, making the showering experience luxurious and reminiscent of a cozy cabin retreat.

The Kids Distinctive Bedrooms

The upper level of the bus reveals more thoughtfully utilized spaces. Immediately noticeable is the integration of a washer and dryer combo unit, an indispensable amenity that many traditional homes possess but is a luxury in mobile living spaces.

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Moving forward, the corridor leads to the children’s domain, where individuality and practicality shine. A distinctive bunk marks each child’s space, ingeniously crafted not just for rest, but to reflect their unique personalities and preferences. It may be more compact, but it’s equally equipped to cater to the hygienic needs of those occupying the upper level, proving that the design of this bus prioritizes practical living without compromising comfort and personal space.

Ingenious Interior Layout

At the bus’s rear lies a practical wardrobe space designed to house the family’s clothing essentials. Seamlessly integrated into this area is a cozy seat, perfect for those moments of solitude, whether diving into a good book or simply unwinding. As one progresses to the front, the living area unfolds.

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Serving as the heart of this zone is a multi-functional table whether it’s a hub for academic endeavors, a battleground for board games, or simply a place for family discussions.

Master Sanctuary and Rooftop Delights

The master bedroom, a true haven for the parents, boasts a king-size bed. But this isn’t just any bed; it’s a space-saving marvel that can be folded down, providing the children with an expanded play area when needed.

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Beyond the confines of the room lies an exterior wonder: the rooftop deck. Designed with safety in mind, its robust railing doubles to support the children’s hammocks, offering them their own aerial retreat. This deck has become a family favorite for movie nights under the stars, morning yoga sessions, or simply soaking in the panoramic views of their changing backdrops.

Sustainable Living and Media Exposure

Powering this moving abode are four 355-watt solar panels strategically positioned to harness the sun’s energy. This sustainable approach underscores the family’s commitment to eco-friendly living and grants them the freedom to venture off-grid, a liberating experience for any modern nomad.

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The Eyerly family’s innovative approach to mobile living didn’t go unnoticed. The renowned “Tiny Home Tours” was captivated by this double-dec