In our quest to discover our true selves, we realize that adopting many of the habits of previous generations brings a sense of stability, ease, and comfort. Even some Gen Z gurus, like Andrew Tate, are also actively preaching the benefits of ancient routines. Let’s explore those timeless habits that can bring out the happiest version of you.

1. Becoming A Bookworm

To start off our list, the first old habit we’ll talk about that’s making a surprising resurgence is – becoming a bookworm. People are slowly shifting away from being glued to screens and flipping through pages of books.

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They finally understand the pleasurable experience of reading books of different genres. However, some individuals may try to portray themselves as bookworms just to appear aesthetic in front of others. But, the number of people who truly realize the significance of reading is also increasing.

2. Loose Outfit

While flipping through the pages of old photo albums, we often see pictures of our grandparents wearing baggy pants and loose clothing, don’t we? Truth be told, the comfort and breathability of those styles have caused a resurgence of that fashion.

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Today, people of all ages are switching to the comfort of loose outfits over the confines of tight clothing. The next time you go outside, just look around, you’ll see even the teens are wearing oversized clothes. They look spot-on stylish, no doubt about that though.

3. Handwritten Letters

The handwritten letters have lost a bit of their charm when social media came to us with the ease of sending direct messages from the comfort of our smart devices. However, in recent times, there has been a noticeable shift due to people’s desire for more meaningful connections.

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It turns out that when it comes to genuine and heartfelt communication, nothing beats the aura of handwritten letters. Apparently, handwriting adds a special touch that DM can’t match. You get to keep that as a token of the presence of your favorite person when you keep that handwritten piece close to yourself.

4. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have been gone for a long time, but this gold musical instrument is making a noticeable comeback lately. You will be surprised to know that, for many music enthusiasts, the sound quality of vinyl records surpasses that of digital music. People are once again cherishing the experience of playing records.

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Besides its heavenly musical contribution, it holds a unique value as a home decor piece. The nice touch a vinyl record adds to your home ambiance is incredible. Anyone visiting you would definitely come by your vinyl record to admire its beauty. Also compared to other musical instruments, a vinyl record carries a perfect balance; not as spacious as a piano yet more substantial than a harmonica to showcase it in your living room.

5. Gardening 

Gardening is no longer a grandmotherly pastime. Everyone from young to old is enjoying the activity of cultivating their own green space. Those who don’t have a suitable backyard for gardening, are using their corridors, balconies and even rooftops to fulfill their gardening desires. There are many types of planter systems available in the market.

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The hands-on creativity and eco-friendly benefits make gardening appealing to people of all ages. Besides, beyond just supplying us with nourishing food and the beauty of flowers, engaging in gardening offers the rejuvenation essential for mindfulness. A win-win situation for the gardeners!

6. Cooking At Home

When fast food and ready meals became popular, people lost interest in cooking. Thanks to cooking channels and social media, those shows have inspired the current generation. Made them experts in braising, baking, and whatnot.

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People these days enjoy making food from scratch using basic ingredients. It’s healthy and often delicious. Families and friends are bonding over homemade meals, sharing recipes, and enjoying the process of cooking together.

7. Outdoor Activities

As technology continues to captivate people of all ages, there has been a growing obsession with digital devices. However, in recent times, extensive research has revealed the significance of engaging in physical activities.

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Those who are determined to achieve a healthy life are now going for daily outdoor activities. Parents are encouraging their youngsters to play in the field again. And, activities such as hiking and cycling are gaining great popularity among adults.

8. Practicing Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that the current generation has adopted as a ritual. With the world advancing rapidly, people’s lives have become more complex than ever before.

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Terms like depression, frustration, and stress have become all too familiar. In this scenario, meditation emerges as a rescuer. It actually works like magic, no wonder why it is becoming more popular with each passing day.

9. Personalized Stationery

Who doesn’t crave uniqueness? Everyone has an inner child eager to showcase that their choices and belongings stand out from the rest. The only way to achieve this is by personalizing them.

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In the past, people used to take on the responsibility of personalizing their belongings. Gradually, the habit was set aside. But, with the abundance of decorative options available in the market at present, people are once again embracing the trend of personalizing their stationery items.

10. Traditional Photography:

Remember the time when every household owned a digital camera? Then, with the advent of smartphones equipped with photo-taking capabilities, the need to carry an additional camera lost its significance.

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Recently, we have been more invested in the quality of pictures. This has made carrying cameras essential once again. Because phone cameras are not as competent as those dedicated cameras.

11. Making Money From A Young Age

According to many surveys on the internet, younger people are more adamant than ever before to make a living early on. On platforms like YouTube, and TikTok, you’ll find reels of veterans sharing how they worked from a young age.

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Those clips are successful in promoting a positive attitude among teens and they are encouraged to do the same to keep their financial stability afloat. Especially in today’s economy, most young people are required to make that choice.

12. Keeping A Journal

Keeping a journal was a common practice in earlier times. However, as life gets busier, many people almost forgo this habit. Fortunately, realizing its significance, many have already started keeping a journal.

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Not only does this habit help with organization skills, but it also helps to clear your head and step away from that phone to unwind a little. Some people also adapt to this habit to have a conscious headspace, or to memorize how their days have gone.

13. Engaging in Real Conversations

Despite having our devices at all times, people are now reprioritizing the importance of social skills and conversational caliber. Chatting with acronyms and emojis makes people almost unemotional and unempathetic toward others.

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People are now trying to build good communication. Social media platforms are making young people aware of that fact. Especially with the older generations sharing their valuable advice.

14. Reading Traditional Newspapers

After the digitization of newspapers, many assumed the paper-based version would disappear soon. Surprisingly, it didn’t happen. The traditional newspaper reading on a daily basis is noticeably increasing.

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Some Millennials continue to be loyal customers of paper-based newspapers. Plus, a notable number of Gen Z individuals are switching to reading news from newspapers rather than device screens to reduce screen time for their eyes!

15. Community Engagement

Various social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, have led youths to focus on establishing online relationships. But, young generations have gradually begun to understand the importance of in-person community involvement.

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Many of them are eager to perform their social responsibilities by doing voluntary work, participating in communal activities, joining clubs, and so on. They find mental peace through these activities while learning some real-life lessons.

16. Eating Homecooked Foods

Youths are now pretty well aware of the harmful impacts of fast food and other commercially served foods on their health and soul. Following this, daily home cooking is gaining popularity lately.

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Even just a few days ago, people used to feel shy about bringing home-cooked food to work. However, the tables have turned, and now those who bring home-cooked meals feel more positive about their lifestyle. Honestly, the money-saving opportunity has also motivated this financial concern generation to adopt this habit.

17. Saving Money

Speaking of financial concerns of this generation, we have another resurfacing good old school habit, and that is – the money-saving nature! We’ve seen most kids of millennials to have a really irresponsible spending attitude.

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But the situation has changed now. The recent inflation and associated vulnerabilities of a credit-based economy have prompted this current generation to save like their parents and grandparents.

18. Enjoying Family Times

The tradition of family time, such as dining together and spending weekends, seemed long gone. Fortunately, in the present, the younger generation is putting effort into spending their free time with family.

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Even a decade ago people tended to prefer a self-centered lifestyle. The great news is that, after a while, people realized the emptiness of this lifestyle. Now, even young professionals and students are making it a priority to attend family gatherings with the older generation.

19. DIY Home Repairs

Like old times, home repairs with DIY become prominent among this generation. YouTube makes it even more popular. The younger members of this generation are very concerned about the economy and lifestyle, so they find it interesting and a way of saving money.

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For little home repairs, they can call for professional help, but they choose to DIY. Because it saves money, and many take it as an opportunity to show their creativity.

20. Walking

Walking is also an old school habit that is coming back as a routine. For ages, it got pushed aside by high-intensity workouts with fancy equipment at the gym. But people are rediscovering the magic of just putting one foot in front of the other.

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Now, daily walks aren’t just for keeping your body in shape. This exercise is recognized as a break for your soul and mind too. It’s like a breath of fresh air for you, both hypothetically and literally.

21. Playing Board Games

Board games might not be everywhere you look but board games are actually returning. Surprisingly the present generation takes great interest in board games. Thanks to their parents for making them familiar with these games instead of just video games.

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Board games are the glue that is used to bring the family together. Here’s to hoping these board games keep bringing families together for years to come!

Final Words

Old school habits aren’t merely nostalgic. They help us slow down and find balance in our technology-driven lives. Why don’t you start adopting some of these habits? One at a time is also a great speed!

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Many of these traditional practices simplify our lives, and there’s a sense of fulfillment in the process. Embracing these habits can bring out the best and happiest version of yourself. Bookmark this post so that you get the reminder to adopt at least one self-improving old school habit when you revisit your bookmark list.