Learning about the tales of gems lost to the annals of history is often fascinating. This is the case of “The Circus House, named by the photographer, Bryan Sansivero. This structure harbors secrets and stories that reverberate through its walls.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

Are you a history enthusiast, or do you enjoy reading about the past? We encourage you to follow along as we unveil this forgotten marvel. Mind you, the journey into revisiting this architecture might spark a lot of hows, whys, whos, and whens. Nevertheless, the story behind The Circus House is something worth examining.

The Leave – Themed Exterior Coating

The Circus House, with time, has succumbed to the dictates of nature. The sight of Ivy leaves growing over the windows, doors, and roof is the first pointer of how quickly years have passed. As the once-majestic structure now entwines with green tendrils, it’s a no-brainer that nature is starting to reclaim its space.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

More than the oddly calm exterior of this building, the interior contains tickling reminders of what the place once was. For anyone who has been to The Circus House when it was still in business, the peeling walls, decaying smells, and disorderliness spark pronounced nostalgia.

Disfigured Walls And Paint Patches

The New York relic reveals its age through peeling walls. Each crack and peel tells a silent story. A visual testament to the passage of years and the fading echoes of laughter that once reigned within.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

The scraping wall paints serve as a journey through the crumbling facade. Also, they’re a sad backdrop to the eroded grandeur of a place that has once witnessed waves of laughter and happiness. Sadly, today, the Circus House has become estranged from those memories.

Why Is The Building Called The Circus House?

Bryan Sansivero might have just been overly observant when exploring the building’s condition. However, his reason for naming the building “the Circus House” isn’t far-fetched. Above the staircase are several brightly colored rooms. But a room with a child-like circus theme stands out more.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

Whether or not the space belonged to a kid is unknown. Also, no one is sure if the homeowner was a performer with the numerous spacious rooms that could accommodate a few hundred folks.

A Mystical Room

Under the big roof of the Circus House is a room with clues about how fun a place it used to be. It’s still in good condition compared to others, it looks like a store for sports tools or an area for indoor recreation.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

One notable thing in the room includes neatly packed and organized croquet mallets. But, the balls appear scattered across the entire space. It’s easy to deduce that the former occupants of the apartment are huge fans of the croquet sport. However, as we move on, we remain unsure about what objects are left to be discovered.

The Croquet-Decor Staircase

Another intriguing thing about The Circus House is its stairs’ unique, colorful design. As you ascend the staircase, you’ll find different croquet balls placed haphazardly, creating an extra aesthetic effect.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

The unusual staircase design hints at other possible interesting details to uncover. The journey up the stairs gives room for more exploration. Let’s see as we visit every nook and cranny of this Circus, reliving the tales of its existence.

Around The Premises Of The Circus House.

The first stop outside this awe-striking building is an old playing area. It has a swing set, a slide, and a little playhouse. Like the main entrance to the house, nature has taken over with rapidly growing leaves and no distinguishable walk path. This fun place has faded off in the glimmer and immersive pleasure it brought to kids.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

Walking across the perimeters of the house, we can see the catchy property line. The fence doesn’t hold a distinctive feature and it doesn’t seem to fit a property like this. The hedge representation is similar to that used to define the territory of a cattle ranch. Again, this brings to question the owner’s intention for the site.

A Hidden Wine Factory In An Aged Barn

It’s impressive that the barn isn’t encroached on by overgrown vegetation like other areas of the property. It’s also easy to infer how the usage of the barn changed with every owner. Since it’s a separate structure, perhaps there is more fun to it than the outer facade.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

In a corner is an old barrel with partly filled glass and bottles. This is a huge giveaway that it was a DIY distillery before it was abandoned. There are also some jugs and cups with drinks. After a closer look, it was discovered that was a winery. From the setting, it’s evident that the small-sized production wasn’t intended for commercial purposes.

The Cloaked Cottage

Completely detached from the main building, the Circus House has an almost unrecognizable cottage. With the overgrown grass, it’s only clear that it’s been ages since anyone has lived there. Stepping into the interior proves further how starkly contrasting it is compared with other components of the building.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

Most rooms are made from black wood. Lying on the floor of one is a game of backgammon. No one knows if the former players were interrupted and never finished it. But most certainly, that gives some level of creepiness to the property.

Window Crests

The pictures on the first crest can easily give anyone an idea about the previous occupants. The man in the image resembles a Spanish wanderer, especially with his yellow and red outfits. However, the symbolism of his jaguar flag might be hard to tell. The second crest has a similar image.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

But this time, we can’t tell the locale. In this one, the man in the image raises a flag with a ram on it. The crests are the least of the attractions in the cottage. It’s clear that whoever designed the building has eyes for details and is keen on making the building special. It only takes more looks at the rooms in the cottage to acknowledge this.

The Deserted Study

It’s only natural that a building this size comes with a huge library. As a matter of fact, the study is among the few rooms of the Circus House in relatively good condition. Across the room are massive bookshelves lining the walls.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

The walls flanking the entrance door have a radiant artistic view. Although it appears to have worn over the years, it’s still a fascinating sight to behold. Anyone spending their leisure reading can easily enjoy the realistic view of this artistry.

Giant Furniture Shelves

The bookshelves are in two units and are split by a window space lined with different wine bottles. The sun shines through the bottles, reflecting a green hue on the glossy floor. The rays from these bottles reflect on the shiny, wooden interior, creating a bizarre ambiance.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

This hazy reflection undoubtedly exudes a more mysterious undertone about the building in question. However, it dictates the room’s calm and reserved tone, depicting its purpose. Are you a reader and a sucker for calm and secluded reading space? Well, there you have it.

Behind The Circus House

After a tour of the interior, perhaps now is time for an exploration of what it’s like from behind. You might expect to see numerous leaves covering like it was with the front view. Contrastingly, the back of the Circus House is clear of overgrown greens. It has fewer features and is flat compared to the main entrance.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

A view from the back of the Circus House gives fewer details about what goes on inside. It’s pretty serene, and the radiance of the blue sky falls beautifully on its bricks.

The Keys To The Building

For a house as big as the Circus, you’d expect it to have numerous keys for multiple rooms and detached buildings. But, certainly, you wouldn’t expect the keys to be lying around for anyone to simply, take.

Source: Bryan Sansivero

But Bryan found the keys to the Circus House. They played a great role in learning about the property. Each had its label, which was vital in navigating the building and appropriating names to its many structures.

Every Other Thing In-Between

The Circus House is a place where history meets spectacle. From ivy-clad tales to peeling wall revelations, and numerous catchy room structures, the magic of a forgotten era is once more unraveled. For history buffs, here is a good treat!

Source: Bryan Sansivero

There are still burning questions, considering the Circus property’s disarray. Who were the previous owners? What was their intention for the building? Will the property be sold? Who has a valid claim of the building? Perhaps, for now, we’ll always long to know the answers.