Kanye West is yet again involved in a controversy online. Over the years he’s done and said a few questionable things and now weird is just his new normal. This time, Ye has decided to sell his mansion at a considerably lower price than he bought it.

He’s apparently fallen out of love with it and wants to cut all ties. Let’s quickly get into the details.

Kanye’s $57 Million Mansion

Back in 2021, when Kanye was fresh out of his divorce, he purchased a high-end beachfront residence for a huge sum of $57 million. According to reports, it was revealed that Kanye wanted to transform this luxurious property into a secure bunker. This was because he wanted to hide himself from the Kardashians.

Source: The Oppenheim Group

Kanye bought this luxurious property with the sole aim of turning it into a rotting bomb shelter. After setting everything in motion to get his dream house, Kanye has changed his mind and has listed his $57 million mansion with Jason Oppenheim and the reason will shock you!

Kanye Wanted His Mansion To Look Like A Bomb Shelter From The 1910s

According to Ye’s project manager, Kanye wanted all the electrical wiring and windows out. He didn’t care about any security warnings. All he wanted was his mansion to look like a Bomb Shelter from the 1910s, something like a Bat Cave.

Source: The Oppenheim Group

He had the perfect and allegedly wanted no electricity, just plants, candles, and battery lights. He wanted the whole building open and dark. Even though the contractor was worried about the state of the building Kanye didn’t care.

Kanye West Lists His Malibu Mansion Because Of Its Gray Walls

Kanye’s Malibu mansion was built a decade ago and was designed by the popular Japanese architect Tadao Ando. According to a news outlet, this mansion was constructed for financier Richard Sachs. The construction and building took seven years before deciding to list it for sale.

Source: The Oppenheim Group

Kanye bought his sleek mansion in 2021 for $57 million but suddenly got tired of it because the concrete walls were too gray. Ye is more into earthy tones, and muddy colors but never into extremely cold colors. He got the ick when the concrete walls settled into a gray color instead of something warm.

Kanye Was Particular About His Color Preference

Kanye was particular about what he wanted. Sources revealed that Ye made his designers and architects scout around for soil samples. They were all dispatched to various locations just to get soil samples. Some went to the UK, some to France and others went elsewhere to get Ye’s color preference for his iconic looks.

Source: The Oppenheim Group

Although Kanye didn’t visit his mansion that much, the only times he visited was to check the color out. The first and second times he visited were at sunset and sunrise, so he could see the wall’s color and how well he liked it. And when it didn’t meet up to expectations he stopped going.

He Doesn’t Mind Bearing A $4 Million Loss

After getting bored of the wall color of the mansion, Ye has decided to sell it off for a lesser price of $53 million even though he bought it for more. Kanye was ready to prioritize his satisfaction over potential financial considerations.

Source: The Oppenheim Group

He is prepared to accept the 4 million dollar loss on the sale of the property, due to his dissatisfaction with the concrete walls in his residence. Kanye perceived the walls as being uncomfortably cold for his presence and he wants it gone.

Kanye Is Working With Jason Oppenheim To Sell His Mansion Off

Kanye has reached out to Selling Sunset realtor Jason Oppenheim to help him sell his million-dollar Malibu Mansion. According to the star realtor, the home is very beautiful, basically it’s a steal. It has a 1,500-square-foot terrace space, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Source: Wikimedia/ Ericdeangelis

At the moment, the Malibu mansion has no windows, doors, air conditioning, or any basic home appliances. Jason Oppenheim is impressed by the craftsmanship of the building, he believes that architectural design is a rare one and should be referred to as a masterful work of art and just a residence.

There Is A Warning For Prospective Buyers

Anyone willing to buy Ye’s property should know this – currently, all the interior finishes have been removed from the property, and work is needed to either restore or reimagine the interiors. In a recent video that surfaced on the internet, we can see that the huge floor-to-ceiling video has been removed and the property is presently bare.

Source: Youtube/ TMZ

Apart from leaving all sides open for different elements to come in, the inside of the house appears to be rotting away as well. The house appears to be crumbling and the metal railings have begun to rust due to excess exposure to salt air, wind, and water.

Kanye Is Facing Legal Troubles On His Malibu Mansion

The star rapper was sued by his former contractor Tony Saxon. He was sued on charges of labor violations and his refusal to pay wages. Tony has allegedly reported that Ye owes almost a million in unpaid wages and damages.

Source: Wikimedia/ the1secondfilm

According to him, he worked as a project manager, caretaker, and at the same time a security guard. Only to get laid off because he refused to remove all the electrical wirings and windows.

Kanye’s Real Estate Portfolio Is In A State Of Disarray

Just before the news of Kanye listing his Malibu Mansion for sale hit the internet, there was news about his $1.5 million estate in LA and how it has been left to ruin. Images depicted the property surrounded by broken furniture and shopping carts.

Source: Wikimedia /Cosmopolitan UK

Kanye’s real estate portfolio witnesses another setback as he’s willing to let go of a second building at a six-figure loss. It’s worth noting that just before he attempted to sell his Malibu Mansion, Kanye already incurred losses on the sale of his Hidden Hills house in California.