Dubai is a city that keeps breaking records. The city has recorded a lot of great achievements and it seems like it has more in store for us. We already know that Dubai has the world’s tallest building on its soil, the largest dancing fountain, and even the fattest roller coaster and I mean let’s just stop at a few.

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Of course, Dubai has more groundbreaking projects but let’s talk about how Dubai keeps producing the most expensive penthouses in the world. Just a few months after an unbuilt building set the record for the most expensive penthouse in Dubai, another penthouse has come to snatch the title. Let’s take a quick look at the details

The Beautiful Nine-Figure Penthouse

This spectacular building is a 22,000-square-foot unit. It sits pretty on top of the Como residences, it’s a part of a 71-story tower. Although this building is still undergoing some finishing touches, it has been purchased by one multi-millionaire. And yes, the buyer’s name is unknown, but they’re calling them Eastern European.

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This luxurious unit has made waves in the Dubai real estate industry and it goes for a staggering sale price of $136.2 million, easily about 500 million UAE Dirhams. And just like that, this penthouse earned itself one of the most expensive penthouses in the world and unarguably one of the most expensive penthouses in the United Arab Emirates.

It Is Located On top Of The Como Residences Skyscraper

The Como Residences is where the world’s most luxurious and expensive destination becomes one monumental architectural landmark. It’s home to about 76 units in total and about 26 of them are penthouses. Let it be known that this spectacular building is the priciest of them all.

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The Como residence makes it stand out as a pinnacle of luxurious living. Let’s talk about how being the most expensive building adds an extra layer to its already exclusive and prestigious profile. It just speaks volumes!

The Penthouse Has A Lot Of Eye Catching Features

Each unit in the building will cost around $5.7 million. And it will range between two and seven bedrooms. Of course, the prices will depend on how many bedrooms are in a unit. Although this is mouthwatering, wait till you see the specs of the milestone penthouse.

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The expensive penthouse will have nothing less than five bedrooms, trust me, it doesn’t stop there, I mean this is just the beginning. It will also include a 260-degree sky pool and a beautiful view of Dubai landmarks. Worth the price if you ask us.

The Penthouse Will Rise Above Palm Jumeirah

This expensive penthouse when completed will be way above the very popular Palm Jumeirah. When completed the Como Residences will be at least 984 feet into the air. This is possible because it will be built on an artificial archipelago. 

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From where the penthouse is located, it promises you the best views of Dubai landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Marina. Imagine getting to see these incredible views every time you look out your window. You can tell they’re getting a good run for their money.

The Penthouse Is Far From Being Finished

Although the main structure of the residence has been fully completed, the spectacular penthouse that is expected to steal the show is far from being finished. A building of this type needs a certain amount of commitment, and they’re working towards realizing the perfect penthouse for the buyer.

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One reason for this delay is the available feature of the penthouse being customized to align with the specific requirements and demands of the buyer. So even though the penthouse has been sold they’d have to wait for the owner to make certain choices for them to move ahead.

This Opportunity Is A Substantial Advantage To The Buyer

The unique feature of being fully customizable to fit the buyer’s requirements is a bonus advantage. This allows the buyer the opportunity to tailor the living space according to their preference, making sure that the final look is just how they have always wanted it.

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Imagine getting to have a say in the layout, design, and other features of your penthouse. This speaks loud of the amount of exclusivity and personalization making this property not just a home, it is a tailored and bespoke living space crafted to match the specific taste of the house owner. Talk about getting your money’s worth.

The Owner Will Have To Wait Till 2027 To Get The Key

Yes, this amazing Dubai penthouse has been sold, but guess what? The owner has no choice but to wait for a good three years to get the key. Yes till 2027, this building is far from being finished.

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The developers will need some more time to work on the finishing touches. They need the next three years to apply those finishing touches and until then, no one is moving in!

Dubai Has A Rising Demand For High-End Real Estate

The sale of units in buildings under construction has become increasingly popular in Dubai. There’s a new trend of purchasing uncompleted buildings. There’s also been a huge decline in the ready-to-move-in premium properties market.

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This has driven most investors into investing in under-construction building units. Developers are wiser and they are now increasingly enhancing their building qualities, designs, and the type of amenities they provide.

The Soon To Be Built Penthouse Of Jumeirah Marsha Al Arab

This is another magnificent penthouse, just like the penthouse in the Como Residence, this was said to be the most expensive apartment in Dubai. After the Jumeirah Group, an Emirate State-owned luxury hotel chain announced the sale of the unit for $115 million.

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Unfortunately, this title didn’t last, the penthouse in the Como Residences was quick to steal its spot a few months later. Regardless of it being second best, we cannot deny that this penthouse is one of the biggest and most expensive apartments in the United Arab Emirates.

The $204 Million Marble Palace

This mansion has nearly 60,000 sq ft. of indoor space and has been listed for $204 million which is equivalent to 750 million dirhams. Which is definitely the most expensive we have ever come across. This house is located in the gated community of the popular Dubai Emirates Hills Neighborhood.


To give it the perfect interior, the developers emulated properties built in Paris to arrive at this wonderful piece of architecture. The property earned the name Marble Palace because the palace was built with many Marble from different countries and they all were worth about 80-100 dirhams.

Dh280 million Villa In Palm Jumeirah

This luxurious custom-built white villa was once referred to as the most expensive villa ever in the United Arab Emirates, fetching a staggering Dh 280 million. This expensive villa offers an expansive space spanning 33,000 square feet providing an extravagant canvas for luxurious living. The villa stands out for its impeccable amenities.

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These amenities include a seven-star spa hotel that promises an unparalleled experience for its residents. Adding to its allure, the villa boasts an exclusive private beachfront. Another catching factor is the interior. They were adorned with furnishings from the renowned Italian furniture houses Giogetti and Minotti.

The AED 200 Million One And Only Triplex Penthouse

Just so you know, at the time this luxurious penthouse was on the market it was referred to as the most expensive property on the Dubai real estate market. The penthouse was the only one of nine penthouses available during this period. Its expansive space spanned 40,144 sq ft.

Source: The Atlantis The Royal Resort and Residences

There were a lot of benefits attached to the spectacular building. Anyone who finally purchases this penthouse will not only enjoy the five-star services that come with its purchase but will also become a member of the One and Only concierge services.

Dh121 Million Mansion On Jumeirah Bay Island

Back in 2021, this mansion garnered significant attention as it secured the sale of Dh121 Million. This transaction made it the most expensive mansion sold in the Emirates during that period. The mansion’s appeal goes beyond its fantastic features or its being located in a prime location.

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Positioned strategically on the Jumeirah Bay Island, you can easily get a breathtaking view of Dubai’s skyline. An added advantage is that you get to witness the stunning view of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Dubai – Home To Undiluted Luxury

Apartments in Dubai are unarguably one of the most expensive in the world and it does so well at getting the attention of well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen from around the world.

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The city’s most expensive houses have over the years been located in places like Palm Jureimah, Jumeirah Bay Island, Downtown, Emirates Hills, and the very new Como Residences. They are known for offering the most mouth-watering facilities which makes them one of the best in the real estate market.