There’s something so intriguing about abandoned places. Particularly when the topic is an abandoned home. What was once an intimate sanctuary for families, now sits vacant, its walls whispering tales of decay and neglect. If there is anything arguably more disconcerting about an abandoned house, it’s an abandoned mansion. Despite being the pinnacle of opulence and affluence, these grand structures now languish in emptiness.

That is unless, ofcourse, you consider the possibility of ghostly inhabitants lingering about, I’m willing to bet there’s no shortage of paranormal activity with their walls… However, beyond their eerie ambiance, these abandoned buildings often have significant stories to be told, imparting valuable lessons – even after their grand halls no longer echo with footsteps of the living. Journey ahead with me to uncover the most captivating abandoned mansions worldwide, and brace yourself for the unsettling truths of their histories.

Asher Hall

This 11,000 square foot mock castle in Memphis Tennessee may seem unassuming from the outside, but much like an onion its history unfolds intriguing layers. Built in 1896 by Robert Brinkley Snowden for his family, the lavish estate boasted eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, six bars, and had an indoor pool till around 1942.

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After years of family upkeep it was converted into a business and the estate was turned into a restaurant. Eventually Asher Hall and the surrounding land was purchased by investors, building skyscrapers around the mansion and leaving it there to rot. These days it is owned by a developer named Juan Montoya and this once luxurious home is set for a new chapter as Montoya plans rejuvenate it into a dynamic event venue.

Lucy Murder House

Its tragic history now echoing its chilling aesthetic, the Lucy Murder House was once a stunning Greek revival mansion in Uniontown, Alabama. In January of 1994 the body of 13-year-old Allan Lucy was discovered underneath the front porch of the home. Allan, who was residing with his adoptive parents Phillip and Maragret Lucy, vanished without a trace in 1985.

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Jason, the biological son of Phillip and Maragret later confided in a classmate that his father had murdered Allan and buried him in the backyard. The Hardie-Coleman house, also known as the Lucy murder house, remains in despair a victim to both its chilling history and the broader environmental injustices.

Lui Family Manson

Constructed in 1929 in Baroque style, the Minxiong Ghost House, also known as the Lui Mansion, stands as a chilling testament to its poignant history. Nestled in the Taiwanese countryside, this bone chilling structure has been abandoned since the 1950s when the family hastily departed.

Source: Wikimedia commons

Rumors swirl with morbid speculations, suggesting that a tragic love affair between the maid and her employer, Liu Rong-yu ultimately led to her demise by well-jumping. Others suggest that when the property fell under the occupation of Kuomintang of China many of its members would meet their tragic ends, only further amplifying its haunted reputation.

Villa De Vecchi

Situated in the vicinity of Lake Como, Italy, this unsettling edifice, known affectionately as “The House of Witches” traces its origins back to 1854-1857 when Count Felix de Vecchi commissioned its construction to serve as summer house residence. However the family’s sojourn to the villa would be short-lived, marking a series of tragic events. The architect’s death only a year after completion would set the tone.

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In 1862  De Vecchi would return home to find his wife was murdered and his daughter had seemingly vanished, despite all efforts his daughter was never found. Riiddled with the grief the count committed suicide. Subsequently the brother moved in with his family, they stayed until World War II. Abandoned in the 1960s this mansion is the lone survivor of an avalanche in 2002 that obliterated surrounding structures, adding yet another layer to its already haunting history.

Hegelar Carus Mansion

The Hegelar Carus Mansion in La Salle, Illinois sits as a rare example of an abandoned dwelling restored into a landmark. Commissioned by a Zinc manufacturer by the name of Henry C. Hegelar in 1976.

Source: Hegelar Carus

The seven-floored home was occupied by Henry’s descendants until 2001 when it was transitioned into a museum after a short vacancy. Despite its “haunted” appearance its said to have a charming and lively atmosphere.

John List House

The disturbing history of this once family home is sure to rattle even the most seasoned spooky enthusiast. In November of 1971 John List carried out the murders of his entire immediate family, killing his wife, mother, and his two children. Following the gruesome act he attended his 15-year-olds soccer game only to fatally shoot upon returning home.

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He then arranged the bodies (excluding his mothers) in the ballroom, setting the scene with lights, a tuned radio to a religious station, and defaced a family photo by cutting out his own face before fleeing the scene. The crime went undetected for a month before concerned classmates, teachers, and neighbors prompted an investigation. List evaded capture until 1989, living a new life under an alias. The original home fell victim to a suspected arson and it remained an empty lot until a new structure oddly resembles the original was built in 1974.

Ha Ha Tonkna Mansion

Nestled deep in Missouri Ozark’s lies the enigmatic Ha Ha Tonkna Mansion, its name translation to “Laughing Waters”- either whimsically cheerful or eerily unsettling, depending on perspective. This architectural dream was initiated in 1906 by a wealthy businessman by the name of Robert Snyder, he envisioned a European-Style castle on his lake.

Source: Wikimedia commons

Unfortunately, Snyder succumbed to injuries sustained in a car accident, leaving his sons to carry on the construction, completing the mansion in 1920. Financial troubles arose following land-rights disputes, forcing the sons to abandon the home. It was later transformed into a mid-20-century hotel until its closure due to a fire. Today, all that remains are remnants of the aforementioned mansion.

Bannerman’s Castle

On an island in New York’s Hudson River perched next to the water is Bannerman’s Castle. The castle carries a rich history tied to Francis Bannerman VI. In the 1900’s the family acquired the island for use as a colossal warehouse, accumulating 90 percent of weapons captured by the U.S. military during the Spanish-American war.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

The island was vacated following a decline in sales, an explosion, and a storm that decimated the ferry that was used for travel to and from the island. It remained vacant until the 1960’s when the state’s acquisition started to allow limited public access, with guided tours of the historical landmark.

Casa Sperimentale

Casa Sperimentale, a captivating abandoned brutalist treehouse in Fregene Italy, it stands out for its intriguing narrative and unique design. Tucked away in the treetops of a coastal town outside of Rome.

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Built in the late 1960’s by Giuseppe Perugini, his wife Uga De Plaisant, and son Raynaldo Perugini, used as a holiday home and an experimental living space. Although the details surrounding its abandonment remain scarce, it is assumed that it succumbed to neglect after the death of the architect.

Mudhouse Mansion

Mudhouse Mansion in Fairfield County Ohio earned itself quite an infamous reputation. Construction dates remain a mystery, alleging it was built anywhere between 1840s and the 1900s.

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With scant details about its abandonment, numerous legends circulate about alleged atrocities and subsequent hauntings. However, this narrative lacks credible sources, contributing to the mystique surrounding the Mudhouse Mansions past.

Los Feliz Murder House

Let’s take a dive into the realm of chilling history, the Los Feliz Murder House definitely stands out above the crowd. Situated in Los Feliz, an appealing and cozy neighborhood in Los Angeles California with a hauntingly dark past and gruesome past events. In close proximity you will also find the Sowden House, linked to the Black Dahlia murder, and the Manson Murders; and lastly you have this house of horrors. What seemed to be a happy, loving home, ended in absolute tragedy on December 6, 1959.

Source: Hadley Mendelsohn

At the time the mansion was occupied by Dr. Perelson, his wife, and their three children. After experiencing some financial troubles Dr. Perelson murdered his wife with a ball-peen hammer and attempted to end the lives of his three children, before consuming acid in an attempt to commit suicide. The eldest daughter’s frightful screams alerted her siblings and they were able to flee before becoming his next victims Shrouded in creepy details, the mansion underwent many ownership changes, with the most recent attempting to restore it. However, it quickly returned to the market, only perpetuating its unsettling aura.

Elda Castle

Built in the 1920’s by David T. Ambercrombie, the co-founder of Abercrombie and Fitch, this sprawling mansion rests in Ossining, New York, spanning across 50 acres. Following the completion of the structure in 1928, the family faced a string of tragedies. Their daughter Lucy met her demise in a horrific accident at her fathers factory, followed by David dying in the home from a rheumatic fever.

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Grief stricken, David’s wife Lucy relocated with their eldest daughter until her own death in 1955. Following these misfortunes the mansion slowly gave way to neglect, despite many attempts over the years to return it to its former glory, it remains remnants of what once was.