Retirement is all about spending time away from the drastic lifestyle you led for half your lifetime. It means to be able to do something for yourself and not for anyone else. Well, what’s better than spending this time with your long-time friends?

In the spirit of retirement and friendship goals, a group of best friends who have stood the test of time and have been together for thirty-plus years decided to build a tiny town to live every day closer to each other.

The Four Couple Best Friends

You’ve probably heard stories of besties worldwide but this friendship promises to wow you! After living an almost similar hectic and stressful lifestyle, this group of friends decided to get themselves a group getaway.

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To embark on a new chapter, they decided to allow their bond which has withstood the rest of time to become the foundation for a collective space where they can cherish each moment, support one another, and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Their Bond Inspired A New Chapter

As they decided to opt for a collective escape, they decided to not just take a break from their normal routines but to commence a new chapter in their lives as individuals, couples, and definitely as best friends.

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What sets them apart is their strong will and shared commitment to transform their enduring lives into something more than a memory. And trust me their decision to intertwine their lives in this way speaks volumes about the strength of their friendship and their collective pursuit of happiness.

They Built A Community

Just outside the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, this group of couple best friends have built a community with just them in it. This community consists of four charming tiny cottages with one belonging to each couple group.

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They picked a beautiful and befitting name for their community, “Llano Exit Strategy”. These have been strategically positioned to face the picturesque Llano River. These quaint cottages are cozy and serene, the perfect environment for a shared retreat.

They Had To Make A Choice

They had a couple of ideas but they had to come together and decide on something practical. Through numerous evenings, over several glasses of wine and dinners, these friends engaged in heartfelt conversations about the different possibilities that lay before them.

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They had several choices to pick from, spanning from the idea of investing in a fleet of luxurious Airstream trailers to acquiring land along the Texas coast. While it looked alluring to live the coastal life, they had to consider the cost and distance involved.

They Chose The Practical Option

After weighing their options, they gradually transitioned into a more pragmatic mindset when it came to their final choices. Their realistic approach had them prioritizing factors such as feasibility, convenience, and sustainability.

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They decided to be reasonable and eventually evolved into a practical bunch when settling down. However, they had standards, and they were going to make sure that their final choice met all their expectations.

It Had To Be Close By

Whatever they were doing, they decided never to compromise on the proximity of their location. Three of the four couples already reside in Austin, Texas.

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So if it was going to work for them their exit strategy had to be 90 minutes within the city. Anywhere farther than this would mean that visiting and keeping up with others would become an inconvenience.

It Must Be As Spacious As Possible

Another very important factor was space. They needed the living area to be as spacious as possible. Making this plan, they had all four couples in mind. The space was for the four couples to be able to spend as much time together as possible.

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Well, not just their living space but their bedrooms and bathrooms needed to be equally spaced. The main aim of moving together was to spend as much time as possible in a comfortable area. And not to forget, they wanted the most environmentally friendly location possible.

A Place To Wine And Dine

According to Jodi Zipp, one of the couples who went on this house-hunting journey with her husband, Fred, she made emphasis on how they wanted a place where they could spend lots of time together.

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Where they could do lots of eating, drinking, and handing out. But also need a place that would provide space and separation from the other couples if they ever needed to be on their own.

Lucky For Them The Tiny-House Movement Was Gaining Momentum In States

Miniature houses, which are usually less than 1000 square feet, are starting to gain some attention in states like Vermont, Colorado, and California and this looked like the perfect opportunity for these besties.

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After so much hype about these tiny houses online, people started building them in real life. This type of minimal living was influenced by the 2008 recession which imbibed the less is more approach in several individuals.

They Bought 10 Acres Of Land On Llano River

Just when the tiny houses were becoming popular they were lucky enough to get their hands on a 10-acre land on the beautiful Llano River. Puzzled on what their next step was, they decided to consult architect Matt Garcia on their potential plans.

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Garcia suggested to them that they build small environmentally friendly cottages in a small town. They quickly bought the idea and in a couple of hours, they all knew what they wanted their tiny cottage to look like.

They Had Their $40,000 Tiny Home

It was the perfect idea, and tons of design ideas were already running through their minds. Projects like this are the easiest to build, you can move quickly with them while having lots of fun.

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One thing was certain, their cottage was going to be as eco-friendly as possible. As a group who were true to themselves, they made sure that their 400-square-foot tiny home of about $40,000 was as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

The Perfect Tiny Cottage

Of course, they were going to build it to perfection. Their tiny cottages had reflective walls that were used to block the summertime Texan desert heat. They had slanted roofs with water barrels that could hold at least 5,000 gallons of rainwater.

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Their windows were also beautifully made with unique insulating materials. When it came to their interior designs they opted for plywood because it was affordable and was capable of creating a cozy and spacious look.

The Tiny Cottages And Its Unbelievable Features

Apart from its beautiful interior design, other features blow your mind. These cottages have a 1500 square foot common building, accompanied by extra features like a gourmet kitchen and dining area with Bosch appliances and a 60-inch satellite TV.

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It also has wi-fi, a bunk room, a full bath, a comfortable living room, an extremely big massive wolf stove, and a large wooden table made from restoration hardware. There’s also a guest room for anyone who brings a friend along.

The Llano Exit Strategy Is Now Available For Rent

The Llano Exit Strategy is now available for families and friends to rent out during vacations via Airbnb. However, this will only be possible if the cottages are not in use by the couples.

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With these four perfectly built cottages and a common building, you’re promised to have the best party experience while enjoying the picturesque atmosphere of the Llano River.

The Perfect Place For Hosting Large Parties

Apart from being the best Airbnb location, it doubles as the best location for hosting a large group of people. Whether it is a family launch, get-together, or a business meeting, with a perfect common building with a private and public space, this is an excellent choice.

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Each cottage has a very spacious and full bathroom that can accommodate up to four people. And all the guests can freely make use of everything in it.

The Surprising Attention

The Llano Exit Strategy soon went viral. Although the couples were surprised by the attention they got, they believed it was also an affirmation. It made them believe that there are a lot of people out there who love their idea so much.

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On the brighter side, Matt’s architectural firm has been receiving tons of emails and phone calls from those who want something similar for their group of friends while some want the tiny town for their large family.

Something To Take Home

A lot of people have shared how impressed and inspired they are by the group of friends’ decision. However, Jodi has a piece for them. She wants all the young people who hope that their dreams will come true to be diligent about it.

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She emphasizes that all they have to do is plan, save money, look at different places, and also make sure there is an agreed price and a shared vision. Trust your friends and make sure they trust you too. This looks like a perfect way to stay connected with the people you love.