If you ever went visiting at your granny’s while growing up then, you must have heard her talk about or even apply some of these old-fashioned tricks to her daily routine. It’s soothing and comforting to reminisce about those times.

But, interestingly, those tricks you thought were old-fashioned are practical solutions to our everyday challenges. So let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and check out six old-fashioned tricks grandma might have unintentionally forgotten to tell you.

Baking Soda Works Perfectly For Cleaning

Did you know that baking soda was one of our grandmother’s secret weapons to getting a sparkling home all year round? Baking soda isn’t just for baking. It has other functions.

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Baking soda is a versatile cleaning ingredient, it works as a deodorizer, and laundry whitener, and of course, it was still an essential ingredient for her baking escapades.

Olive Oil For Her Shining Hair

Nowadays, lots of people are obsessed with hair care. When you check these products out, they are filled with tons of products and ingredients. And they’re usually super expensive. If Grandma saw this she would laugh so loud.

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None of this hair care stuff bothered Grandma as long as she had her olive oil, she was good. She knew that applying a little bit of olive oil would leave her hair shining and healthy. If you didn’t know this, this is your cue to try out olive oil today!

Tea Bags For Puffy Eyes

I guess you’ve been wondering how our grandmothers stayed so beautiful without a 10-step face routine. One of their beauty hacks was using tea bags for puffy eyes.

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This hack is simple and very cost-effective. You can try refrigerating the tea bags, or use ones with caffeine, they are great at reducing puffiness and tightening the skin around the eye. Shocked? Give it a try and check if it works.

Salt And Lemon For Cleaning Copper

Grandma has a way of keeping all of her copper items still sparkly and bright. You’re going to be shocked by how she’s kept it clean and sparkling all these years.

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It was the power of a little lemon juice and salt mixture. All our grandmas used this trick, there’s no harm in you trying this trick yourself.

Vinegar To Soften Fabrics

Growing up there was nothing like commercial fabric softeners and grandma had to make it work. Using vinegar to soften fabrics has been proven to be effective over the decades.

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And grandma might have added a small amount of vinegar while rinsing her clothes. Explore this simple yet effective option to soften your clothes.

Saltwater Gargle For A Sore Throat

Granny knew how to battle any sickness, and a sore throat wasn’t an exception. Getting rid of a sore throat was simple. You just had to gargle with warm salt water and all that irritation was gone.

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This age-old hack remains a simple yet very effective way to get rid of all the discomfort that comes with your sore throat. Once again! Try out this simple grandma’s hack and see if it works.

The Science Behind Grandma’s Hacks

While these hacks might seem like a magic trick or sorcery that only granny had, there are actual scientific backings to prove their effectiveness.

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Let’s check out the scientific principles that make baking powder, olive oil, warm saltwater for gurgling, lemon, and salt to clean copper, and teabags for puffy eyes as effective as they are.

How Does The Vinegar Hack Work?

The vinegar hack works by breaking down the detergent residues and the minerals present in water. When it’s added to the rinse cycle it instantly eliminates soap scum and minerals deposits on the fabric.

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Only a small amount is needed, to soften your fabrics, and it is usually added to the rinse cycle to avoid any lingering vinegar scent on your fabric.

Scientific Backing For Grandma’s Backing Soda Hack

For baking soda, its alkaline nature makes it effective for cleaning and deodorizing, it easily reacts with acid and helps lift stains or unclog strains.

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Olive oil has lubricating properties which makes it the best product to keep hair shiny and hydrated. Lemon and salt are acidic and can be very useful for tackling grease and brightening surfaces.

They Are Still Relevant In The Modern World

You might think these tricks are long gone, but surprisingly that’s not the case. Several of the hacks are still incorporated into our daily lives.

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Just take a careful look around you, and discover how you can successfully incorporate these simple but effective tricks into your everyday routine.

They Are Eco-Friendly And Won’t Cost You Much

This is one of the most important aspects of grandma hacks. These tricks are extremely affordable and they are very friendly to the environment.

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Exploring these hacks will not only save you money but will also contribute to a safe and environmentally friendly approach to household tasks.

Grandma’s Wisdom In Today’s World

Having to survive this tough world with its advanced technology is a chore. Every time you think about how tough it is you are reminded of how easy it was for your grandmother.

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For real! These hacks are the bomb! To achieve that sustainable and holistic lifestyle goal you have been chasing, try switching from the modern ways to grandma’s way.

People Have Tried These Hacks

There are thousands of testimonies from people who have tried to use these old tricks our grandparents left us. And usually, they never look back.

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Those who have tried these remedies and tricks have shared their testimonies, this is to encourage you to also try and explore these remedies and get to share in the charming simplicity of grandma’s tricks.

Explore Grandmas Hacks Yourself

Enough said, now it’s time for you to take action. We’ve given you the theory and steps now all you have to do is put them into practice.

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Follow a step-by-step guide on how to apply these simple remedies, and connect with your long-lost memories with your grandmother. Go ahead and make your grandmother proud!