It’s always fascinating to see people make beautiful things from little or nothing. Like making a house from an abandoned airplane or creating DIY campers from scratch. But, just when we thought we had seen it all, a new invention is here to blow our minds.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

This story is about a man who efficiently built a home on four wheels. This man built his mobile home from wood and designed it to look exactly like a miniature log cabin. Although this mobile home looks so tiny from the outside, don’t be fooled it can accommodate 6 people and even has a toilet and other home essentials.

The Man Who Chose To Build A Wooden Home

The man behind this unbelievable invention is called Timmy Johnson. Tim is one of those guys that love to travel across countries. His passion and love for the cold weather was something he never joked about. Which led him to build his own mobile home.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

Tim grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains before he decided to move down to Alaska when he turned 20. When he arrived in Alaska, Tim knew immediately it was the place for him. To make his stay more comfortable, he made a log cabin camper at the back of his truck.

Why Did He Choose A Log Cabin Camper On The Back Of His Truck?

For those curious about Tim and why he decided to make his home out of a log cabin camper on the back of his truck, he has something for y’all. Tim mentioned that although he had the aesthetics and cost in mind he had more pressing reasons.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

Tim also had issues finding a manufactured camper that was strong enough to withstand the extremely cold weather in Alaska. Tim needed a camper that was strong enough to handle offloading and overlanding. He had no other choice than to make his camper, perfect for the weather and up to his taste.

Wood Is Easy To Find And Repair

Another compelling reason why Tim chose the log cabin was because of how versatile and easily accessible wood is. Well, you can never go wrong with wood. And no matter where he travels to, Tim will always find wood.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

Imagine if a part of his home breaks or gets damaged it’d be quite easy to fix. Either go out and find a local carpenter to help him fix it or he might just enter into a local wood shop and fix it himself. Fortunately for Tim, as a kid, he learned the art of cabin-building from his carpenter father.

Why Did Tim Choose To Build His Wooden Home On His Ford Truck?

While Tim had the option to build a wooden home on any other vehicle, he believed that only his Ford was capable of making his plans work. He needed a vehicle that had power and could withstand the weight of his log cabin.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

And his 1996 Ford F350 pickup proved to be the perfect vehicle for this job. For Tim, constantly driving around his wooden home on a pickup, required so much strength. Tim felt like his house was constantly going through a 5.0 earthquake. So he needed a solid truck for this job and his Ford F350 truck was perfect.

Does His Wooden Crib Leak?

While putting his dream home in place, Tim was conscious about how to protect his wooden home from leaking and also to prevent water and snow from accumulating on it. He used Captain Varnish to seal the wood, a varnish known for its waterproofing effect.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

The roof of Tim’s wooden crib is pitched, which means they’re made in a sloped design, which prevents water and snow from accumulating on it. This design is perfect for avoiding potential issues like water damage or excessive snow load.

Tim’s Home Set Up Is Beautiful

When talking about the overall appeal of the wooden truck home, the front porch steals the show. The porch has two seats, and underneath it is a comfortable storage space for two people to sit and enjoy the view of their surroundings whenever they decide to park.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

According to Tim, at least six people can sit comfortably in his space, which has two big sofas. To add to his genius idea, one of these sofas can unfold easily turning into a double bed. Tim is proud that three people can comfortably sleep in his wooden space.

It Has A Kitchen, Fireplace, And Even A Toilet.

Are you surprised? I bet you are. Tim has made his wooden cabin as comfortable as possible. He’s made sure that all basic home essentials are present. Tim has managed to fit all these things in his 8-foot bed truck space.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

In this cramped space, there’s a kitchen with foldaway counters and an oven, a fireplace, something very important for Alaska weather. Tim has storage under his first sofa, while his other sofa houses his fridge. He also has a toilet somewhere discreet, exactly where it should be.

The Public Love Tim And His Truck House

Tim’s idea is fascinating and it’s inspiring many others. With the raging cost of housing right now it’s exciting to know someone is living in their truck and is sharing their experience with the world. People constantly put notes under his windshield wipers telling him how much they love his idea.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

Tim received so many cute notes and decided to install a classic American mailbox for them to put them in. Tim’s YouTube channel has millions of people blown away and every time he gives a tour they’re in awe of how spacious Tim’s mobile home is.

The Invention Of A Truck House – A Life Changing Decision

Tim’s decision to try something outside his everyday nomadic lifestyle has brought him to where he is today. He believed that there are more ways to enjoy your life, go out of your comfort zone, and say yes to new experiences.

Source: YouTube/ Truck House Life

Tim has now toured the Western United States, Canada, and Alaska and has captured his journey on YouTube, sharing his experience with millions of people who would like to take this chance.