A recent landslide apparently pushed three multimillion-dollar luxury homes in California to the edge of a cliff. Multiple reports confirm that rain washed away a substantial portion of the cliffside where the mansions were located.

The Mansions Are Just A Few Feet From Falling Into The Ocean

The report further confirms that the luxury mansions in question, which have an estimated value of up to $16 million, are only a few feet away from falling directly into the Pacific ocean. Aerial footage captured by ABC 7 News showed footage of the shocking scene.

Source: YouTube/Eyes in the Sky

The base of the cliff features large piles of sand, rocks, and dirt on the beach located below the luxury homes.

Residents Advised To Stay Vigilant, Prepare For Possible Relocation

One report claims that the people living in each of the affected Dana Point properties have been told to stay vigilant. There were no evacuations ordered as of Sunday.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Don Ramey Logan

However, each of the residents were informed that an emergency relocation is still possible depending on how the condition changes. The landslide reportedly occurred over the weekend.

City Manager Claimed There Were ‘No Structures Jeopardized

City Manager Mike Killebrew informed residents on Friday that there were “no structures jeopardized” at that point. He further expressed that it looked like there was “no impact on the lateral beach access.”

Source: Dana Point Times

His goal was to assure the residents that there was no reason to panic and everything was still under control at the time. However, the remains of the massive chunk of land destroyed by the landslide is now noticed at the base of the cliff.

Priciest Home Affected Owned By Longtime Radiologist

The priciest California home affected by the landslide was a $15.9 million mansion registered to local radiologist Lewis Bruggeman. The 82-year-old licensed healthcare professional reportedly operated his practice out of his four-bedroom home.

Source: Google Maps/YouTube

When interviewed about the condition of his home, Dr. Bruggeman said that his home “is not threatened” and “will not be red-tagged.” Further reports confirm that Bruggeman had over 56 years of experience in the medical field. A large portion of the cliff fell to the foot of his multimillion-dollar home.

Contracting Mogul Owns Mansion Set On Lower Perch Of Cliff

When looking at the aerial footage, one of the houses drawing the most attention is the mansion located on a lower perch of the cliff. The home is owned by contracting mogul Guy Yocom.

Source: Orange County Register

The 66-year-old business owner first established his construction business in the area back in the late 1970s. In the decades that have passed since then, his company Yocom has made a major impact in the industry. Yocom reportedly purchased the Dana Point property in 2021.

Longtime Owner Of $13 Million Home Still On Unstable Ground

The third home affected is reportedly owned by 80-year-old local producer Marketta Karsikko-Gassel. The local producer has made the coastal cul-de-sac their home for decades. When compared to the other two houses, this home is in a better condition.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Patrick Pelster

However, the ground on which it is located is still unstable. Another Dana Point resident, Jan Cocchiara, reportedly stated that they “would be concerned” if they lived in one of the affected homes. Jan further explained that they were not sure if all the recent land development projects compromised the overall condition of the hill.

City Officials Surveying The Dana Point Collapse, Structural Integrity Analyzed

City officials are still surveying what has been referred to as the “Dana Point Collapse.” Engineering crews were dispatched to the complex to assess and examine the structural integrity of each mansion affected by the landslide.

Source: Pixabay/Paul Brennan

There are some rain showers expected in the forecast for upcoming days. Therefore, the situation will continue to be assessed with the safety of the residents in mind.

Different Mudslide Dropped Nearby Cul-De-Sac On The Same Day

A mudslide reportedly dropped another cul-de-sac on the same day in California. The cul-de-sac, which was located about 13 miles south of the Dana Point Collapse along the Pacific Coast, dropped the complex nearly five feet.

Source: Flickr/Milton Sun

Reports confirm that the mudslide pushed a considerable amount of debris and mud at least 150 feet beneath it. There was already a history of unstable soil in the area specifically since one of the homes is located directly at the site of an active landslide with ongoing movement for decades. Like the Dana Point sight, a thorough examination concluded that an evacuation of the affected residents was not yet warranted.

Other Oceanfront Areas, Nearby Access Points Closed Due To Instability

Multiple reports confirm that other areas impacted by the devastating inclement weather have been shut down and blocked off due to their continuing instability. For instance, landslides in San Clemente prompted abrupt closures of nearby beach trails used mostly in the north end of town.

Source: Flickr/Kim Mitchell

Another closure affected the stairs leading towards the coastal path of Lasuen Beach, El Portal, and Dije Court. The instability of the land led to the closure of the corresponding access points last week.

Exclusions Of Flood Insurance Coverage Highlighted By Recent Storms

The recent trend of heavy rainstorms throughout California have raised a lot of concerns over flood insurance coverages and claims. More specifically, a spotlight has inadvertently started to shine over what is not included in the coverage provided to residents.

Source: Pexels/Kindel Media

For instance, according to CNN Business, less than 1 percent of 7.7 million households in Southern California counties are able to make claims for flood damage related to the recent deadly storms. Landslides and mudslides are not covered by flood insurance.