Florida Sheriff Bob Johnson has doubled down on his controversial comments that homeowners should shoot to kill intruders, saying it saves taxpayers money. The Santa Rosa County lawman claims there have been zero home invasions in the year since he first made the remarks.

Now, he is offering free weekly classes to train locals on using guns for self-defense. Johnson’s politically incorrect stance has drawn praise from some quarters and criticism from others, including death threats that he brushes off as toothless.

Sheriff’s Controversial Comments Go Viral

Sheriff Bob Johnson’s statements encouraging citizens to “shoot to kill” home invaders have stirred controversy and praise.

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During an April 2022 press conference, Johnson told citizens of Santa Rosa County, Florida, they were “more than welcome to shoot” intruders breaking into their homes.

It is A No-Brainer To Take a Stand

Johnson stands by his comments, calling it a “no-brainer.” He told Fox News citizens have a right to self-defense without retreating or warning intruders first.

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Under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, residents can use lethal force against intruders they reasonably believe intend to harm them.

Homeowners Have a Right to Defend Their Property

Sheriff Bob Johnson believes homeowners have an inalienable right to defend themselves and their property. According to Johnson, “You don’t have to retreat.

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You don’t have to give them a warning. You don’t have to barricade yourself in a room. You can shoot and kill them. And in the state of Florida, that’s perfectly legal.”

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Johnson argues that citizens should take measures to protect themselves since police response times average 3 to 5 minutes.

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“They’re coming in to commit felonies,” says Johnson. He encourages residents to arm themselves so they can defend against intruders.

Send a Message to Criminals

The sheriff believes his policy of encouraging residents to shoot first sends a clear message to would-be intruders. The county hasn’t seen any home invasions since his initial comments over a year ago. “

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And it’s ironic that, since that press conference, we haven’t had any home invasions, and it’s been over a year, so it’s odd,” notes Johnson. His tough stance appears to be an effective deterrent against this type of crime.

Protecting Taxpayers

Johnson argues that killing intruders during a home invasion saves taxpayers money in the long run. “I said [at the press conference] if you shoot accurately, and you kill the guy, you save taxpayers money.

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While his phrasing was controversial, Johnson stands by the sentiment. Stopping criminals permanently prevents future offenses and costs to the system.

Why the Sheriff Stands by His Statements

Johnson claims home invasions in Santa Rosa County have stopped since he told citizens to “shoot to kill” intruders over a year ago.

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He attributes this to criminals fearing armed citizens and says other states with strict gun laws have higher crime rates. “That’s why you have the crime rate in New York, California,” he said.

Accepting Controversy

Johnson acknowledges his controversial stance but says he won’t “mince words.” His comments led to hundreds of death threats daily, but he remains undeterred.

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“I don’t care. After my press conference, I was getting death threats by the hundreds every day. And I had another interviewer ask me, ‘Are you worried about that?’ And I said, ‘No, because all the death threats are coming from states where you can’t buy a gun anyway, so I don’t care,” Johnson told Fox News.

Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Explained

The Stand Your Ground law was passed in 2005. It expanded the legal definition of self-defense, stating that individuals have no duty to retreat from an attacker anywhere they have a lawful right to be.

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The law intends to allow law-abiding gun owners to protect themselves, their families, and their property without fear of prosecution.

Controversy and Criticism of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

While proponents argue that Stand Your Ground empowers citizens and deters crime, critics argue that it encourages vigilantism and escalates violence.

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Some research has found no evidence that the law deters crime. Other studies have found correlations between Stand Your Ground and increases in homicide and firearm-related deaths.

Response Times Versus Damage Done

According to Sheriff Johnson, law enforcement typically takes 3 to 5 minutes to respond to 911 emergency calls in Santa Rosa County.

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However, he points out that a lot of damage can be done to victims during that short period by criminals intent on harming others.

Encouraging Citizens to Arm Themselves

Some argue that encouraging citizens to use lethal force could escalate violence and lead to dangerous vigilante justice.

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However, Johnson maintains that he advises residents to exercise their legal rights to self-defense within their homes.

Understanding the Sheriff’s Perspective

While Johnson’s views are controversial, as an elected official, he believes his duty is to be straightforward with citizens about their rights and his position.

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His goal seems to be ensuring people can properly defend themselves in a crisis until law enforcement arrives. However, his statements also raise concerns about excessive use of force and legal consequences. There are many perspectives on this complex issue.

Responsible Gun Ownership Should Be the First Rule of Protecting Your Home

While Sheriff Johnson promotes gun ownership and training for self-defense, guns also pose risks like accidental injury, suicide, and escalating violence.

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Residents should carefully consider their abilities and circumstances before using firearms for self-defense. Non-lethal deterrents, like alarms, guard dogs, and monitored security systems, may also help prevent home invasions in the first place.