Imagine living in a building with 18,000 tenants. It’s not a town or community but one whole structure housing thousands of people. Is that even possible? Well, that scenario is a reality in Russia.

An apartment complex is going viral on the internet. Why? This unique space houses thousands of tenants and apartments. It’s even much larger than some communities. But how big is it? Why do people live here? These are some questions this post aims to answer. Let’s go!

How Big Is This Place?

For context, this area, housing 18,000 people, isn’t a conventional building. This is a Russian complex with 3,708 apartments, 25 floors, and 35 entrances. That’s a massive building.

Source: Ilya Varlamov

The building is located close to the center of St. Petersburg and the Russias call it ‘Cheloveinik’. It’s like a small community where everyone knows each other. However, it’s spacious enough so the tenants have some privacy.

What Kind Of People Live Here?

It’s reasonable to wonder what kind of people would live in this complex. Could it be reserved for some of Russia’s elites? Is it like a penthouse reserved for top celebrities? Or is it a shelter for refugees?

Source: Youtube/NFKRZ

None of the above! This vast complex is open to anyone who can afford the rent. Its apartments are family-sized with two bedrooms. Each floor has around four to six apartments with four-speed elevators.

Even Businesses Rent The Apartments

As previously mentioned, the apartments focus on families. The family-sized place can fit most families in its two bedrooms. However, that doesn’t mean only these people use the area. Some businesses occupy some of its floors.

Source: Yandex

What kinds of businesses? They include grocery stores, barbershops, cafes, sports centers, etc. So, residents don’t need to leave the compound to get essential goods or services. Almost everything is a few walks away.

The Giant Complex Also Has A Healthy Social Environment

Neighbors are some people’s biggest fears when moving to a new area. These nearby residents can make your time there memorable or hellish. So, what are the neighbors like in this giant complex?

Source: Fasad-intex

Surprisingly, everyone lives in harmony. One resident explains: “We don’t talk from the windows because it’s very close and uncomfortable. But we can meet and have a chat on the public balcony. It’s similar to fire escape stairs when we have a cigarette.”

There are Social Media Groups For The Complex Too

One of the residents provides more insights into life in this giant complex. He explains that there are several online groups where most of them interact. These forums were made for everyone to socialize and also get help.

Source: Yandex

The resident, Everlastsun, mentions he’s in a dog group with other pet owners. He explains: “I have a big German Shepherd, and I know a lot of other dog owners around. Usually, we go for a walk together or meet each other outside in certain spots.”

Why Do People Live Here?

This vast apartment complex is lovely. But being in a compound with almost 20,000 people is an uncommon situation. It might feel claustrophobic or overwhelming with so many new faces. So why do people live here?

Source: Youtube/NFKRZ

The answer is simple. People come here for accommodation. People also claimed they liked the atmosphere and became permanent residents. One Reddit user commented: “How did I decide to live here? Well, I rented an apartment, fell in love with the building, and bought it.”

The Apartments Are Also Very Affordable

Getting an apartment isn’t cheap these days. Rent has gone up, so many opt for an affordable option. This logic made many ask about the price of living in this complex. Is it cheap, or is everyone there rich?

Source: Reddit

Surprisingly, it’s very affordable. One resident said they bought an apartment after living in the complex for years. How much did it cost? 3.5 million rubles ($46,600) at the time. Now it’s worth 5.6 million ($74,700).

“If You’re Looking For A Fresh Start, This Is The Place”

Everlastsun from Reddit shared more information on the place. He mentioned that it’s the best place to live. Why? “It’s cheap. Everything you need is close.” He also said there’s an extra advantage to having businesses in the complex.

Source: Reddit

He commented: “Imagine you are a young fella, relocated from a small town to a big city, looking for a job for a fresh start in your life… this kinda place is perfect for that.” This makes sense since the people are kind and will likely help new residents get on their feet.

The ‘Small City’ Has Its Clinics And Schools

One perk of this large building is that everything is nearby. But since families live here with their kids. So what about schooling? Do they have to leave daily, or is there an alternative? Fortunately, schools are there, too.

Source: Youtube/NFKRZ

The first floor mainly contains businesses. While most are grocery stores and salons, there are a few schools, too. The same also applies to clinics. People can go nearby to receive essential medical attention without leaving the compounds.

Leaving The Complex Isn’t Tricky Either

The compound is massive and seems like its own city. Some social media users wonder if it’s a hassle to leave the complex. In reality, the place is only a few minutes across with 35 entrances.

Source: Youtube/NFKRZ

Also, tenants can get to the nearest metro in 25 minutes, which is the standard time in any area. You’ll only have issues if you own a car because parking there is problematic. Except you paid for a spot, you’ll have to compete with people parking next to the building.

Overall, It’s A Great Place To Live In

The idea of almost 20,000 people together in one building sounds chaotic. There’s the possibility of fights, and getting essential items could be a hassle. However, that doesn’t apply to this complex.

Source: rbth/Ilya Varlamov

Everyone is respectful and supportive. There are businesses in the building and everything is within walking distance. Most importantly, the apartments are affordable. The only downside is getting a parking spot. But ultimately, this giant complex seems worthwhile.