Many people consider retirement outside of the United States for a multitude of reasons, nicer weather, cheaper living expenses, better healthcare, and simply to have a better quality of life.  While the allure of an inexpensive lifestyle is what drives most to consider this option for retirement, safety is also a notable consideration when deciding exactly where to relocate. Let’s explore the top 11 safest places to retire for less than $2,000 a month.


Malaysia offers one of the lowest cost of living options out of this entire list, giving retirees the affordability to love a comfortable life. The country offers stunning beach scenery, lush rainforest, and warm tropical weather year round. Perfect for those seeking relaxation.

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Malaysia is a very culturally diverse country, with influences from Malay, Indian, Chinese, and the indigenous. The government also makes it easier for those relocating there by offering a program called, Malaysia My Second Home, and has flexible long-term visa options for those looking to retire there.


Canada is a popular option for those looking for a change in scenery for retirement, but that still want to be on the same continent as their friends and family.

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Canada boasts robust city life and stunning countryside landscapes. It’s equally as diverse as many other countries, but close enough to the U.S. to make some retirees feel more comfortable about making the transition.


One of Denmark’s major draws is it offers universal healthcare, this also means an overall lower cost of living, especially for someone of retirement age. This country is very sound both politically and economically, making it an easy choice for some retirees.

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Denmark’s cities are vibrant and full of fun and exciting things to do. Rich in culture, with an array of museums, theaters, and galleries to explore. All of this combined with the low cost of living, makes Denmark a top retirement relocation option for many people.


There isn’t anything quite like the breathtaking coastline of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. It’s truly picturesque with its clear blue waters and quaint coastal towns. For those seeking a perfect mediterranean retirement, Croatia should definitely be on the list.

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Croatia’s healthcare system is notably regarded as being one of the best, medical services are top notch, and many of the healthcare workers speak fluent English. There is also no shortage of outings to be had, offering medieval towns to explore, a bustling art scene and ancient Roman ruins to discover.

New Zealand

If being outdoors is your thing, then New Zealand should be at the top of your retirement list. It has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world, offering subtropical forest, stunning sandy beaches, rolling green hills, and even glacier-created fjords. With no shortage of outdoor options, golfing, hiking, water sports,and more, retirees can spend their days staying active and healthy.

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The country is known for its exceptional quality of life and friendly natured locals. There is a strong sense of togetherness in New Zealand, making it that much easier for retirees to slip into the local way of living.


Bhutan is a viable option for many based solely on the fact that it offers the lowest cost of living on this entire list. But that isn’t all Bhutan has to offer, it’s culturally rich, and focuses on Gross National Happiness over economic growth, making it a very enjoyable place to live.

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Bhutan’s is a very tranquil place to live, and for those seeking a relaxing retirement this is by far on the very top of the list. Everything from its lush forest to its government’s commitment to a happier society, make Bhutan one of the most peaceful places to retire.

Czech Republic

Retirees should find it fairly easy to assimilate into the Czech Republic should they choose to relocate there. Most people speak English, it has an efficient and well maintained public transport system, and the locals are very welcoming.

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If history and culture are your thing then Czech is for you, it has a plethora of historic sites, vibrant cities, and enchanting countryside for you to explore. The country also offers both public and private healthcare for free, keep in mind though that this is only accessible once you are considered a permanent resident. Nonetheless, the Czech Republic is a definite viable option for retirees looking for that perfect European location and price tag.


Not many people even know of Slovenia, or maybe they have heard the name but just don’t know much about the country. It is a small Central-European country with a population that is barely over 2.1 million. With literature, art, and music being the main cultural pillars, the country relies heavily on tourism to keep it going.

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The official language is Slovenian which may make it a little difficult for some retirees to adjust, however the country’s compact size and efficient infrastructure make it easy to explore.


If inexpensive and culturally rich are what you are looking for then Austria is a definite choice. With the average cost of monthly expenses being below $1,500, Austria is one of the cheaper retirement options on the list.

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Austrias rich cultural tapestry and unique architecture make it a highly sought after destination for both travelers and expat retirees alike. Its sightseeing, outdoor activities, and charming villages make this retirement option the number one choice for some.


Portugal is a tempting option for many, with a monthly expense of less than $1,200 a month honestly who wouldn’t be. Not only does it create a comfortable financial retirement option, it also offers a temperate climate and friendly culture.

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Unlike a few others on the list Portugal doesn’t offer free healthcare right away, retirees will have to acquire private health insurance for a few years until they become permanent residents. The country does however offer many options for visas, including the Golden visa which offers tax incentives and residency options for retirees coming from outside of the European Union.


Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making it one of the safest places to live for retirees. It is also affordable and offers a superior healthcare system, providing a certain sense of peace for those contemplating moving out of the country for retirement.

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Japan has a very efficient public transportation system, making it completely reasonable for you to forgo buying a car, saving you even more money. And for those who appreciate a fusion of innovation and tradition, Japan’s dedication to advancements in technology blend seamlessly with its natural beauty. Combining busting cities with scenic cherry blossoms and soothing natural hot springs. So as you can see there are an array of options for the retiree that is seeking a more harmonious lifestyle that doesn’t break the bank.