Today, we will take you to the oldest bar in each state in the United States! Excited? These iconic bars have been around in those states for ages. Each has its own fascinating story to allure us.

Let’s learn more about the roots and the rich history of these legendary ancient bars. If you happen to know of an older bar in your state, let us know in the comments section.

Alabama: T.P. Crockmier’s

Source: Yelp/T.P Crockmiers

To kick off our list, we have this bar in Mobile, Alabama. Named after its founder, T. P. Crockmier’s was founded back in 1875. Surprisingly, even after nearly 150 years, this bar remains a bustling hub! While it has undergone several renovations, you can still feel its ancient appeal when you drop by.

Alaska: B and B Bar

Source: TripAdvisor

The bar you see in the picture is known as B and B Bar. It is the oldest one in Alaska and has been welcoming visitors since its establishment in 1906. A century and 18 years later, it continues to offer food, drinks, and the amenities of a pool.

Arizona: The Palace

Source: Arizona State Archives 95-2431

Arizona’s “The Palace” is also active as a restaurant and saloon. It was established in 1877 as the core building of the town of Prescott. If you’re a fan of Doc Holliday and The Earps, you’ll probably love to pay a visit here because they were regular customers at this bar!

Arkansas: The Ohio

Source: Ohio Club/GoogleReviews

This bar’s more than 100 years of heritage of live music, excellent drinks, and tasty foods will surely amaze you. This 1880s bar, the Ohio Club, is considered the oldest in Arkansas. It is famous for its heavy-decorated mahogany back bar and customers like Babe Ruth, Al Capone, and many more.

California: Smiley’s Schooner Saloon And Hotel

Source: TripAdvisor

Smiley’s Schooner Saloon And Hotel started its journey in 1851. This Bolinas joint is considered the oldest active bar on the West Coast. By exploring its enriched history, you will find this place served as a barbershop, a bait and hunting store, and even a pizza parlor. However, it was one of the iconic surviving places that allowed drinking during the prohibition era.

Colorado: The Buffalo Rose Tavern

Source: TripAdvisor

If you are interested in American history, The Buffalo Rose Tavern in Golden, Colorado, is a must-visit. It was established in 1859 and was the first public hall in that time’s Golden Territory. This establishment is also identified as the place of residence for Generals Grant and Sherman. Many earlier Colorado laws were created in this building.

Connecticut: The Griswold Inn Tap Room

Source: Wikimedia Commons

You will find the traditional architecture and pure white walls of the Griswold Inn Tap Room fascinating. It was built in 1776. Additionally, it will substantially feed your hunger for history exploration as it symbolizes 1814’s British raid, the prohibition period, and the Great Depression.

Delaware: Kelly’s Logan House

Source: Yelp/Sean C. / TripAdvisor

Kelly’s Logan House allows you to enjoy the old Irish traditions. Its journey started in 1864 as the central spot of Forty Acres (Trolley Squer) and is still in operation. To tell you more, this building has served for more than 150 years as the gathering place for St. Patrick’s Day. It hosted guests like Al Capeno, Buffalo Bill, and many more.

District of Columbia: Old Ebbitt Grill

Source: Rob Klug

Old Ebbitt was Washington’s original saloon back in the day. During the mid-1800s, it had two sections: a Dutch room and an Old English room where people could enjoy their drinks. Even though it faced multiple relocations, you can still experience its historical significance in its decoration and display.

Florida: The Palace Saloon

Source: moderndaytripper

This Fernandina Beach drinking joint will amaze you with its Italian marble structure and mahogany work. During the prohibition period, the 1878’s structure, The Palace, served as an ice cream parlor.

Georgia: The Pirate’s House

Source: visitsavannah

Back in 1753, it started as a place for sailors to stay. But soon it became a popular hangout for pirates and sailors. Since then, The Pirates House has been delighting visitors with tasty food, drinks, and lots of fun!

Hawaii: Smith’s Union Bar

Source: TripAdvisor

It is the oldest bar in Honolulu. This little bar’s journey started 20 years before Hawaii became a state and is still popular for social gatherings. We suggest you visit Smith’s Union Bar to experience the old days of Hawaii.

Idaho: White Horse Saloon

Source: White Horse Saloon

White Horse Saloon is a bar that you should not miss visiting in the historic town of Spirit Lake, Idaho. The 1907 wooden floor and decorations will take you to Idaho’s old days, triggering the free-country feel.

Illinois: The Village Tavern

Source: Facebook/Long Grove Village Tavern

The Village Tavern in Long Grove, Illinois, is known as the oldest restaurant in the whole state. It has been serving customers since 1847. You will find its massive 35-foot mahogany named “President Bar” fascinating. This bar-table is the survivor of the Great McCormick Place fire in 1967.

Indiana: Knickerbocker Saloon

Source: TripAdvisor

This old establishment was built in 1835 as the Lahr Luxury Hotel. Later, it became the Gault House Tavern, Hoosier’s first legal drinking place. In the 1950s, it was renamed Cherry Wood Bar. And in 1974, it finally became the Knickerbocker Saloon. However, you will find this place to be a fine blend of history and modernism.

Iowa: Breitbach’s Country Dining

Source: jetsliketaxis

Breitbach’s Country Dining is a family-owned restaurant and bar. It has been active since 1852 in Balltown. It offers buffet-style dining and ample space for large groups. It is used for every gathering of the town population.

Kansas: Hays House

Source: NPS

Established in 1857, Hays House in Council Grove was a theatre show venue until the late 1800s. Here, you can enjoy its original features that signify the first settlers’ lives.

Kentucky: Talbott Tavern

Source: kentuckyhauntedhouses

As a history lover, you will adore Talbott Tavern for various reasons. First, this 200-year-old establishment served food, drinks, and lodging to travelers in Kentucky. Second, it served as the oldest stagecoach station in the wild west.

Louisiana: Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

Source: Yelp/Dina D.

As per the local tales, this building is the Lafitte brothers’ New Orlance hideout. They used it in their smuggling operation from 1772 to 1791. However, Lafitte Blacksmith Shop Bar has old slate roofing, which will transport you to that time.

Maine: Jameson Tavern

Source: Yelp/Kevin H.

It was built in 1779 and started to serve as a drinking place in 1801. You must find this fact amazing: Jameson Tavern was used for the gathering of independent organizers from Massachusetts.

Maryland: Reynolds Tavern

Source: remodelandolacasa

Established in 1747, Reynolds Tavern is the oldest tavern in Annapolis. Now, you can rent a room here or pass the time over a cup of tea to portray yourself in that time’s history.

Massachusetts: Warren Tavern

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This Charlestown building has been a living witness to several historical events since 1780. Its British-influenced structure at Warren Tavern will transport you to George Washington’s time.

Michigan: Old Tavern Inn

Source: Yelp/Joshua W.

This ancient bar is declared the oldest by the State of Michigan. You can see many historical photographs of this 1835 establishment. They also offer a book about the history of the Old Tavern Inn.

Minnesota: Neumann’s

Source: Pioneer Press

Neumann’s Bar and Grill in North Saint Paul started its journey in 1887 and is still in operation. It is a great place to enjoy the authentic Hamm’s Beer, which interestingly contains low-alcohol.

Mississippi: Under-the-Hill Saloon

Source: Flickr/Michael Steen

This place provides you with the essence of old America, when Under-the-Hill Saloon thrived with gunslingers, gamblers, and thieves. We listed this 200-year-old bar for two reasons. First, it hosted Mark Twain. Second, it is the living witness of the cotton industry in the area of Natchez.

Missouri: O’Malley’s 1842 Pub

Source: Facebook/O’Malley’s Pub – Weston, Mo

This Irish pub has an underground cellar for hosting all the activities. There is a myth that O’Malley’s 1842 Pub had a secret cellar used during the prohibition period. Most interestingly, you will find that the 55 feet underground cellars deliver excellent acoustics.

Montana: Bale of Hay Saloon

Source: TripAdvisor

At Montana’s oldest saloon, you’ll see original artwork from 1863. One mentionable artwork is “Nymphs and Satyr.” At present, you can enjoy a ghost tour every night at 10:00 pm and sone amazing vintage drinks at the Bale of Hay Saloon.

Nebraska: Glur’s Tavern

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Edwin Grosvenor

The historic building, Glur’s Tavern, is registered nationally and looks like a simple white house with a porch. Glur’s Tavern in Columbus has been open since 1876 and has hosted Buffalo Bill several times.

Nevada: Genoa Bar

Source: travelnevada

1853’s Genoa Bar and Saloon is the oldest bar in Nevada. As a Wild West lover, you will find this place fascinating due to its connection with John Wayne, Mark Twain, Clint Eastwood, Ulysses S. Grant, and Teddy Roosevelt.

New Hampshire: The Hancock Inn

Source: Courtesy of the Hancock Inn and Fox Tavern

It is located between Norway Hill and Norway Pond. The Hancock Inn has been serving guests since 1789. Its history is connected with U.S. Senator and President Franklin Pierce.

New Jersey: Barnsboro Inn

Source: Wikimedia Commons

With its fascinating past, the Barnsboro Inn is a place you should check out. It was originally built in 1720 as a small log cabin by John Budd. In 1776, it came under new ownership by John Barnes and started serving as a bar.

New Mexico: El Farol

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are traveling to Santa Fe, El Farol is a bar you’ll fall in love with. This is basically a Spanish tapas restaurant that has been around since 1835. It is still thriving after 183 years and it’s aestheticsness is on another level!

New York: The Old ’76 House

Source: 76house

This bar’s historical significance will amaze you. During the American Revolutionary War, the ’76 House frequently hosted local Patriots for meetings. It even served as a prison for a brief period.

North Carolina: Antlers Bar

Source: Yelp/Stephanie J.

Antlers Bar has been serving drinks since 1932. You will be surprised to know that it was active during Montana’s liquor prohibition period from 1909 to 1935. Over the years, renovations have maintained a blend of rustic and modern charm.

North Dakota: Peacock Alley

Source: Yelp/Dale Z.

Peacock Alley is one of the bars that opened in 1933 after the prohibition ended. It was part of the Patterson Hotel, a luxurious establishment known for its affiliation with the Non-Partisan League.

Ohio: Ye Olde Trail Tavern

Source: onlyinyourstate

You’ll find it filled with vintage artifacts and historical elements when you step into Ye Olde Trail Tavern in Yellow Springs. This 1827 pub is ready to offer you a unique vibe, good food, and some unforgettable drinks.

Oklahoma: Eischen’s Bar

Source: onlyinyourstate

Peter Eischen constructed the Eischen Bar in Oklahoma City as a place to grab drinks in 1896. It shut down during the Prohibition era. Later, in the 1930s, it reopened. You must visit it to experience its historical significance and the 1800’s bar counter from Spain.

Oregon: Huber’s

Source: Google/Willis Anderson

Huber’s, Portland’s oldest restaurant, was founded in 1879. It symbolizes the old American life of the 1890s. It is still in operation and serves excellent turkey dishes.

Pennsylvania: The King George II Inn

Source: Wikimedia Commons

You’ll find the King George II Inn in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Many believe it is the longest continuously operating inn in the history of the U.S. It was initially founded in 1681 as the Ferry House by Samuel Clift. This inn served as a key stop from New York to Philadelphia.

Rhode Island: White Horse Tavern

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This Rhode Island tavern has been active since 1673. You can identify White Horse Tavern by noticing a sign featuring a white steed. It’s still standing strong today as the oldest operating bar in the whole of U.S.

South Carolina: J’s Corner Restaurant and Bar

Source: Yelp/Witney R.

Jaco’s Corner is considered the oldest bar in South Carolina. It has been serving beer and food since 1912. Here, you can enjoy Gamecock football tailgating as well.

South Dakota: Buffalo Bodega

Source: uscasinoadvantage

Among all the 17th-century buildings, Buffalo Bodega is one that still exists today. You can still catch the vibe of old American life by visiting this phenomenal place.

Tennessee: Springwater Supper Club and Lounge

Source: thespringwater

The Springwater has been operating since 1978 and has remained in the same spot for a century. It proudly asserts itself as Tennessee’s oldest bar. It is renowned for serving alcohol during the probation period.

Texas: Scholz Garten

Source: Yelp/Jason B.

This bar was founded in 1866 by a German immigrant named August Scholz. Gradually, Scholz Garten became a center for German immigrants and their traditions and rituals.

Utah: Shooting Star Saloon

Source: visitogden

Shooting Star was established in 1879 and is Utah’s oldest continuously operating bar. As its name suggests, the bar is a very beautiful and pleasant place to spend some quality time.

Vermont: Ye Olde Tavern

Source: manchesterview

Manchester Center’s Ye Olde Tavern is a registered historic place in Vermont. It was founded in 1790 by Aaron Sheldon. It’s still serving people but you have to make a reservation first.

Virginia: The Tavern

Source: virginia

Constructed in 1779, The Tavern in Abingdon served as a stagecoach stop and housed one of the earliest post offices in the area. It hosted many famous people, like Louis Philippe, the king of France, and President Andrew Jackson.

Washington: The Brick Saloon

Source: bricksaloon

The Brick Saloon is believed to be the oldest continuously operating saloon in Washington. Peter Giovanini constructed it in 1898-1899. Its funny logo is another reason for its popularity.

West Virginia: Three Gables Club

Source: Yelp/Angelus K.

Three Gables Club is the oldest bar in West Virginia. It was established in 1935 and is known for serving the best steaks in Fayette County.

Wisconsin: Landmark 1850 Inn

Source: onmilwaukee

Originally known as the New Coeln House, this bar is now once again serving guests as the Landmark 1850 Inn. After operating for over 150 years, this bar in Milwaukee underwent a temporary closure for renovations and came back strong.

Wyoming: Miners and Stockman’s

Source: Christine Harmon

Having opened in 1862, this steakhouse and liquor bar is well known for being the oldest bar in the state. Though the local favorite is whiskey, Little Hartville’s Miners and Stockmen also has a wine selection to go with its signature steaks.