Across the country, there are thousands of abandoned homes yearning for some TLC. These once-grand houses have so much potential and with a little work, they could become beautiful lively homes again.

Today we’ll take you through 50 abandoned houses that would look great restored. With unique architecture and tons of character, these empty abodes still have good bones. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1. Castle Fit for a Noble

The first house we have on our list is an abandoned property likely once home to nobility. We can’t unsee its similarity with Hogwarts, anytime Harry would come out with Ron and Hermione.

Source: Shutterstock/ Luka70

Jokes apart, we believe proper restoration would bring us a grand house like in stories about kings and queens.

2. Norwegian Village

Norwegian photographer Britt M explored areas in Norway and Sweden, documenting these mysterious structures. These houses, including wooden houses, farms, and cabins, offer a glimpse into a past era.

Source: Shutterstock/ Tupungato

This house, set against the stunning backdrop of Scandinavian nature, tells silent tales of a time gone by.

3. Prairie Land

This house is located in the heart of the prairies and it proudly showcases America’s rural housing structure.

Source: Shutterstock/ Alicia Shields

This structure is long gone. We believe, its restoration could breathe new life into these historical structures, preserving a piece of the past for future generations.

4. Eastern Seaboard

An abandoned beach house and structure on Gloucester shore in Massachusetts that could be stunning if restored for a real estate project.

Source: Shutterstock/ Stephen Orsillo

The boat, along with the island, reflects a once-thriving fishing business that could be revitalized once again, we never know.

5. Victorian Renaissance

This house reflects a style from the Victorian era. It’s part of America’s architectural heritage. After fixing it up, the Victorian Renaissance would look like a house from a storybook.

Source: Shutterstock/ Racheal Grazias

We’d love to see how these pretty navy-blue house turns out once repaired.

6. Seaside Retreat

Look at this house’s location guys! Sitting right beside the seaside, this property could make for an ideal retreat center for tourists.

Source: Shutterstock/ Sandy Maya Matzen

While we don’t know when someone might purchase it for renovation, we can gauge that its market value is bound to skyrocket.

7. Farmhouse Charm

The crumbling structure and the sagging roof paint a picture of neglected property for this farmhouse. This ancient farmhouse could be a very appealing house with some right set of restoration.

Source: Shutterstock/ MBoe

Although we don’t know the purpose of the second unit exit door with no stairs around. Looks like some structural modification is also required for this house.

8. Greek Revitalization

Here’s another Game of Thrones set waiting for someone to purchase and repair. If you look closely, you’ll see its grand columns are chipped, its ironwork weeping rust, we believe a loving hand is needed to mend its broken heart.

Source: Twitter/@urbexxploration

To your knowledge, this house is designed after the style of Greek architecture.

9. Queen Anne Restoration

This spooky Queen Anne House in Savannah, Georgia has this look for the right reasons. This house is over 100 years old and has been vacant for decades.

Source: Shutterstock/ Natalia Bratslavsky/ Flickr

With the right touch-ups, this house would be a beautiful home again, a fine house full of life.

10. Treehouse Resort

This Treehouse Resort stands abandoned and its bridges groaning under neglect. Its colorful decor enthralls us how stunning this house must have been in its prime.

Source: Shutterstock/ Petr Malyshev

We hope the house gets lucky once more and gets a buyer with aesthetic taste who will undertake its proper restoration to restore its lost charm.

11. Thailand Mystery

Thailand Mystery is an abandoned house in Thailand that represents their rich ancient architecture. This house holds significant value due to its association with Thailand’s heritage.

Source: Shutterstock/ WitthayaP

We believe, the restoration of this property would potentially unlock doors to those opportunities for learning more about Thai lifestyle and culture.

12. Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment House, located in Detroit, Michigan, was built in the 1920s. It was once a grand castle as you can see from the picture, now empty and looks forgotten.

Source: Shutterstock/ Vinterriket

With the collaboration of the veteran contractor, the house can be restored to its full functionality. It would be a proud piece of Detroit’s history.

13. A Regal Residence

A Regal Residence is an old, majestic house, it’s a big house that used to be really fancy. Right now, it looks like that haunted house from a horror thriller.

Source: Shutterstock/ Vinterriket

We’re uncertain about whether the modern-age contractor can fully revert to its previous status. However there is great potential for them to yield significant positive outcomes from the current situation.

14. Beautiful Landscape

This house is known for its scenic surroundings. As the house is covered in lush greenery, restoring this would be too much work.

Shutterstock/ Rolf E. Staerk

Still, who wouldn’t want to live in such beautiful surroundings? For those nature enthusiasts, we want the restoration to take place.

15. Latvian Fixer-Upper

This building is located in Dobele, a town with about 10,000 residents in central Latvia. It presents an exciting opportunity for restoration, especially considering its European setting.

Source: Shutterstock/ Vjacheslav Shishlov

The windows and doors it has are rare now. Surely, there’s some great contractor who can manage to custom-make them again.

16. Tudor Style

The Tudor Style abandoned house is reminiscent of the Tudor period’s architectural style. Its current condition is somewhat neglected, needing significant work to revive its historical charm.

Source: Shutterstock/ Ram Kay

Key areas for restoration include structural repairs and cosmetic enhancements to highlight its Tudor characteristics. It would stand out as a unique house that is rich in history and style.

17. Just Add a Roof

This house with a major Game of Thrones vibe is an abandoned house needing several repairs. Currently, the house’s most urgent need is a new roof.

Source: Shutterstock/ Anastasia Makhnenko

A new roof along with some other restoration steps would transform it into a great place for an office or mall.

18. Minsk, Belarus

In the heart of Minsk, Belarus, there’s an abandoned house that looks like a century-old hospital. This massive property holds immense potential for transformation.

Source: Shutterstock/ Lasko Dmitry

The prospect of refurbishing it to serve as a hospital once again marks a valid of purpose to its revival.

19. Horror Movie Set?

This house with a spooky vibe looks like a set for a horror movie. If it’s the truth or not, we surely know this huge mention deserves a restoration.

Source: Shutterstock

With so many porches available, we can tell that after restoration surely some balcony lovers would go crazy to purchase it.

20. Borgo Schiro, Italy

Located in Sicily near Palermo, Italy this is an abandoned building that seems to have a lot of potential. It is heard that it was abandoned during Mussolini’s agricultural reforms.

Source: Shutterstock/ Roberto La Rosa

Once restored, this grand building can be used as an office space, mall, or even for federal purposes.

21. Victorian Restore

A Victorian-style abandoned house has an intriguing restoration opportunity. The house’s structure is mind-blowing with so many open spaces on both units to hang out and have fun.

Source: Shutterstock/ Roberto La Rosa

Its roof is also very unique, those who love houses with dome-like roofs would really appreciate it.

22. Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane, Poland’s current status is one of neglect, requiring significant restoration. But we love the exterior decoration, those white railing grills adding more splendor to it’s overall look for sure.

Source: Shutterstock/ marekusz

Key areas for refurbishment include structural repairs and possibly work on the exterior and interior to preserve its unique style.

23. Ohio Farmhouse

This farmhouse, located in rural Ohio near the Kentucky border, is an old structure with Greek pillars.

Source: Shutterstock/ Corey B Stevens

The house has 10+ bedrooms with a large backyard. With careful restoration, the Ohio Farmhouse has the potential to evolve into an ideal house for another farming family.

24. Grand Remodel

This stone built building with its impressive architectural design made to our list. Known for their enduring resilience, buildings constructed with stone tend to withstand the test of time, and this house is no exception.

Source: Shutterstock/ MiroMind

It looks pale due to maintenance lacking. Surely after some cosmetic touch-ups and clean-ups it will become a liveable house again.

25. Porto, Portugal

This enormous house is an example of Portuguese architecture. Sitting on a hilltop, this house has been keeping watch over the surrounding valley for over a century with no human living inside.

Source: Shutterstock/ Adinda Zeij

The art seen in the top unit is their traditional house painting, which hasn’t been weary even after all those years.

26. Colonial Keeper

This house with colonial style seems to be really weary and it might seem like it’s beyond saving. But, our visionary mind can tell with the touch of right hands this house can surely return to reign again.

Source: Shutterstock/ Dave Hann

But, this time we’d like to add a porch in front of it.

27. Haunted House

This house is definitely the spookiest one on our list. After being abandoned and stripped of its valuable decor, its restoration would involve extensive work on both its interiors and exteriors.

Source: Shutterstock/ Antlio

Given that it has multiple bedrooms in both units, this could be modified into a multi-house for investment purposes.

28. Lots to Fix

Ever come across homes listed for just $1000 while scrolling Zillow or Realtor? This is the type of house that is offered with such values since otherwise no one would wish to buy anyway.

Source: Shutterstock/ Kokoulina

You’d be surprised to know that, houses with this condition are first-choice for real estate investors who see potential in flipping them for good money.

29. Wowza Walls

Johnson Mansion in Historic Town, USA is a grand Victorian mansion dating back to 1885. Its once-stunning wowza walls are crumbling, and the floors are almost ruined.

Source: Shutterstock/ Creative Lab

When renovate this property, the main focus should be on restoring the mansion’s intricate exterior walls, which have suffered from years of weathering.

30. A Stately Rehab

This house sits abandoned now, with decaying walls and a crumbling roof, losing its former grandeur. The mansion’s exterior requires extensive restoration.

Source: Shutterstock/ Kris Mari

While it’s undoubtedly spacious, its size might not align with the current trend favoring smaller, more manageable homes. A potential repurposing idea could be transforming it into a school or a similar institution.

31. Russian Countryside

This historic house dates back to the 19th century and boasts very stunning design. It’s nifty exterior decor made this home really appealing.

Source: Shutterstock/ FotograFFF

The main part of the building that needs restoration is its stunning facade, which has fallen victim to years of neglect. With the right action taken, we’ll get a really admirable one-family house.

32. Russian Village

Though the current state of this house may resemble a ruin, its potentiality remains undeniable. It’s safe to say to make it liveable almost all sorts of renovation would be required.

Source: Provided by The Family Handyman

But still replicating is one-of-a-kind design and decoration would give you a home that garners admiration from all who encounter it.

33. Abkhazia

This mansion that is now home to a lot of lush greens doesn’t lose its potential to serve again. While the thriving plants may have exerted some stress on the walls, replacing them with new sturdy ones would be enough to restore the residence.

Source: Adobe Stock

Of course, some other essential adjustments are also essential.

34. Rusty Farmhouse

This Rusty Farmhouse is located in a remote part of the countryside. This historic farmhouse, with its rustic charm, dates back to the late 19th century.

Source: Shutterstock/ Urban.Explorer

The structure and location of this house make it an ideal residence for families with children. The verdant front yard provides a perfect space for kids to play and gush around.

35. Vlasina Lake, Serbia

Situated on the shores of Vlasina Lake in Serbia, the ‘Lakeview Cottage’ is an abandoned house that is steeped in history dating back to the mid-20th century.

Source: Shutterstock/ janus13

Houses today no longer embrace the design characteristics found in this cottage. The ancient tiled roof adds a visually soothing touch to it.

36. Lunteren, Netherlands

This house in the Netherlands stands as a testament to time. Having remained empty for years, it now appears lifeless. Still, we think, bringing it’s lost aura, won’t require extensive effort.

Source: Shutterstock/

Taking essential steps of renovation will not only enhance its appearance but also ensure its durability and functionality for years to come.

37. Beachfront Possibility

This house’s location is everything. Proudly sitting beside the sea amidst the warmth of tropical trees. What more could a nature lover ask for?

Source: Shutterstock/ Ilja Krahman

Its long porch will come alive with lively conversations of people once restored. A highly promising property for a retreat or Airbnb.

38. Backwoods Setting

Ever seen a house with a roof extending all the way down to the floor? Well, this house has such a unique design. Its wooden windows bear witness to its age.

Source: Shutterstock/ Konoplytska

While restoring it to its original structure may not be feasible for practical living purposes, choosing to preserve its originality can be a great way to pass on architectural history to the next generation.

39. Ski Chalet Retreat

Can you guess the material of this house? To your surprise, it’s one of those clay-made houses that we always heard about from our ancestors.

Source: Shutterstock/ Konoplytska

Proper restoration is a dire require to preserve our ancestors’ architectural legacy. This house could be a great source for research in architectural evaluation.

40. Pretty Picture

The vibrant exterior paint and meticulously restored woodwork would make it a picturesque sight.

Source: Shutterstock/ Michi Hayashi

Given its enormous size and prime location, this can be a great stop for tourist and someone should restore it as refreshment centre.

41. Farmhouse Fixer-Upper

This Victorian gem house needs minimal TLC. Check out those vintage windows, they still looks fine and beautiful, even though they might be a bit drafty in the winter.

Source: Shutterstock/ wernerimages 2018

With some basic upgrades, this classic white Victorian could be the ultimate single-family home for potential buyers.

42. Knock Down, Drag Out

yet we have another clay-mudded building on our list. Its structure differs significantly from the Ski Chalet Retreat, and we can confidently say this one is older.

Source: Shutterstock/ Josef Zima

Given its really high roof, after restoration, this can be used as a factory or good storage.

43. Decrepit Dream

While this house requires some restoration both inside and out, its structural integrity remains solid. The well-designed layout, featuring two separate doors for each unit, positions it as an ideal multi-family house.

Shutterstock/ Spiroview Inc

For real estate investors, this property holds significant potential as a lucrative opportunity.

44. Detroit

In Detroit, there’s an abandoned house that’s part of the city’s rich industrial history. As it appears from picture, not much of revamp is required to bring back life into this house, it’s bones are pretty solid and holds a considerable condition. Book a deep cleaning and you should be able to start living there.

Source: Shutterstock/ Amoniak Studio

45. Renovation Revolution

Nothing can beat this American houses. A huge entrance with spacious porch, decorated rail grill, some fancy windows and a grand gable roof. Wah!

Source: Shutterstock/ Doug McLean

Although it’s the common modern American house design, it remains our favorite. This house doesn’t have much weary and should be easily restored.

46. Osorno, Chile

You might not agree that this house can be restored, but consider the potential of its design. Imagine how grand this London-style house could become once restored.

Source: Shutterstock/ Jorge A. Russell

The wooden exterior has just rusted as it exceeded its expiration date. It is just waiting for a replacement to its exterior to return in the market.

47. Russian Manor

This Gothic Mahal can be a great fit for your store or restaurant. Just look at its design. It’s spacious, grand with a sheer attractive charm to it.

Source: Shutterstock/ gorwol

Anyone would be enthralled to take a picture in front of it if someone restores it properly without changing its original vibe. We believe it could be a beautiful space again, being a huge asset for the owner.

48. Russian Revamp

In an era where everyone craves quick and easy, you might wonder who’d be down for all those stairs. Well, to your wonder, many Americans are digging houses with layers of stairs.

Source: Shutterstock/ gorwol

You know the saying, ‘the rich live at the top’? Well, this house ensures it by perching high enough to justify all those stairs.

49. Greek Revisited

Here’s another house for stair lovers. Its creative style lets you access the second floor from those stairs and the first floor from the outside backdoor.

Source: Shutterstock/ Elena Tiniakou

With a good cleaning, this house could easily get its shine back and become totally livable.

50. Muromtsevo, Russia

The worn-out house that topped our list of restoration pleas is this tower that definitely has strong similarities with Rupanzel’s Tower. Its one peek takes us straight to the Rupanzel’s words.

Source: Dmitry Makeev

And why on earth no one is utilizing this extravagant structure we don’t know yet. Disney should take a look at it and make their next project right here.