Some people like it, and some hate it, but we all have to do it. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be a difficult chore if you make it fun, but sometimes, the fun can go a bit too far and end up in scrapes, bumps, and boo-boos. Here, we’ll look at a few times cleaning went a bit sideways, leading to laughs, bumps, and bruises.

Well, Looks Like We’re Doing It Again

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When you’re sweeping up stuff into the dustpan, you have to be extra careful when taking it to the garbage bin. With how flimsy dustpans are and how unpredictable the area around you is, you could potentially fall and spill everything in the pan, meaning more cleanup for you.

Now, imagine that the dustpan and the bin it empties into is much larger than you are. That’s the case this kid had, trying to empty the dustpan into the bin and missing completely. The result is that not only did the dustpan miss its target, but the entire bin just collapsed. Looks like a cleanup on Aisle 5.

That’s a Mower, Not a Horse

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Lawnmowers can be dangerous things, and playing with them is not recommended. That said, this gentleman decided to spice up his life by treating his riding mower like a horse. Leaning back as he drove the mower forward, he kicked the wheels off the ground, making it seem like a rearing horse.

Unfortunately, his joy was short-lived as he quickly overbalanced on the mower, which kept going without him. We’d like to think that the mower had at least as much sense as a horse would have. Luckily, he was unharmed, but mowers can be really tricky, especially if their blades are going.

Uhh, Where Do I Put The Snow?

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Anyone who has spent time clearing snow from the top of a building knows how difficult it is to have it land exactly where you want it. This young gentleman decided to take the initiative and clear the snow from his playhouse. Sadly, no one gave him instructions on how to do that.

Using what he knew about his shovel, he successfully got the snow into the correct end of the shovel. Unfortunately, as he lifted the shovel over his head, gravity intervened, resulting in the young man getting a face-full of snow. Hopefully, he’ll learn from this and avoid ending up with snow on his face next time.

That Won’t End The Way You Think It Will

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We’ve all slid along the wet floors when we were kids. There’s something spectacular about moonwalking effortlessly. This gentleman here decided to try moonwalking while cleaning the poolside tiles-a noble attempt that makes sense if you like slipping and sliding.

At this moment, captured in film, he realized he hadn’t properly thought this through. As his heel catches on the edge of the tiled area and he topples over, he knows this will end badly. The satisfying splash as he falls into the pool behind him says all you need to know.

The Mattress Is Falling!

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Have you ever tried to prop a mattress up on a wall while doing something else? Maybe it’s just to get it out of the way temporarily or to move it around to access something else in the room. If so, you know what kind of problems this little guy faces.

After propping the mattress up on the wall, it tips over slightly initially. Luckily, our brave hero sees it and places it back on the wall. Satisfied it won’t move, he steps away only to have the mattress come down on him like a tidal wave. Hopefully, he learns that mattresses can be fickle friends.

That’s Not How You Use a Toilet Brush

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Kids emulate their parents, and seeing them tidying up and cleaning encourages them to do something similar. Unfortunately, kids will be kids, and their decisions leave much to be desired. In this instance, their choice of cleaning product could be better.

In the video, we see the kids dipping water out of the toilet to clean the floor. Chances are, they may have seen their mom or dad mop the toilet floor and think one type of water is as good as any other type. It looks like the parents will need to do a deep cleaning.

How About You Leave My Snow Alone

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Some dogs really hate snow, but others can’t get enough of it. This particular pup seems like he thoroughly enjoys it when the world turns white and will do anything necessary to protect it from disappearing, including stealing the owner’s snow shovel.

In the video, the intrepid pup grabs ahold of the shovel and starts dragging it away from the owner. At first, the owner puts up some resistance, but eventually, the dog gets the upper hand and hauls the shovel right out of the owner’s hand. No one is touching his snow today.

Are We Making a Cake? Or a Mess?

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One of the most challenging things to deal with is a flour spill. Flour gets everywhere, and it’s not uncommon to find little bits of it weeks or even months after the spill occurred. When a big one happens, sweeping it up takes time and effort, except when you’re a kid.

In this case, Liam threw down some flour, probably by accident. Since his mom sweeps up spills, he gets the broom to clean up after himself. The results are disastrous as he pushes piles of flour everywhere. Mom’s kitchen now looks like a bakery war casualty.

Cleanup Doesn’t Have To Be a Chore

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One of the things we see in all of these stills is a little bit of humor that comes from people trying to make cleaning fun. Everyone has their own pace, and figuring out what will motivate you to get your cleaning done will make it feel like less of a chore.

So, whether it’s dancing, singing, or riding your lawnmower like a horse, remember that no one will judge you for how you do your cleaning. At least, as long as no one records it and puts it on the internet. Then, you might not be able to live it down.