Choosing the right decor for a plain wall, whether in your living room, bedroom or passageway, can be a huge task for homeowners. Not only because whatever design you decide on becomes semi-permanent but because it should be attractive to visitors and loved by you.

Needless to say, a blank wall holds so much potential. That is why, when it comes to interior decoration, you must consider your style before opting for any design. That being said, if none of the conventional alternatives work for you, here are 7 unique ways to decorate a blank wall in your home:

Mirror walls

This design works for almost every wall in almost any room in your home. If the regular rectangular-shaped mirrors hanging from top to bottom of the wall do not work, try other options like irregularly shaped mirrors.

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There are different cuts and designs of mirrors on Pinterest, like the teardrop-shaped mirrors that come in a set. These can also be set up however you like. You get to choose the pattern. Remember that you can go for a simple design but still bedazzle it with attachments like LED lights.


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This is an excellent choice for someone who enjoys that extra touch of uniqueness and creativity. A mural is simply a painting done directly on the wall. Only a few people have this idea and implement it in their homes. Luckily for you, you can do it now before it becomes popular. Anything from robots to your favorite comic book page to a fantastical world can be depicted on your wall. The good thing is that many professionals will do this at a cost-friendly price.

Phrase/Sentence Art

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What other way to personalize a blank wall than to write a quote you love or your own words? Here, you can try out any font and choose from a spectrum of colors until you find what suits you. The words could be written directly on the wall, they could be a framed picture or in poster form. The pros here are that you can customize your space however you like.

Gallery Wall

As basic as this may sound, there are over a hundred ways a gallery wall can work for you. Some people make theirs a memory wall so that as you walk up or down the passage, you are either going forward or backward in time as relating to the pictures on the wall.

Source: Pinterest @Etsy

There are also other ways to create a gallery wall, like doing a picture collage, a mosaic, or simply a large frame on the blank wall. With pictures, there are various ways to set up a nice view on the wall.

Wall Vines

This idea is a very unconventional way to incorporate your personal style into your home environment. If you are a nature lover or you just like the feeling of being outdoors, there is a way you can bring that feeling into your home with wall vines. Don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with flies and the smell of dirt because the vines are made of plastic. With wall vines, you can style your bare wall in myriad ways.

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They go well with other ornaments like LED lights. If there is a hanging on the wall, your plastic vines can also form a frame around it. They could fall to the ground in long strips or be curled and stuck to the wall in any pattern. There are infinite ways to style this versatile room decor.

Floating Shelves

Another stylish way to design your blank wall is by using floating shelves. This is a minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing way to jazz up your wall. Especially for a modern home with neat finishings, a floating shelf can be that element that accentuates the beauty of the room.

Source: Pinterest @KawaiiHomeKitchen

Again, these shelves can come in any shape. You could go for the simple flat hanging shelf or choose to have hexagons, squares, or even interlocking shapes. Depending on your carpenter, this is a very modish way to ramp up your living area. Once finished, you can place a guitar, books, or antiques on them.


Adding wallpapers is the final unique way to beautify a blank wall at home. Wallpapers are available in many stores. Do not fret, wallpapers are totally customizable. The only thing to be wary of with them is that they match the room’s setting and furniture.

Source: Pinterest @MicaRacca

Note that a great design may look good in one room and not in another. Size and color have a huge role to play here. All you have to do is find the right decoration for the wall you want to beautify. With any of the above ideas, you are good to go.