Living in a city has its perks and at the same time has its disadvantages. Most people decide to live in certain areas because it offers numerous benefits, however not all cities are like this, while some are praised for their benefits others are known for their insecurity.

Some cities have been reported to be so dangerous that people avoid living there. These cities have been plagued by crimes, social unrest, and violence, making it challenging to call a home. In this article, we will be letting you in on 15 of the most dangerous cities. Surprisingly, New York City and Los Angeles somehow escaped this list.

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham has the highest crime rates on our list, with a crime cost per capita of a whooping $11,392, and doubles as the most dangerous city to live in. There’s a notable increase in homicide, assaults, and robbery issues which are mostly caused by economic struggles like poverty and lack of necessities.

Source: Flickr/Alan Barton

To tackle these problems, the city has taken a whole different approach and is hoping to solve these issues through intense law enforcement efforts and community-based programs to help mitigate the root cause of these crimes.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans makes the list as the second-highest city with violent crimes. Plagued with crimes like homicide, robberies, and assaults, New Orleans has a crime per cost of 11,094 and this has become disturbing.

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Factors that have contributed to an increase in the New Orleans crime rates are issues like economic inequality and post-disaster challenges. To address these issues, the state has opted to address these issues through community policing and social initiatives.

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis faces one of the highest crime rates in the United States with disturbing numbers of homicides, robberies, aggravated assaults, and drug-related crimes. The city has a crime cost per capita of $11,055 which makes it extremely higher than the national average.

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These significant challenges have been reported to be inflicted by deep-rooted Econ and social disparities. The city is trying every in its power to make the city safe again by implementing policies that are aimed at addressing the root causes of these issues.

Detroit, MI

Detroit has faced a series of economic and population decline over the past decade and this has contributed to the extreme crime issues of the city. Detroit is known for its series of violent and property crimes. The city has a crime cost per capita of $9,281 which is higher than the nation’s average.

Source: Flickr/Don Hudson

Detroit has adopted different policies and strategies to help tackle these recurring issues by implementing policies like community policing, economic revitalization projects, and social programs specifically made to address the root causes.

Memphis, TN

Going through the history of Memphis Tennessee, the history has constantly struggled with high crime rates, particularly in certain neighborhoods. There are several factors contributing to these prevailing issues such as poverty, unemployment, gang violence, and drug-related issues.

Source: Wikimedia/Rafi B.

With an outrageous crime cost per capita of $9,056 Memphis residents and officials have decided to come together and address these issues through crime prevention programs although it remains a concern for Memphis residents and its city officials.

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore has struggled with high rates of violent crimes including homicide, aggravated assault, and robberies. The city has one of the highest homicide rates among all the major cities in the United States with a crime cost per capita of $8,180.

Source: Wikimedia/Baltimore Heritage

Baltimore struggles with economic inequality, drug addiction, gang activities, and socioeconomic disparities. The enforcement agencies have come together to tackle these issues by providing socio-policing initiatives and neighborhood watch programs.

Little Rock, OR

While Little Rock has many attractions and amenities just like every other city Little Rock faces significant crime-related issues with a crime cost per capita of $7,781.

Source: Wikimedia/Stefan Diamante

Little Rock struggles with violent crime, especially in neighborhoods that are faced with higher poverty rates and social challenges. To make things better, Little Rock is investing in community policing while also collaborating with other agencies and community organizations.

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland is a major city located in the northeastern part of Ohio and has a crime cost per capita of $7,397. The city has experienced a spike in crime rates like robberies, assaults, and homicide over the years.

Source: Wikimedia/Warren LeMay

The economic hardship and social inequalities have been reported to be one of the major contributing factors. However, Cleveland has been making efforts to improve these issues and has set out programs to address the issues of economic hardship and social inequality.

Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee quickly grew into a major industrial hub and is known for its vibrant art scene. However, Milwaukee also faces significant challenges related to crime. Factors contributing to these issues are mostly poverty and lack of access to basic social amenities.

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With a crime cost per capita of $7,029, the Milwaukee government has been actively working on making the city inhabitable once again. The city is focusing on community engagement, law enforcement strategies, and social services to fight these issues.

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and the sixth largest in the Midwest. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage and its diverse economy. Notwithstanding, the city has been reported to be one of those that have become challenging to live with.

Source: Flickr/Charles Hathaway

The city has a crime cost per capita of $6,398, extremely higher than the nation’s average crime rate. There are several factors contributing to this increase and Kansas City is implementing several innovative programs to address the root causes and improve public safety.

Pueblo, CO

In Pueblo, Colorado the city struggles with extreme and significant issues related to crime. This isn’t just limited to violent crimes but also battles with property crimes which has severely contributed to the city’s concerns about public safety. All these with a crime cost per capita of $5,979.

Source: Wikimedia /PEO ACWA

Factors like unemployment, poverty, and lack of affordable housing have contributed to the city’s crime rate. However, Pueblo has implemented various strategies aimed at battling these issues. Strategies such as increased enforcement presence and community outreach programs with the hopes that they are effective.

Oakland, CA

For a long time Oakland has been battling with persistent crimes like homicide, assault, and other serious violent crimes, factors like socioeconomic disparities and urban challenges have been a major influence.

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Oakland has a crime cost per capita of $5,710, the government is actively pursuing strategies like community policing and social equity initiatives to provide resources to at-risk locations.

San Bernardino, CA

This is another city that has a crime cost per capita of about $5,691 which again obviously exceeds the national average. The city has a high rate of violent crime and has been reported to be extremely unsafe. Social issues and economic hardship are the most contributing factors in San Bernardino.

Source: Flickr/Joe Grant

To address these safety issues, the government has implemented strategies focused on community-based policing to build mutual trust between law enforcement agents and the residents and also other social development programs.

Philadelphia, PA

The high violent crime rate has made Philadelphia, Pennsylvania one of the most feared cities to live in. With Philadelphia’s crime cost per capita being $5,570 this is way higher than the national average. Significant challenges like homicide and assault have further plagued and soiled the reputation of the city.

Source: Wikimedia/Joe Piette

The city’s crime rate is mostly associated with its economic challenges and differences in social status. However, to ensure a better Philadelphia, certain initiatives have been put in place to enhance public safety.

Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta, Georgia, the city struggles with various safety challenges, the $5,502 crime cost per capita is evidence that proves this point. Contributing to Atlanta’s reputation are reports about its high rate of violent crimes like homicide, aggravated assault, and robberies.

Source: Wikimedia/sparr0

These crimes are mostly caused by the economic disparities within the community. Although various efforts have been put in place to improve safety they remain a cause of concern for those in these areas.