Joseph and Susana Landa are facing their worst nightmare as they are being kept out of their $2 million mansion in Douglaston Queens, New York by a squatter. The legal system hasn’t turned out to be very supportive to the couple.

According to New York State law, squatters who have occupied the property for more than 30 days can be “classified as tenants and receive temporary rights as such.”

Ben Carson Expresses His Astonishment

The Landas’ predicament quickly gained media attention and garnered widespread public attention. Several media outlets have been reporting on the story.

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When Fox Business discussed the matter with former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, he responded in astonishment, “We’ve kind of lost our minds.”

Carson Believes Squatters Don’t Have Any Rights

Carson vehemently rejected the idea of sqautter’s rights on the grounds that there is no sound rationale to it.

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Carson said, “Squatter’s rights? You’ve got to be kidding me. Squatters don’t have any rights. They have no right to be in your house. What are they going to have next? Trespasser’s rights? That makes no sense whatsoever.”

The Landas’ Worst Nightmare

The Landas find themselves embroiled in a protracted legal battle with no end in sight for their woes. Joseph calls the situation “a total nightmare.”

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The Landas are bearing the full financial burden of the house paying thousands of dollars in utilities. Joseph is completely perplexed by the situation. He said, “If you have no lease and you’re not paying rent, what is your right?”

The Legitimate Property Owners Seem to Not Have Any Rights

The Landas have been extremely overwhelmed and perplexed fighting for the right to live in the house that they legally own.

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Susana remarked, “I never would imagine we have no rights, no rights at all, nothing, zero.”

Squatting is a Complex Issue

Squatting has been a major issue of debate in the U.S. It is important to look at the legal, moral, and social aspects of this issue.

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Politicians continue to remain hesitant to confront this issue.

Homelessness is Becoming a Major Issue

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than 650,000 American citizens have experienced homelessness within a single night in January alone.

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These numbers indicate a 12% increase in homelessness since 2022.

Carson Calls for a Restoration of “Law and Order”

Carson’s stance on the matter has been clear-cut. He advocates for an immediate restoration of “law and order.”

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Carson argues that the American government needs to protect its law-abiding citizens. Any failure to do so is going to cause severe repercussions.

American Society Being Destroyed From Within

Carson contends the government has to be just to its citizens otherwise people will have no incentive to follow rules and maintain social order. He said, “If you’re not going to protect the law-abiding citizens, why should they be law-abiding citizens? You’re encouraging mass chaos and anarchy.”

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Carson added, “And it seems to me like somebody might be actually trying to do that, because the United States is very strong militarily, but we can certainly be destroyed from within.”

The Sqautter – Brett Flores

According to ABC 7, The squatter named Brett Flores was the live-in caretaker to the former owner of the house. Flores was being paid $3,000 for his caretaking services.

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Fernandez died on January 12, 2023. Flores didn’t vacate the house after Fernandez’s death. He claims Fernandez had given him permission to continue living in the house.

Flores’ Lawyer Claims the Landas Played a Dirty Trick

Flores’ lawyer, Dennis O’Sullivan, claims, “The Landas were in bed with Brett, and they asked Brett to remain on the property so that the estate selling the property would have to offer a discount to anybody buying.”

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He added, ‘After getting an incredible discount, they turned on Brett and said we’re not giving you any money, and they picked up where the estate was in the middle of evicting Brett.”

O’Sullivan Claims to Have Video Evidence

O’Sullivan claims he has a 60-minute long recording of a video conversation the couple had with his client. He claims they congratulated Flores on “delivering the property for such a low amount.”

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O’Sullivan mentioned the purported video was brought to light last week during the hearing of a harassment case involving the Landas and Flores.

The Recording May Be Presented in Future Court Proceedings

The alleged video recording may be presented to the court during future court proceedings. The next one is scheduled to happen next month in April.

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With regards to the allegations, Daniel Landa, a relative of the Landas, commented, ‘Hopefully, all of this will be settled at our next court date.”

Flores Had Filed for Bankruptcy

The Landas, who are both 68 years old, couldn’t move in to their new property because Flores filed for bankruptcy to postpone trial while asserting that Fernandez had left the house to him.

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The Landas wanted to move to their new home because they have relatives living in the area who can help take care of their son, Alex. Alex suffers from Down syndrome. Susana had told ABC 7, “We’re looking to hopefully retire and most of all provide for my son Alex, who has Down Syndrome.”

Flores Has Allegedly Been Renting Out Rooms in the House

The Landas claim Flores has not only been squatting in their property, he has also listed their home online to rent the rooms to people.

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Susana can’t think of anything other than their ongoing ordeal. She said, “I wake up and I go to sleep about the same thing, when is this guy going to come out?”