Horror TV shows often give a good glimpse into the paranormal. But don’t be surprised, similar creepy homes are around you. Unless you discover one of such houses, you’ll unlikely tell apart movie fiction from reality. Not convinced yet? Read on.

Mississippi fits as a dream state for horror freaks. Its lineup of solitary and deserted residences gives the typical spooky vibe. Of all these abandoned sites, one stands out more. Here is the story of an elusive residence of keen interest.

The Susie B. Law House

You’re perhaps bright-eyed at this point like it’s your favorite horror show. Right! The name of this obscured place is Susie B. Law House. It’s a wrecking white two-story with overgrown greenery. For a structure on private property, there are several questions. Who were the occupants, and what happened to them?

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Covered heavily in vines, nothing speaks more of the extent of the Susie B. Law House’s abandonment. Thankfully, this residence is off-limits to the public. This only means all hopes are not lost concerning its possible revitalization. Meanwhile, you can tour its rooms from some quality online footage.

Some Background On The Susie B. Law House

The Susie B. Law House is in Glen Allan, a modest community around the southern shore of Lake Washington. The residence is a typical Greek revival style with a surrounding columned porch. It features a white facade and low-sloped roofs.

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This house was built in the early 20th century and it’s now about 122 years old. Weirdly, only little details have been uncovered about it even though it has been constructed for that long. Its uncertain history and creepiness only spark more interest in observers.

The Sears and Roebuck kit house

The Susie B. Law house gives room for multiple narratives since it has a vague history. One of these assumptions is that it’s the Sears & Roebuck kit house. Interestingly, this is a logical assumption, considering Sears sold tens of thousands of homes around North America between 1908 and 1942.

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Sears was a renowned building organization in the early 1900s. Until World War II’s inception, the company provided custom-made homes that were conventionally styled. Given the time Susie B. Law’s house was constructed, it’s not out of place to think it’s one of those kit homes.

What Has Become Of Susie B. Law House Today?

The truth is that this once attractive building is now structurally declining. More than the nature of its architecture, there are also some interesting facts. Bace up for these reveals!

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The Susie B. Law house has now transformed into the eerie home you see at the other end of your TV. Like in a horror movie, it now reeks of paranormal suspicion and spookiness. Unless you are a fan of creepy adventures, it’s improbable you will find this place to be a worthy visit interest.

A Far Cry From What It Was

It’s sad, but the Susie B. Law house is now falling apart. Compared to what it used to be, its current state is terrible. After all, anyone would expect that having been abandoned for that long. This state of despair is evident with the invading overgrown crawly plants.

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In the case of this property, it’s safe to say nature is already reclaiming its space. It’s only a matter of time before its elements deteriorate completely. The telltale signs of this are its caved-in roof, tumbling walls, shattered floors, and densely bushy exterior.

Igniting Paranormal Curiosity

Movie shows have shaped our perception of abandoned homes. When we see one, our first instinct assumes some creepy activities happen within. Sometimes, this isn’t even the case, but blame it on horror authors and scriptwriters.

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The Susie B. Law has also been marked as a possible paranormal site. This has made it declared out-of-bounds to unauthorized visitors. Paranormal investigators are also with their study kits, ready to unveil the building’s mystery.

The Eerie Verdict

Oh! This discovery is scary. After months of close study, paranormal investigators came up with a conclusion. Guess what? The deserted building is indeed frightening with the roaming ghosts it houses. Pretty strange, right?

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This creature isn’t a random ghost. The professionals were oddly specific about who it was. According to them, Susie B. Law’s ghost haunts the property. Perhaps now you can wonder less about where the building got its name tag.

Who is Susie B. Law?

Yeah, being curious about who Susie B. Law is normal. At this point, you’ve probably seen the name multiple times already. But remember, we did mention it’s a creepy and mysterious site.

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Just like you’d expect, Susie B. Law; is she the owner of the house? A one-time occupant? Or a victim of some shady act on the property? No one knows. In fact, who says Susie B. Law is a person?

The Cryptic Attraction

Even though Susie B. Law House is a stay-off, it will surprise you that it’s still catching people’s interest. This time, it’s not the paranormal investigators but movie directors. If you’re a prolific horror movie lover, you’re perhaps familiar with this site.

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Some scenes in “Haunted” were filmed in the Susie B. Law home. This is to tell you that not all you see in TV shows are entirely fictitious. Sometimes, these portrayed haunted places are within walking distance away from your residence. And, just like this house, they could be haunted!

Mississippi: A Home To Aged Ruins

Are you looking for a historic location filled with ruins? Take a trip to Mississippi today. Most people don’t know about these outlandish sights in the state. Yet, they are attractions to creatives and tourists from across the country.

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Are you an adventurer ready to experience something spooky but exciting? Mississippi should be on your bucket list. While you’re creeped out, you learn about these ruins’ history and pick out the fun in your escapade.

Would You Explore Susie B. Law House?

It’s fine if outright creepy places aren’t your cup of tea. But if otherwise, the Susie B. Law home is among the scariest haunts in Mississippi. With holed floors and ghostly whispers, it’s a thrill-seeker’s dream. But watch out! It could drift quickly into a heart-racing nightmare.

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Would you dare to step inside if allowed? Prepare for heart-pounding excitement as you explore every eerie corner of Susie B. Law House. Meanwhile, don’t forget your flashlight and nerves of steel. It’s going to be an unforgettable journey.