Imagine knocking on the door of a random house at night because you got lost and you need shelter. After waiting a while without a response, you open the door, walk in, and it dawns on you that there’s no one home. You’re guessing the homeowner simply stepped out because every item in the house looks in place.

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But many hours go by, and no one shows up. You then realize that this house has been uninhabited for over 30 years!  This is the story of the abandoned hoarder house in Mississippi. Built in 1876, this Gothic Revival-style home tells a rich story. Follow us on this journey as we reveal all you need to know about this eerie abandoned home.

The House Is Located In Utica, Mississippi

The Hoarder House is a 5,000-square-foot property that was built shortly after the Civil War in Utica, Mississippi. Images of the property show fully equipped rooms and a well-stocked kitchen.

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The architecture of the house is nothing short of elegant, with etched transom windows and a wraparound front porch. Among the locals, the home is called the “Hoarder House” because of the large number of dolls, pillows, chairs, and other furniture and belongings found in it.

It’s Believed To Be One Of The Creepiest Deserted Homes

If there was a record for the creepiest houses in America, or even in the world, this house would easily get the award. A closer look at the abandoned rooms will definitely remind you of the set of a horror movie.

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Although this property was built shortly after the Civil War and is located in a historic district, it never made it to the National register.

And Every Thing Is Still In Place!

If not for the thick layer of dust all over the home and its plaster coating falling off, you wouldn’t doubt that the owner just popped out or that someone is about to move back into the house.

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All the vintage fittings and fixtures are so intact that it looks as though the homeowner briefly stepped out to get groceries at the local store. It looks and feels like a time capsule of the eighties.

It Has Been Untouched Since The Eighties

The Hoarder House has been abandoned for over 30 years. Images taken of this house have revealed its eerie and dilapidating condition since the last occupants moved out. The plaster is gradually falling off the ceiling, and the paint is already peeling off the walls.

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The property still houses many features that will take you on a trip down memory lane. For example, pictures of the house show a poster of the popular Elvis Presley adorning the walls of one of the rooms.

The “Hoarder House” Story Made International Headlines

It’s quite interesting the amount of attention this house has garnered amongst the locals and the international community. Daily Mail UK’s commentary on the house in 2016 made headlines as it was described as the “Hoarder House.”

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As you can already tell, the name has stuck. This nickname does justice to the reality of the deserted house because so many items are found in it. There are claims that it must have been home to a notorious hoarder.

Other Interesting Items Were Found In The House

This house remains an abode of wonder, especially when you take a closer look at the unique items that were abandoned. We probably might never have had such insight if not for the snapshots of the house taken by Leland Kent, an American photographer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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Kent caught unique glimpses of the house that seemed to be stuck in time. He was able to get clear pictures of a vintage television, an old Royal typewriter, and a Guild acoustic guitar.

So, Who Exactly Owns The House?

The prevailing history is that this house was built by a wealthy businessman and a farmer in 1876, two years after the Civil War, for about $4,000. This might not seem like much until you realize that $4,000 is worth a whopping $125,000 in our time.

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Later, in 1911, the farmer resold the property to his wife for $5,300, and he died six years later. His wife never remarried, and after the Wall Street Crash, she sold it to another woman for $6,500 in 1929.

It Has Had Many Owners

The Hoarder House seems to be stuck in the vicious cycle of sale and abandonment down the years. In 1929, the woman who took over the ownership of the home couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments. The house was repossessed in 1937 by the bank.

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The home’s ownership was then transferred to another family in 1943, and it became their property. Although it still belongs to the same family, it was abandoned in the 1980s.

A Lounge Singer And Her Novelist Brother Were The Last To Live There

The last known occupants of the house were a lounge singer and her siblings, which included a novelist brother, in the 1960s and 1970s. She was a well-known local entertainer in the area, which probably explains why a guitar was found in the house.

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Who knows? The singer probably spent ample time outside on the wraparound porch of the mansion during the day rehearsing the song she would sing later in the evening.

It Was Once A Boarding School

Apart from having multiple owners, the ground floor of this house was once a boarding house in the 1950s. Also, a look at the right side part of the downstairs is proof that this historic property once functioned as a beauty salon.

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It is believed that the salon was the homeowner’s main source of income, after which the property was passed down to her family members.

Nature Is Taking Over It Slowly

Long before it made the news, the Hoarder Home had been left to the forces of nature to rot. The roofs have a lot of holes, and mold is beginning to grow everywhere. And as sad as it is to admit, it will soon be gone forever.

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If you are interested in visiting spooky places and you’re wondering if you can visit the “Hoarder House,” you should know that it is currently not open for visitation.

No One Really Knows What Happened

While the story of the Hoarder House has some answers, the largely unanswered question is, “Why was the house abandoned?”. And the best we can do is to speculate.

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Maybe the last occupants had some haunting experiences or financial crises, or maybe they simply relocated to a new mansion. Although the reason might be unclear, one thing we can tell for a fact is that they left in a hurry.