Texas residents are fleeing the state in droves and heading for New Mexico, according to 2022 U.S. Census data. Just shy of 17,000 people moved from Texas to New Mexico between 2021 and 2022, according to U.S. Census data, making Texas the primary state of origin for people moving to The Land of Enchantment.

Don and Patti Crook were among those who moved, citing the high property taxes in Texas as one of their reasons for leaving The Lone Star State. “People are getting priced out of their homes due to super high property taxes,” Don Crook told the Albuquerque Journal.

Thousands Flee High Texas Taxes for New Mexico

According to the 2022 U.S. Census data, just shy of 17,000 Texans moved to New Mexico between 2021 and 2022, citing the high property taxes in Texas as a reason for their exit.

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However, despite the mass exodus, Texas still leads the nation in population growth.

Skyrocketing Property Taxes

Texans face some of the highest property taxes in the nation, with the average rate at 1.63% — the seventh highest, according to Houston’s ABC affiliate ABC13.

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Comparatively, New Mexico’s effective property tax rate is 0.74%, reported KRQE News 13. For homeowners like Don and Patti Crook, the taxes became too much.

A Slower Pace of Life

For others, like Greg Brown, who moved after 35 years in Texas, New Mexico offers an appealing lifestyle. “New Mexico just has more of that family feel to it,” Brown told the Albuquerque Journal.

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“New Mexico is the Texas that I grew up with.” The state’s natural beauty, outdoor recreation, vibrant culture, and slower pace of life attract many newcomers.

Growth in Texas Continues

Texas is one of the fastest growing state. According to Business Insider, its population increased by 310,000 between 2020 and 2021, driven largely by young, unmarried renters relocating for job opportunities.

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While property taxes concern some, Texas’ booming economy, lack of income tax, and low living costs fuel its enduring appeal and status as a national leader in population growth.

Skyrocketing Property Taxes Drive Some Away

Texas’s average property tax rate is 1.63% — the seventh highest in the nation, according to Houston’s ABC News affiliate ABC13.

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Meanwhile, New Mexico’s effective real estate tax rate is 0.74%, local Albuquerque affiliate KRQE reported.

‘More of a Family Feel’ in New Mexico

“New Mexico just has more of that family feel to it,” said Greg Brown, who moved to New Mexico after 35 years in Texas. “New Mexico is the Texas that I grew up with.”

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The lower cost of living and property taxes appeal to many transplants from Texas seeking refuge from the financial pressures back home.

Texas Still Leads Nation in Overall Population Growth

Even with thousands of Texans fleeing rising property taxes for New Mexico’s lower costs of living, the Lone Star State continues to experience a population boom.

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According to recent census data, Texas gained more new residents than any other state in 2022, marking the ninth consecutive year it has led the country in population growth.

New Arrivals Drawn to Job Opportunities and Low Taxes

Much of Texas’s population growth comes from people moving into the state, attracted by its strong economy, job opportunities, and low tax burden.

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While property taxes in Texas are higher than average, the state has no income tax. For many young professionals, the prospect of higher-paying jobs and keeping more of their paychecks outweighs the higher costs of home ownership.

Millennials Flock to Cities

Millennials, particularly, have flocked to Texas’s major cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

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These urban centers appeal to younger adults with vibrant food, arts, nightlife scenes, and many tech and professional jobs. Over 40% of new residents moving into Austin in recent years have been millennials.

Growth Brings Challenges

Rapid population growth comes with difficulties. City infrastructure struggles to keep up with increased traffic and demand for public transit, schools, and healthcare.

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Housing costs have skyrocketed in cities as demand outstrips supply. Economic opportunities that may have drawn many to Texas, the rising cost of living means not all can take advantage of it.

Who’s Moving From Texas to New Mexico?

Don and Patti Crook are two of the many Texans who decided to move to New Mexico in recent years. According to 2022 U.S. Census data, nearly 17,000 people moved from Texas to New Mexico between 2021 and 2022.

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For the Crooks and others, high property taxes motivated their decision to leave Texas behind.

What Cities Are Top Destinations for Texas Transplants?

Many former Texans are flocking to Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city. Albuquerque’s lower cost of living and property taxes appeal to those priced out of Texas’ major cities.

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The city also offers a vibrant food scene, outdoor recreation, and a distinct Southwestern culture that many find enchanting.

Santa Fe Is A Great Alternative For Those Looking For Something Outside Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital city, is another prime destination for Texans seeking lower taxes and cost of living.

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Its stunning scenery, art galleries, vibrant culinary scene and Puebloan architecture entice many culture-loving Texans. The city has the second highest number of art galleries per capita in the U.S. after New York City.

For Those Looking For Slower and Quieter Small New Mexico Towns Are It

Smaller New Mexico towns like Silver City, Truth or Consequences and Las Vegas are attracting some Texans craving a quieter life surrounded by nature.

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These towns offer outdoor recreation galore with hiking, hot springs, camping and fishing. Property taxes and costs of living are even lower than in Albuquerque or Santa Fe.