New York City Mayor Eric Adams has reportedly initiated discussions regarding the sanctuary status of the city. There has been an influx of approximately 180,000 people seeking asylum within recent months – which has led to doubts and uncertainties regarding the consequences and sustainability of city-enforced policies.

Recent Attacks On Police Officers Near Times Square Sparked Reconsideration

The recent attacks on police officers that were near Times Square reportedly prompted Mayor Adams to reconsider the sanctuary laws within the city. The city was once viewed as a beacon for inclusivity – especially when it came to migrants.

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However, the sanctuary status is being scrutinized due to the potential sheltering of criminals and hindered law enforcement efforts that it has created.

Eight Migrants Charged For January 27 Mob Attack On NYPD Cops

Reports confirmed that eight migrants were charged in the January 27tth mob attack that took place against two NYPD cops located in Times Square. There were reportedly up to 14 different suspects that were believed to be involved in the attack, according to law enforcement sources and other officials.

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Each of the asylum-seekers involved were Venezuelan natives. At least two of the migrants were identified by officials working for the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency as notorious gang members.

Inadequacies Of NYC Shelter System Exposed

Another highlight of recent headlines has been the exposure of the NYC shelter system. Even though it was once known and widely-recognized for its sufficient stability, that is no longer the case.

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The exploitative nature of the shelter system along with its inadequacies have been under the spotlight. Asylum seekers are apparently experiencing a cycle of exploitation and poverty as a result, which has also been worsened by the limited resources available.

Right-To-Shelter Policy Becomes Breeding Ground For Exploitation

The right-to-shelter policy that was once viewed as a major benefit and attractive feature of the city has recently become a breeding ground for exploitation opportunities, according to reports. Criminals have been able to capitalize on the population of vulnerable residents within the shelters.

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Illegal housing scandals and gang recruitment operations have increased substantially. This has led to a dangerous underground economy of sorts emerging that preys on the asylum seekers as well.

Expenses Associated With Offering Compassion Increasing Exponentially

It seems as if the costs and overall expenses required for the compassion offered by New York City to assist with the migrant population have increased exponentially. The consequences and repercussions have created a grim reality that was not initially expected.

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The city remains unable to provide long-term solutions, which leads to victimization and cyclical dependence. As a result, societal challenges are perpetuated instead of eliminated or even reduced.

Mayor Adams Said That NYC Was ‘Out Of Room’ Back In October

Mayor Adams made headlines back in October when he announced that New York City was essentially “out of room” when it came to the need for additional migrant housing options.

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He feared that the situation would escalate into an epidemic of migrants that had no other choice but to sleep on the streets. He stated that “we are out of room and it’s not if people will be sleeping on the streets, it’s when.”

Mayor Adams Warned People Would Start Seeing ‘Visual Signs Of This Crisis’

Mayor Adams issued a warning of sorts when discussing the matter with reporters in a Question & Answer session in October. Adams stated that the “visual signs of this crisis in this city” would start to become clear as “people are going to start to see it.”

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That comment was made nearly days after over half of a dozen emergency shelters had to be shuttered by the FDNY due to potential hazards.

Mayor Adams Said ‘This Is Going To Hurt And It’s Not Going To Be Pretty’

The Democratic mayor further stated that “this is going to hurt and it’s not going to be pretty.” He explained that his office worked with experts to try to find a “humane” solution that would assist the overstuffed shelters issue.

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The system reportedly cared for over 60,000 asylum seekers in addition to the tens of thousands of homeless New Yorkers that were already receiving services.

Concerns About Corruption, Collusion Among City Officials Increasing As Well

There have also been reports published that revealed disturbing links connecting landlords, city officials, and non-profit organizations as well. These have created doubts and concerns regarding collusion and corruption within the system.

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For instance, there have reportedly been instances of hotel room overpayments, hazardous shelter placements, and exploited bankrupt properties.

Shelter Placements Have Increased Since Mayor Adams Took Office

One report shows that there were approximately 50,000 people in shelters placed throughout New York when Mayor Eric Adams first took office. However, that number has increased to over 120,000 people.

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Therefore, what has been noticed as a result to the increase is a doubling of the size of the overall homeless shelter system.

Typical Opening Of Homeless Shelter ‘Takes Months’

The normal opening of a brand new homeless shelter in New York typically “takes months,” according to an NPR report. However, due to the migrant influx, the city has had to open up “the equivalent of one new shelter every single day.”

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According to the NPR report, it’s been a “phenomenal scramble for the city to try to do that” and “they have sometimes fallen behind.”

More Than $2 Billion Spent On Caring For 175,000 Migrants

According to NPR, there have been 175,000 that have arrived in New York. The report indicates that over $2 billion was already spent on caring for the migrants that arrived.

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The concern raised was that it was not known exactly how many of the migrants came from the southern borders on buses that were sent by elected officials.

Migrants Received $13 Daily Payments On Prepaid Credit Cards

Mayor Adams went on record last month to discuss the city’s partnership with Mobility Capital Finance that established a pilot program to provide migrant families with funding. The program gave them reloadable prepaid credit cards that they could use to buy food and supplies.

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There was a lot of confusion about the cards and funding amounts, which is why Adams decided to set the record straight during an interview with FOX News.

Adams Confirmed $13 Amount, Debunked Rumor Of $1,000 Automatic Payment

Adams stated that “to be really clear” each migrant would receive “about $13 a day.” Therefore, “it’s not automatically $1,0000 as it has been reported.”

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There was a lot of negative reactions to the news on social media. For instance, one Facebook post read that “$53,000,000 in free credit cards ” would only ensure that the illegal migrant crisis in New York City would only get worst.