North Carolina’s school superintendent race has a lot at stake. Michelle Morrow, a far-right Republican, recently called out “extreme agendas” that might impact kids, but her statements seem to only point to extremism on one side of the spectrum. Let’s look at what she said that made her look like she had egg all over her face.

Morrow has Her Own Extreme Leanings

Morrow’s been quite active on Twitter, and there are a lot of her tweets that could also be considered extreme, including one calling for former president Barack Obama to be executed.

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A CNN crew confronted Morrow about those statements she made and asked her if it was okay to advocate violence, especially when she’s condemning extremism in schools.

Some Worrying Comments

The tweets in question were made between 2019 and 2021, and one example called for the country to have a Pay-per-view of Obama in front of a firing squad.

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She also followed up with more vile statements inciting violence against the former president by saying she was fed up supporting him and the country could make money by televising his death.

 Not Just Anti-Obama

While some of the offensive tweets were directed at Obama, others were directed at President Biden as well. In December 2020, Biden asked everyone to wear masks to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Morrow refused, stating on Twitter/X that she wasn’t going to follow Biden’s orders. Instead, she urged readers to remember the Constitution and kill all traitors. It’s interesting what Morrow considers a traitor.

Calling For Mass Genocide

Morrow seems to think that all Democratic representatives, regardless of what they do while in office, should be executed simply on the merit of their political affiliation.

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She’s called for the deaths of several Democrats, including Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar and former first lady, senator, secretary of state, and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, among others.

Not Limited to Politicians

Surprisingly enough, Morrow’s hate campaign extends to others who are not elected but whom she seems to think have some nefarious purpose planned for the world.

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Among her other targets are Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former health advisor to the Trump administration, Anthony Fauci. Her outbursts show that free speech is alive and well in the US.

A Conspiracy Theorist As Well

Morrow is also well-known for spouting conspiracy theorist rhetoric on Twitter/X, including statements supporting the QAnon movement.

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QAnon is a conspiracy theorist group that grew to prominence following the election of Donald Trump and formed part of the core of his support base in the US.

An Excellent Example of Free Speech At Work

Morrow’s rhetoric might be jarring and may seem dangerous, but censoring her right to say things like these would be even more hazardous to the country as a whole.

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Free speech ensures that people like Morrow can say what they want. However, it also ensures that we are able to see the nature of her character because of what she says. Now we know what she thinks because of those statements.

Condemning CNN for Their Journalism

In the style of politicians when they’re caught with their hand in the cookie jar, Morrow laid into CNN instead of actually addressing the tweets inciting violence.

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She said that CNN’s complicity in Obama’s drone strikes in Yemen proves that K-12 students need to learn critical thinking and “real” history. It’s quite a stretch to go from one to the other.

A Parking Lot Confrontation

CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz confronted Morrow in a parking lot and asked her if she still stood by the statements that she made about executing Barack Obama.

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Morrow repeatedly told Prokupecz, “No comment,” while trying to avoid his questions, stating that she was focused on helping families in North Carolina get the education they deserve.

Continued Deflection to Avoid Answering the Question

Prokupecz eventually asked Morrow about her tweets about executing prominent members of society, and she responded by asking CNN how they knew those were her words.

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The correspondent countered by telling her that those were her tweets and asking her if she remembered tweeting those things. Morrow deflected, saying she only wanted to discuss education.

Becoming the Victim

Morrow posted a video on Thursday stating that a CNN crew was stalking and harassing her and her family. For someone involved in an election, behavior like that should be expected.

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She also stated that CNN was trying to interfere in the 2024 election the same way they did in the 2020 election. Despite the lack of proof of meddling, this point of view is widely held by QAnon supporters.

A Dangerous Person to Put in Charge

North Carolina’s public school system is responsible for educating 1.3 million students. Putting an extremist with a tenuous grasp of reality in charge is a recipe for disaster.

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Ideologues in charge of an education system turn it from being a way to educate into a way to indoctrinate. Points of view that include killing political opponents should be highlighted in anyone running for public office.

Republicans Trying to Grab Control

Morrow and the Republicans will try to wrest control of the school district to change what kids learn, which should attract national attention. There’s no place in the US for a misinformed populace.

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Morrow’s opponent is Mo Green, who is well-known for promoting public education. Green was also a former county superintendent and understands the necessity of the school system because of his former position.

Will Republicans Triumph?

North Carolina’s school superintendent contest is one that will determine whether kids in the state get a proper education or not. Letting someone who believes in unproven theories run the education system won’t end well.

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Republicans have been trying to seize control of public education in the state for a long time, but this latest attempt will likely fail simply because of the candidate they chose to run for the position. No one wants to put someone who’d kill another person who disagrees with them into a position of power.