In rough and beautiful Northern Wyoming, the Pitchfork Ranch spreads out its long history like an old, much-loved quilt. It invites you to look in wonder at its lasting beauty and the strong history that has made this pretty part of North America’s countryside so special.

This iconic ranch isn’t just a home with a storied past, but also a flourishing business opportunity. And now, it could be yours, if you can believe it, for the staggering sum of $67 million.

The Origins

Before Wyoming became a state, the Pitchfork Ranch was already set up in the wildland. In 1878, a man named Otto Frank Von Lichenstein, who had big dreams and loved the land, marked this patch of land as his territory.


He saw the wide-open plains as the perfect place to start his dream of having a cattle farm.

33 Years Later

Thirty-three years after Otto Frank started the Pitchfork Ranch, things began to change. After Otto died, LG Phelps took over. He and the Phelps/Belden family took care of the land for an amazing 95 years.

Source: Facebook/ Pitchfork Ranch

Then, the Baker family became its guardians. Now, the ranch is for sale again, only the third time in its long history. The Pitchfork Ranch is waiting to start a new chapter with someone new.

Otto Frank’s Genius

Otto Frank chose well – the Pitchfork Ranch turned out to be an amazing place for raising cattle.

Source: Facebook/ Pitchfork Ranch

Its big, green fields, surrounded by Wyoming’s rough land, became the perfect farmland for cattle to live and do well. The ranch’s success shows how great Frank’s idea was. It’s a perfect mix of land and its use, where cattle wander as freely as the rich history of the place.

A 130-Year-Old Legacy

The farmland’s massive grass fields alone cannot be credited to the success of the ranch. There’s also a river running through 7.5 miles of this patch of land. As you can imagine the river provides more than enough water to sustain the ranch

Source: The Pitchfork Ranch

For more than 130 years, these natural gifts have helped the ranch be a great place for raising cattle.

Upholding The Legacy

In the quest to combat the dwindling quality of beef nationwide, the Baker family at Pitchfork Ranch has taken on a noble mission. Under their care, the ranch cattle are raised and processed very carefully and kindly, following the best practices for animal husbandry and farming in a way that’s good for the earth.

Source: Facebook/ Pitchfork Ranch

This commitment makes sure their cattle are healthy and also means the beef from their ranch is really good quality. It shows how much they care and strive to uphold the century-old legacy of the Pitchfork Ranch.

The Bakers Play The Long Game

The Baker family has a clear and strong plan for the Pitchfork Ranch. “Our focus [for the ranch] is to build our quality commercial herd to offer ethically raised beef from our pasture to your plate.”

Source: Facebook/ Pitchfork Ranch

In other words, the Bakers are in for the long haul. They do not just provide top-quality beef to consumers, they want to do it in a way that is responsible and sustainable in the long term.

The Long Game Pays Off

The Bakers have transformed the Pitchfork Ranch into a modern, flourishing enterprise. You can easily see the effect of their smart management in the ranch’s selling price of $67 million.

Source: Facebook/ Pitchfork Ranch

This price tag is for more than just the large land and the buildings on it. It also covers everything the ranch does, proving they have created a successful, well-run business.

Pitchfork Rank Is The Pinnacle Of Efficiency

The Pitchfork Ranch is a great example of how well a farm can work. Right now, it can keep 1,300 cows every year. The implication is that it has lots of resources and is managed well.

Source: Facebook/ Pitchfork Ranch

The ranch also has its hay-making system, which is important for feeding the cows. They have everything they need, like food and tools, to run smoothly. Plus, they already have a whole herd of cows ready to go for the next year.

They Also Raise Horses

Apart from raising cattle, the Pitchfork Ranch also focuses on raising horses. What’s better than rearing herds of cows for a living? It’s rearing horses you can use to herd these cows with minimal effort.

Source: Facebook/ Pitchfork Ranch

The Bakers know how important horses are for herding cattle every day, so they decided to breed and raise their own horses. Doing so ensures that they always have strong and skilled horses for their work on the ranch.

They Even Showcase Them Annually

Every year, the Pitchfork Ranch turns into a busy place for people who love horses. They hold famous horse sales and shows.

Source: Facebook/Pitchfork Ranch

These events attract horse breeders from all over the country who come to see, sell, and buy some of the best horses around. It’s not just about business; it’s a time to celebrate how amazing horses are and show how well-known the ranch is for breeding horses.

There’s Real-Estate In Pitchfork Ranch

The Pitchfork Ranch is not just good at what it does with its many barns and buildings for horses and cattle.

Source: Lindsey Anson

It’s also a special place because it has eight homes on it. Each house has its special look, mixing comfort with a country style.

You Can Redecorate To Taste As A Pitchfork Ranch Property Owner

The houses and living accommodations on the ranch also vary in size from small, cozy cottages to bigger houses. All of these are set in its big, natural land.

Source: Lindsey Anson

The land can’t be split into smaller parts, but the people who buy property have a lot of choices with the homes. As a property owner in Pitchfork Ranch, you can change, use, or make the houses different in your own way.

Each House Tells A Story

Chances are, as a new property owner on Pitchfork Ranch, you’ll fall in love with how the ranch homes are designed – they’re known for being beautiful and having a lot of history.

Source: Properties West, Inc.

Each house has a story about the ranch’s past and fits in really well with the beautiful nature around it. The way the houses are built and the history they have might even make you want to keep your property as it is.

The Stone House And The River House

At the center of Pitchfork Ranch is the “Stone House,” a majestic main residence built in the 1930s. This mansion spans 5,400 square feet, with eight bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Source: Lindsey Anson

Another important place on the ranch is the “River House,” which was constructed in 1948. This house is 3,500 square feet, has four bedrooms, and even has an indoor swimming pool. There’s also a 2,600-square-foot Manager’s House – all these houses are key parts of the Pitchfork ranch.

Where Exactly Is The Ranch Located?

In case you were wondering, the Pitchfork Ranch is located in the beautiful Bighorn Basin area, with an amazing view of the big Absaroka Mountains.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you ever plan to visit, you’ll for sure be fascinated with the surrounding valleys and winding Greybull River.

How Big Is It?

As far as size is concerned, Pitchfork Ranch is a top player. The ranch covers a huge area of 96,000 acres with different kinds of land. It has 13,886 acres that are owned privately. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Land Management looks after about 5,645 acres of the ranch land – it’s part of federal land care.

Source: Facebook/Pitchfork Ranch

A large chunk, 44,984 acres, is managed by the forest service, connecting the ranch to national forest areas. Furthermore, the ranch uses 31,600 acres leased from the state. As you can see, despite its size, the Pitchfork Ranch is very varied in its land use and management.

A Perfect Example Of The Great Outdoors

Whenever you do decide to visit the Pitchfork Ranch, you’ll see it’s much more than just a place for cattle. It’s a perfect example of the great outdoors. There are lots of different things to see and do, like the big Absaroka Mountains, the peaceful Greybull River, and so much more.

Source: Facebook/Pitchfork Ranch

It’s a place where exciting adventures and the calmness of nature come together to give you a one-of-a-kind experience that really shows what wild and untouched America is like.

There Are Tons Of Exciting Stuff To Do

Visiting the Pitchfork Ranch means you get to do lots of fun outdoor things. You can swim in the Greybull River or go on exciting hikes in the mountains nearby. If hunting is your thing, you can hunt deer and birds in their natural homes.

Source: Facebook/Pitchfork Ranch

Folks who enjoy fishing can fish in the local waters. Thrill lovers can even venture off-road to see more of the land. There are also great places for camping and boating. And of course, horseback riding is a must-do at the ranch. Its the best way to see and enjoy the Ranch experience.

The Last Of Its Kind

The Pitchfork Ranch is very special for a few big reasons. The best one yet is perhaps because the ranch is one of the few ranches of this nature still around in America.

Source: Instagram/Pitchfork Ranch

What makes it even more unique is that it’s for sale now, which doesn’t happen often.

As Rare As A Unicorn

Ben Anson, manager of the Pitchfork Ranch and listing agent for the Pitchfork Ranch, talked about how special the ranch is. “It’s rare to see a contiguous piece of land this large, with this much history, on the market.”

Source: Facebook/Pitchfork Ranch

In other words, he believes the Ranch is one-of-a-kind because of its size – one piece of land – and its long and legacy-rich history. His enthusiasm makes sense considering the fact that a place like this is for sale is truly very rare.

Dare To Hope And Dream

The Pitchfork Ranch is attractive for many reasons. Some are fascinated by the thought of living in such a beautiful and untamed area, where they can appreciate the wonders of nature. The ranch is attractive to others since it is a great place to raise horses and cattle.

Source: Flickr/GPA Photo Archive

Then there are people who are excited by the chance to own a part of American history. Every part of the ranch speaks to a variety of people’s ambitions and dreams.

A Place Where History And Today Come Together

Pitchfork Ranch’s huge 100,000 acres have witnessed more history than many other places. They’ve felt the footsteps of numerous generations, heard countless tunes, and seen all the wars.

Source: Facebook/Pitchfork Ranch

This land is a living history and cultural narrative, more than just soil and grass. One might even say it shows the lasting spirit of the land and the people who have lived there. The Pitchfork Ranch is well and truly special – it’s a place where history and today come together in a way that never gets old.