Haiti is on the brink of collapse as migrants try to gain access to the US in any way they can. Florida is one of the closest ports, but Governor Ron DeSantis is not happy with the current migrant situation. Let’s see what he’s planning to do about it and why it upsets some people.

No Deportation, But Redirection

DeSantis knows the situation in Haiti, and he doesn’t seem to want to send those migrants back to a place where they might not survive. Haiti has lost all semblance of order.

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Instead, he wants to send Haitian migrants to other parts of the US. Typical Democrat areas like Martha’s Vineyard are high on the list of locations he’d like to send the Haitians.

Defending His State

A podcaster interviewed DeSantis about his approach to the pending problem of Haitian migrants. He stated that Florida’s transport system was ready to deal with the potential issues.

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He noted that he has to protect his state, and to do so, he’s willing to send Haitian migrants to other parts of the US, explicitly calling out areas of Democrat faithful like Martha’s Vineyard.

Already Dealing With Incoming Migration

A lot of Americans are coming from blue states to Florida, although there are just about enough people trying to leave as well. Florida has a very dynamic population currently.

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DeSantis believes migrants will strain the social systems in place and may negatively impact citizens. His solution is to send those migrants to other areas whose constituents advocate for migrant rights.

Coastal Intercept Forces Present

Haiti’s government has all but fallen apart, and several gangs roam the country’s capital, Port au Prince. Immigrants fleeing violence and persecution try to get as far away from the country as possible.

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DeSantis has already called out 250 police officers and state guards to take up positions along the coast. These guards aim to prevent illegal landings. Recently, 25 Haitian immigrants made landfall with guns, ammunition, and night-vision technology.

Additional Soldiers Out in Force

Following this interception, DeSantis ordered a further 250 police officers and state guards out to the coastal areas to prevent further attempts by Haitian migrants from landing illegally.

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In addition to these new forces, Florida also has a set of sea and aircraft deployed to perform regular patrols in places where landings may happen. DeSantis doesn’t want any immigrants landing in Florida.

Bodies In The Street

Reports coming in from Port au Prince state that early in the morning, residents of the city found bodies strewn all over their streets, the remains of a gang war that’s sweeping the capital.

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Some news agencies report that gangs now control nearly 80% of the city. The current president seems impotent to stop them, and the previous president was assassinated.

Famine And Violence Are Commonplace

The breakdown of law and order in Haiti means that most people are fleeing the country. The US seems an excellent port to aim for, and Florida has miles of coastline for landings.

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DeSantis’ plan to stop immigrants before they arrive might work, but it depends on where those migrants are landing. The US Coast Guard lacks the personnel or equipment to deal with this humanitarian crisis.

Venezuelan Migrants Went to Massachusetts Before

While some people think DeSantis is only joking about these threats, others know that he isn’t one to joke about doing this. The migrant transports have already done some work.

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Previously, because of a massive influx of Venezuelan migrants, DeSantis put his migrant transportation plan into effect to take thousands of them to Massachusetts.

Sanctuary Policy States Have a Responsibility

When DeSantis flew these Venezuelans to Massachusetts, he stated that states with sanctuary policies should put their money where their mouth was and take care of migrants.

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He further stated that Florida, not being a sanctuary state but located on the border, had to deal with what these states decided. They have no “skin in the game” and don’t have to worry about consequences.

Massachusetts Emergency Shelters are At Capacity

Aside from DeSantis’ threats, Massachusetts is facing its own migrant crisis. The state’s emergency shelters are already packed to capacity, and the state claims it can’t support any more.

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The shelters are so overloaded that some families have had to sleep at the airport. The government has scrambled to open new temporary shelters, but there’s no telling if it will be enough.

Immigration Is a Hot-Button Issue

Illegal immigration holds an extraordinary place in Congress’ deliberations lately. After Biden’s State of the Union address, some southern states are expecting support for their border patrol efforts.

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Florida’s position is similar, with immigrants arriving from the sea almost daily. The Coast Guard lacks the resources to deal with this, and Florida’s State Guard can only do so much.

Haitian Migration Into the US Is Not a New Phenomenon

Haitians have been migrating to the US illegally for decades. The local government climate has never been stable, and the country is constantly going through political upheaval or military strife. Even its neighbor, the Dominican Republic, is trying to distance itself from the country.

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The US has landed forces in Haiti on several occasions to restore law and order. At the moment, there is no pending plan to land troops to quell the current situation there. As a result, migration into Florida will likely continue unabated for the foreseeable future.

What Will Happen To Martha’s Vineyard

With Massachusetts in crisis over its immigrant influx, dumping more of them into Martha’s Vineyard won’t help the situation at all. It may lead to even more problems for the state.

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But will DeSantis make this happen? Based on what he’s done in the past, it’s likely that he will be looking to shift those immigrants somewhere else.

A Republican Approach

As a strong Republican who’s against illegal immigration, DeSantis’ approach to the Haitian situation makes sense. He doesn’t want illegal immigrants in Florida and thinks that other states should take their fair share.

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Specifically, he thinks states that are passing laws to make illegal immigration more acceptable should take their share of migrants. Many GOP lawmakers think he’s right.