I think we are all feeling the sting of our current economy. The ever rising manufacturing cost and increase in cost of living is making purchasing our favorite products nearly impossible. So at what point does the everyday consumer say no more and where do they draw the line? Many consumers are saying that the cost of the items is rendering them inaccessible.

Trips To Disney World

A one-day admissions pass to Disney World in Orlando, Florida is currently well over $100 a person. Sadly these ticket prices continue to go up every couple of years.

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Disney World used to be an accessible adventure for the average working-class family, but those days are gone with the wind. If you want to visit “Happiest Place on Earth,” you will have to pre plan months in advance, saving up for a one day trip. However, the cost doesn’t seem to slow everyone down, millions of people still visit Disney every year.

Subscriptions To Netflix

This was once considered one of the most cost effective ways to still enjoy home entertainment. Unfortunately a series of price increases over the years is deterring many from continuing to maintain their Netflix subscriptions.

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Many consumers feel their monthly fees have gotten completely out of control, stating things like “Now they have the ad-supported price tier, which tells me they know their standard product isn’t up to par.” So how high does Netflix really think they can take it before they lose even more subscribers?

In-Person Concerts

Attending your favorite band live and in person has been a beloved pastime for generations. The horrible truth nowadays is it just costs way too much to attend, forcing people to forgo the experience of concerts.

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The general consensus from consumers is that the insane cost of food and beverages, combined with the increased prices of tickets, makes this once loved pastime just not worth it anymore.

Eating Fast Food

Who remembers the days when you could go to McDonald’s and order an entire meal for under $5 on the dollar menu? Or how about five-dollar footlongs at Subway? Yeah that doesn’t exist anymore.

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Fast food items have gone up in price across the board, and customers don’t feel like they are getting the value for the money spent anymore. The sad truth is there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight as far as this is concerned, it costs almost the same amount at a sit down restaurant as it does to go to a fast food joint.

Going To See A Movie

Believe it or not, going to the movies for date night used to be a popular choice, not just for the entertainment of it all, but because you could take your beau out without breaking the bank. Now, in 2024 you can choose between dinner out or going to the movies, but doing both is out of the question.

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Movie theaters have priced themselves out of the market, between the $20 per person tickets and the exorbitant amounts of money you will spend on snacks. For most consumers it’s just easier to stay home, save the money, and watch the movie from their own personal big screen.

Frozen Pizzas

The cost of groceries is clearly getting too high when ordering a fresh pizza from your local restaurant is cheaper than buying the frozen one from the store.

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As a pizza lover myself it makes complete sense why a consumer would rather go with the freshly baked pie as opposed to the frozen one that requires time and effort to make. Bottomline frozen pizzas need to cost significantly less for them to be worth the hassle, and right now they just aren’t.


Some may be surprised that even soft drinks are being affected by inflation. In 2024 fan favorites like Pepsi and Coca-Cola don’t offer the value options that drew customers in.

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The prices for cases of soda have gone up so much that they are double and even triple what they used to be.

Buying A House

It’s no surprise that the cost of homes have skyrocketed in the last few years! The pricing increase has gotten so out of control that most people feel as though they aren’t worth buying anymore. The cost of buying has gone up, making an even bigger imbalance in the rental market.

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It seems like everyone is just sitting around waiting for another major housing crash, hoping that this will make buying a home more attainable again.


Uber and Lyft gained their popularity in 2010, with the objective of putting traditional taxi companies out of business. How were they going to do this you ask? By offering significantly lower fare options.

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They definitely succeeded with their goal, only now they have cornered the market, and over the years they have steadily been increasing their prices. In 2024 people say they are paying significantly more for the exact same services they received in 2015.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Times are definitely tough when even Ben and Jerry’s is having to raise the prices on their extremely popular ice cream pints.

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Consumers still say that they will splurge for this little delight, it may not be good for the wallet but it’s good for the soul. Expensive or not they aren’t giving up their indulgences!

Buying New Cars

The average price of a car or truck In 2024 is an unprecedented $48,000, and there aren’t any indications that it will be going down any time soon.

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The cost just keeps getting worse, the price of a new vehicle has gone up a staggering 33% in the last five years! Making it nearly impossible for the average car buyer to purchase a new vehicle without putting themselves in a significant amount of debt. If you couple the high sticker price with the insanely high interest rates, its almost irresponsible to even consider purchasing a new car or truck.