Progressive “Squad” member Cori Bush urged for de-escalation and “peace” in the Israel-Hamas conflict. It was ironic since Bush’s hometown, St. Louis, has recently been classified as the third “most dangerous” city in the U.S.

Third “Most Dangerous City

Earlier in the month, real estate firm Norada released a report classifying Representative Bush’s hometown, St. Louis, Missouri, as the third “most dangerous” city in the U.S.

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The classification was made on the basis of FBI data analysis.

Only Baltimore And Detroit Are Ahead Of St. Louis

The rankings reveal that only Baltimore and Detroit are even more dangerous than St. Louis.

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Norada highlighted that St. Louis’ increased poverty rates, high unemployment, and limited access to quality education and healthcare are major factors contributing to an environment reportedly conducive to fostering “criminal activity.”

“Toll Of Violence” Overseas

On Wednesday, Bush emphasized the need for peace in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. She pointed out the devastating “toll of violence” overseas.

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The Democratic representative has emerged as a staunch critic of Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

Bush’s Speech

Bush said in her speech, “In the clouds of political rhetoric and the clamor of war, it is also easy to lose sight of the lives that have been shattered, the futures extinguished by violence, and the profound grief that war leaves in its wake.”

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Bush added, “We need to confront the harsh realities of war and recommit ourselves to the pursuit of peace.”

Bush’s Stance Against War

Bush said that the United States “gravitates towards war.” She asserted, “We are saying no to war. Stop the bloodshed. Stop the violence. Stop the trauma. Just stop.”

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Bush stated, “You see, our country knows war. Our country understands war. Our country, it has experienced war on numerous occasions and in numerous places. But seldom does our country know peace.”

The Logic Behind War

Reflecting on the futility of war, Bush said, ”It might make sense that our country would gravitate toward war, but just because it makes sense, doesn’t make it logical or right.”

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Last year, in her congressional resolution remarks, Bush had condemned the “collective punishment of Palestinians” and emphasized the fact that “all human life is equally valuable.”

Bush’s Appeal To End Financial Support To Israel

Last year, Bush appealed to Washington to end the U.S.’s financial support of Israel. She insisted that violations of human rights should not be used as grounds for initiating more violence that only adds to the collective suffering of both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

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Bush said, “Our ultimate focus must be on a just and lasting peace that ensures safety for everyone in the region. As part of achieving a just and lasting peace, we must do our part to stop this violence and trauma by ending US government support for Israeli military occupation and apartheid.”

Gun Violence In St. Louis

According to Norada, Bush’s hometown, St. Louis, also suffers from an epidemic of gun violence besides having a high involvement of youth in criminal activities. According to Norada’s blog, “The prevalence of firearms, coupled with limited gun control measures, further contributes to the overall crime rates in St. Louis.”

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Over the years, St. Louis officials have implemented gun control measures. This includes passing a board bill to regulate openly carrying guns and advocating for another board bill to prohibit doing so within the city. These initiatives have faced opposition from Republican leaders in Missouri.

High Rate Of Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crime is also a major issue in St. Louis. Police disclosed to FOX 2 their various efforts to address an increase in juvenile crime across the St. Louis metro area.

According to Norada, offering more educational resources and mentorship programs in areas with high rates of poverty across St. Louis can “pave the way for a safer and more prosperous community.”

Bush’s Handling of Campaign Funds

Earlier this year, the Justice Department launched an investigation to look into allegations that Bush had mismanaged campaign funds, particularly with regards to the hiring of her romantic partner — now her husband — for security services.

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In 2023, the Office of Congressional Ethics conducted an investigation into the security arrangement involving Bush. The office recommended dismissing the allegations after determining that her husband, Cortney Merritts, had legitimately provided security services without any account of overcompensation. The arrangement was also justified due to the amount of threats Bush had been facing.

Threats Faced By Bush

At the time, Bush released a statement saying that she was “fully cooperating” with the Justice Department for the investigation.

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Bush said, “Since before I was sworn into office, I have endured relentless threats to my physical safety and life.”

Campaign Funds For Protection

Bush justified her use of campaign funds for personal security saying, “As a rank-and-file member of Congress, I am not entitled to personal protection by the House, and instead have used campaign funds as permissible to retain security services.”

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Bush also stated, “I have not used any federal tax dollars for personal security services. Any reporting that I have used federal funds for personal security is simply false.”

Death Threats

Bush received several death threats while on Capitol Hill.

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Following the January 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol, she was compelled to allocate more funds towards personal security than any other House member during that period.

Notice Issued By The Sergeant-At-Arms

The investigation gained public attention when the House clerk read a mandatory notification from the House sergeant-at-arms with regards to the receipt of a grand jury subpoena from the Justice Department for documents.

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In the notice, William McFarland, the sergeant-at-arms, wrote, “After consulting with the Office of General Counsel, I have determined that compliance with the subpoena is consistent with the rights and derivatives of the House.”