While most people may not remember, many celebrities openly stated that if Trump were elected in the past, they would leave the country. However, this sentiment seems to have exploded recently as more people want to leave if Donald Trump is re-elected. Let’s see what’s causing this fervor.

Not A New Tune To Sing

As mentioned, many Democrats said that they were planning to flee the US and move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Yet after he was, there was no massive immigration push.

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Most people who promised to leave swallowed their words and continued their lives as best they could. Moving countries is expensive, after all, and most people say these things to vent.

Many Americans Are Planning On Leaving

Yet, once again, as elections loom, many Americans consider their options for leaving the country. Democrats have voiced concerns that if Trump were to win again, they’d flee.

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However, while this is typically the case for each election, it seems different this time. People are actually buying houses in other countries and preparing for what they see as the worst option.

Fears Of Donald Trump Hang Heavy

While many Americans have simply said they’d leave in the past and didn’t, this particular election carries much more weight. Trump has shown that he doesn’t believe in democracy.

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No one could forget the Capitol insurrection that Trump’s supporters perpetrated after he had lost the election. It’s not limited to just that one incident, however. There are many other concerns.

Politicizing The Military and Intelligence Services

Americans have seen leaders come and go; in each case, the military and intelligence services functioned just the same-up until Trump was elected last time.

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Based on testimonials, Trump interfered with the functioning of the intelligence services and changed the military structure to give him more direct power over the country’s assets.

Demanding Obedience For Fear of Persecution

Military personnel have been stripped of their position because they were loyal to the US Constitution and not the Commander in Chief of those forces. It sets a dangerous precedent.

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In another election victory, Trump could even further erode the independence of the military, leading to severe concerns that US democracy would survive a second victory by the former president.

Number of Potential Immigrants Rise Significantly

Gallup polls Americans ages 15 and up whether they’d want to move to another country permanently. These polls typically happen every four years or so, coinciding with election cycles.

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During George W. Bush’s presidency, the number hovered around 11%. During Obama’s time in power, it dropped to 10%. During the Trump presidency, the number hit 16%, around 40 million Americans.

The Breakdown Shows Some Interesting Facts

Who are the 16% of Americans who want to leave the US permanently in case Trump is re-elected? Unsurprisingly, the majority of these people tend to be those under 30 years old.

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There’s also a significant gender bias among hopeful expats. According to a Gallup poll, 20% of young men considered fleeing the US, while 40% of women wanted to leave for good.

American Expats Brace for Expansion of Their Communities

Even if Donald Trump doesn’t win the elections, many American expats expect an influx of newcomers to their neighborhoods. While politics play a part, it’s not the only push factor for migration.

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Americans face high housing and even higher insurance prices in some parts of the country. Remote work jobs allow for a much more flexible working location, and many Americans are embracing them.

America Seems Hostile To Americans

Many would say the American Dream is still alive and well, but no one under the age of thirty could say this with a straight face. Economically, it’s a hard thing to be young in the US.

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International opinion of the US has also been steadily dropping off since the war in Iraq. Young Americans are realizing that staying in the country isn’t helping them achieve their goals.

Trump Presidency May Be The Push

A second Trump presidency could be the catalyst that drives thousands of people to move to another country. Europe could very well become what Canada was for draft dodgers during the Vietnam War.

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However, it’s not just the push factors like expensive healthcare, property prices, and high cost of living that are driving migration. The pull factors are also attractive, making Americans consider Europe.

Better Quality Of Life For Less

Many Americans have invested money in Italy and other European countries. In these countries, houses and entire estates could cost the same as a single-bedroom apartment in New York City.

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Additionally, European locations have much more affordable property taxes. Gas may be more expensive, but public transport works and being able to eat out every night for pennies is the icing on the cake.

Conservative Fervor Is Pushing Progressive Thinkers Away

One of the fallouts of the culture wars is that conservative enthusiasm is on the uptick. Culturally, conservatives are enjoying a rising star in popular culture and media.

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However, this rising tide of conservative thought and values drives many younger, more progressive minds to reconsider living in a country they don’t align with politically.

Some Europeans Aren’t Happy About This

Americans have adopted Europe as their escape location because it aligns with their values. However, their movement may have an undesirable effect on the local population.

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Recently, protests in Portugal saw individuals blaming Americans (specifically Californian expats) for causing the cost of rent to skyrocket in the country. Americans are willing to pay higher rents, forcing others to have to do the same.

Will We See a Mass Exodus of Americans?

Many factors impact whether young people leave the US. Some see Europe as an escape that they can afford, and that’s politically aligned with them. However, there are other mitigating factors.

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Between responsibilities, familial ties, and employment, there are significant barriers still to overcome for Americans wanting to leave the country permanently. That’s not even considering local immigration laws. It may take something substantial to force a move. And a Donald Trump presidency might be just the right push.