Come over, suburban lifestyle dreamers! This family didn’t just build a house; they created a mini village for their kids to rule. Imagine a place where each child has a pint-sized palace with tiny front yards and adorable mailboxes. This village is a compact world of its own!

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This isn’t a page from another fairy tale book. It’s the real-life story of the Brinks family and their whimsical creation. From treehouse hideaways to cozy cottages, these tiny private village pioneers live in their miniature world. Let’s explore a family’s enchanting journey, turning a backyard into a catchy abode where childhood dreams come true.

Get To Know The Brinks

The Brinks crew craved a fresh beginning in 2015. Ryan and Keli, the masterminds, ditched their Michigan cohort for a sprawling 21-acre spot in London, Kentucky. The plot cost them a cool $57,000, but that’s not the kicker.

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They turned it into a glamorous, energy-savvy village with six cute mini-houses! Talk about a wild ride from Michigan to a tiny wonderland in the heart of Kentucky. These folks didn’t just move, they crafted a whole mini-universe on a pretty decent budget.

The Buildings In The Mini Village

Here’s the expose on the Brinks’ cozy village: three tiny havens for the fam! Dad and Mom, Ryan and Keli, chill in one. Meanwhile, Lennox, the campus explorer, bounces between her college crib and the family pad.

Source: YouTube/ Tiny House Big Living

The teenage whiz-kid Brodie rocks the solo life on the family turf. It’s like a cool sitcom plot, with each mini-house telling its tale. Lennox balances books and bedtime, and Brodie holds down the fort. Safe to say the Brinks have turned their tiny village into a bustling haven for family adventures.

Budget Cut In A Haven Bliss

Here is what to know; the Brinks didn’t just stumble on modest living by accident. They hacked the conventionally enormous housing cost for a thrifty lifestyle. Housing expenses got them thinking outside the box. Instead of wallowing in heavy mortgage, why not simply live small and happy?

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Their mini space is a pocket-friendly paradise and doesn’t skip the fun of home ownership too. So you ask why the kids cozy up with their parents? It’s simply financial brilliance that made them turn their backyard into conducive spaces. Forget the crazy bills. This family found bliss within their means.

More Description Of The Kids’ Houses

The kids’ cribs are like super comfy fortresses at 160 square feet each. Meanwhile, the parental hub boasts a grand 280 square feet and is completed with a stylish bathroom and kitchen. Ryan and Keli are also living the big life in their space.

Source: YouTube/ Tiny House Big Living

Now, here’s the scoop. The children’s havens might not have bathrooms or kitchens, but who needs those when you control your tiny realm? The property is more than just homes. There’s a designated bathroom zone, a cool office hangout, and even a barn for some rustic charm.

The Selling Point For The Teenagers

Lennox and Brodie struck gold in the coolest way possible. It’s a reality, they have a tiny haven while still rocking teen life! A respective mini dwelling where they’re the boss. The selling point for them? Unmatched teenage freedom.

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No more sharing space, no grown-up dictates. They don’t have to sneak out at night anymore. It’s like owning a legit clubhouse. Both cracked the code to teen paradise. To anyone, this wouldn’t be just a home. Instead, it’s the teen dream.

What It’s Like To Have A Say

Mom whips out a brochure full of mini-house magic and drops the bombshell – “Pick your dream house model!” Lennox couldn’t resist; it’s like a menu of tiny wonders. How do you say no to that kind of royal treatment?

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Keli’s pitch was unbeatable, and now Lennox rules her 160-square-foot kingdom. It’s like being the queen of a mini-realm, all thanks to a brochure that turned dreams into reality. At this point, you already know that the Brinks know how to make exciting decisions.

Brinks Kids Dilemma: The Late-Night Adventures

Lennox spills the tea on the Brinks’ teen adventures, sharing the challenge with the separate bathroom saga. In the beginning, midnight bathroom runs were like a horror movie plot twist. The brave soul Lennox called in backup – her brother Brodie, the porch guardian. Brodie stands guard while she makes a bathroom dash.

Source: YouTube/ Tiny House Big Living

Fast forward to now, they’ve upgraded to lights and lamp posts. The Brinks kids went from spooky nocturnal escapades to a well-lit village paradise. Midnight bathroom missions? No biggie. The Brinks crew conquered that hurdle with style.

Divided To Unite? The Brinks Recipe For Familial Bond

As you would expect, Lennox again hints at the secret sauce to the Brinks’ family closeness. Forget separate spaces tearing families apart. For the Brinks, it’s the glue holding them tight. Family dinners are a sacred ritual, and outdoor shenanigans are a daily pastime activity.

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Back in Michigan, yard games barely happened. Now, Sundays are a showdown of epic proportions. Three different yard games after church service. In Lennox’s sage saying, “It’s not about pushing the kids out, it’s about pulling everyone in.” The Brinks have mastered the art of being divided in space but united in heart.

Would You Live In A Mini Separate House With Your Family?

Have you ever thought about turning your backyard into a mini-village? The Brinks family did, and they’re living their best life. Now, this setup might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the Brinks, it’s a slam dunk.

Source: YouTube/ Tiny House Big Living

Can you imagine tiny houses and big family love? The real question is, could your squad pull it off? Would you trade your regular apartment for a tiny kingdom with separate thrones? It’s an unconventional twist on family living that got everyone wondering. Could you handle the tiny, separate house charm? It’s time to ruminate on your dream family haven.