One of the best things you can do is to do a weekly assessment of all the things that need to be done to the inside and outside of your home, then from there make a list and tackle it! It’s best to fix the little things before they turn into big things, such as a little scuffed paint, worn out caulking, and overgrown weeds. Plan according to what your time will allow for the week and start checking things off your list. Here are 8 things that smart home owners do weekly.

Tidy-Up Your Designated “Drop Zone

Almost all homes have that one area that clutter starts to stack up in, whether it’s the pile of clean clothes on the couch, or mail on the kitchen counter. We are all guilty of this one spot in our homes.

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It’s good that we are containing it to one designated space, but regardless this can start to feel overwhelming. Make it a point to clear out your “drop zone” weekly so it doesn’t stack up on you.

Toss Five Things

Getting rid of all the unwanted or unneeded things in one swoop can feel extremely overwhelming. Instead, commit to five items you are willing to discard that week, this will feel far easier than the big ‘spring cleaning’.

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If it makes it even easier you can start with the more obvious tosses like outdated food, then move on to unworn clothes, useless items, receipts, and so forth. Before you know it you will be well on your way to a clean and decluttered home.

Vacuum On A Regular Basis

Everyone knows they need to vacuum when you start to see the pet hair and dirt building up on the floor, but seeing the build up isn’t the only reason you should clean up your floors.

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You aren’t just cleaning the dirt and debris, you are also protecting your HVAC filters from becoming inundated with all the particle buildup, it’s a win win for your floors and ventilation system.

Clean Up That Stove Vent

Most of us are pretty good about wiping down the stove top while we are in the midst of cleaning our kitchens, but the stove doesn’t stop there.

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Don’t forget to remove the overhead vent and give it a good cleaning, being sure to remove all the grease and food residue that builds up over time

Mowing The Lawn

If you live in a state where it snows you might be able to avoid this one in the colder months. But, when the weather permits you should be busting out the old trusty lawnmower weekly and getting to work.

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The longer you wait the harder it is on you and your equipment, the longer grass can get caught in the blades, making the overall experience far more difficult than it would have been if you just maintained it weekly. So do yourself and your lawn mower the favor and mow as often as you can.

Change Out Your Bathroom Towels

You may not have time to do a full cleaning overhaul on the bathroom every single week, but be sure you address the dirty towels.

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Give your bathroom the little refresh it needs by replacing old towels with clean folded ones. It will help your bathroom feel tidy and fresh even when you can’t do a full cleaning.

Water Your Plants

A neglected weathered plant is a pretty sad sight to see when you walk into someone’s home. Dedicate a day weekly that is just for tending to your houseplants.

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Make sure you water them, tidy up fallen or dead leaves, and see if there is anything else you need to do to keep them healthy.

Clean Up Surfaces

Take a few minutes each week to declutter the surfaces of your home, go room to room and pick up the easy-to-grab build up on counters and shelves.

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Once you have managed to clear out all the unnecessary objects, then go over the surfaces with a duster and wipe them down with an all purpose cleaner. All of these simple tasks will help your home feel tidy and well kept, helping to create a peaceful space for you to dwell in.