Have you ever wondered if Christianity and its practices are like the weather? Changing with times and seasons. If it doesn’t, why are those who claim to be devoted to the faith found neglecting the teachings of their Holy book?

The interesting thing about these teachings is that they could do humanity more good than harm if followers adopted one or two of them. But, we’ll cut the non-Christians some slack and face those who revere the Bible. Here are 21 Bible teachings that you, as a modern Christian, should recall about your old-time religion.

1. Modesty In Dress And Lifestyle

We are in a world where modesty seems like a concept of the past that is both faded and irrelevant. However, the Bible constantly emphasizes how God values modesty irrespective of the society Christians find themselves in.

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While we see modern Christians trying to conform to the prevailing beauty standard that exposure is power, the Bible doesn’t seem to cheer them on. Their scripture is clear that true beauty goes beyond outward appearance. The bible preaches about integrity, humility, and honor for our bodies as sacred vessels of God.

2. Not Charging Interest To The Poor

The Bible speaks against lending to the poor with interest. Alongside the recognition of the vulnerable state of this category of people, this teaching reveals God’s heart of justice and compassion for the less privileged.

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Charging interest to people experiencing poverty worsens their financial condition and further traps them in the cycle of debt and poverty. If there is anything a modern Christian must never forget, it is that every human deserves empathy and mercy, especially when going through hard times.

3. Seeking Justice For The Oppressed

In many Biblical accounts, we see a deep concern for people who were mistreated, oppressed, and marginalized. With the people of God themselves being victims of this kind of treatment, God constantly spoke to the Israelites to remember that they were once captive, and they must never take advantage of the oppressed.

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Instead of leaving the marginalized to their problems, Christians are to actively stand for and defend policies and practices that prioritize equality, respect, and the preservation of human rights.

4. Giving Generously To The Poor

Irrespective of the age we are in, we will always have people experiencing poverty around us. And despite their socioeconomic condition, the Bible acknowledges them as made in God’s likeness. Giving to the poor is a call to see God in the faces of the needy and thus open our hearts and hands.

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Giving to the poor is not a one-off thing for Christians. It is a spirit that should be cultivated as a way of life. Although the world prioritizes power, wealth, and material things, the scripture teaches them to prioritize God’s character of kindness and generosity.

5. Taking Care Of Widows And Orphans

Widows used to be one of the most vulnerable people in ancient society. Sadly, they still are today. God is a stellar example of this Bible instruction, seeing that He’s the defender of the widows and the Father of the Fatherless. The New Testament described pure and faultless religion as looking after the orphans and the widows in their distress.

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Modern Christian or not, one proof of your love for God is in caring for this set of people. God wants us to consider it a privilege to share the light of His love with a broken and hurting world.

6. Honoring The Old

Honoring the old is a core value that is found in many cultures today, and the Bible strongly supports it. Apart from their length of days, the elders should be recognized for their wisdom, guidance, and insight into many issues of life.

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Respect for older people is not just seen in what you say. It will also reflect in acts of kindness and assistance with their daily activities. As a modern Christian, you shouldn’t throw away the instruction to respect and appreciate the elderly.

7. Avoiding Gossip

According to the Bible, words carry a lot of power, so they must not be used carelessly. Instead of using words to harm or damage another human, Christians are to ensure their words are full of grace. Also, they should refrain from spreading rumors and negative information about another person.

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Even when offended by another, a modern Christian is to discuss the issue with the person in question rather than with a third party. Additionally, gossip destroys the environment of mutual trust and support that Christians should exemplify.

8. Not Breaking Your Promises

The Bible emphasizes truthfulness, integrity, and trustworthiness as how a Christian relates with others, both personally and professionally. As a believer in the Bible, it is better to keep quiet than make promises you can’t keep to either God or man.

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Just as Jesus taught, “Let your ‘Yes’ be yes and your ‘No’ be no; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” Breaking your promises destroys people’s trust in you. On the other hand, keeping them helps to build strong, healthy, and reliable relationships with others.

9. Not Being Attached To Wealth

An honest look at the world shows that the meaning of life goes beyond material things. As such, a Christian should not be too attached to wealth and material possessions. This is not to say that material things are bad. But, an unchecked desire for them can make a Christian throw away the real spiritual riches.

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Contrary to what the world may say, the Christian Bible speaks against placing undue importance on material possessions. This means that its believers need to learn the attitude that is detached from materialism.

10. Avoiding Litigation Among Believers

In the Christian faith, the right way to resolve disputes is within the Church instead of looking to solve issues in secular courts. This practice is meant to preserve unity while proving the transformative work of God’s grace and love.

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Even if it means enduring personal loss, Apostle Paul taught that peace should come first before personal gain or vindication. A Christian is also meant to be marked out by the attitude of reconciliation in a world that thrives on conflicts and division.

11. Fasting

The men of faith in the Scriptures wholesomely exemplify the Bible’s teaching on fasting. More often than not, fasting is done to seek the face of the Lord by prayer and meditation while abstaining from food.

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A modern Christian who is serious about transformation and having greater intimacy with God cannot ignore this timeless teaching. Considering the world we have today, a Christian can observe a fast to include other distracting things, such as their smart devices, to sincerely draw close to God.

12. Not Being Judgmental

No one is perfect and will never be, whether they are born today or they were born a millennium ago. Because of this fact, no Christian has the right to judge or criticize others.

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Of course, you are not to condone bad behavior either. However, Christians should approach correction with humility and understanding instead of condemning others. After all, we are all in need of God’s mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.

13. Being Careful Of The Dangers Of Wealth

The Bible never says money is evil, but it calls the love of money the root of all evil. Yes, wealth has the comfort and security it provides. Yet still, the pursuit of the same must be without spiritual and moral compromise.

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When you place wealth above everything, it leads to greed, selfishness, exploitation, and abandonment of the values of the faith. The Bible further explains that true wealth is in contentment, generosity, and service to God with our resources.

14. The Power Of Faith

Faith reflects a Christian’s trust and confidence in the power of God. It is only through faith that you can overcome tough times and see the working of God in the face of hopelessness. When you’re in faith, you believe in God’s promise, and you find the strength to keep on moving.

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Even though we live in a world where things can get hard and almost unbearable, the modern Christian should recall the Bible’s teaching on faith to always stay rooted in God’s power.

15. Being At Peace With All Men

Every human on Earth is considered to be a part of God’s one big family. This is proof that we must always be in harmony as much as it depends on us. Disagreements are indeed inevitable, yet Christians must seek reconciliation as they would with a biological brother or sister.

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Even when it’s difficult, a child of God approaches conflicts with an intention to forgive, reconcile, and restore peace with all men.

16.  Staying Content With What You Have

Despite their natural condition, Christians are to be content. Apostle Paul shared his personal experience for you to learn from. He said that he knows how to be satisfied in whatever condition he finds himself in.

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Remember, this is not because it is easy. Instead, this attitude comes from a Christian’s trust, reliance, and satisfaction in their relationship with Christ, both in abundance and in lack.

17. Praying In Your Closet

One of the most exceptional teachings on this subject was by Jesus Himself on the Mount. He explains that prayer is an intimate activity between God and man, and it should be done away from the presence of another man.

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Prayer is not an act or performance for others to see. Rather, it is a time to be honest, transparent, and vulnerable in the presence of God.

18. Loving Your Enemies

The perfect example of this teaching is seen in God. He looked beyond humanity’s enmity against Him and loved them such as to die for their sins. Loving your enemy goes against man’s natural desire to seek revenge, but the Bible tells us that genuine healing and reconciliation can only come by love.

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This love is not a passive one. It actively involves compassion, kindness, and warmth in the face of hostility and rejection.

19. Forgiving Debts

Forgiving debts show up multiple times when Jesus was teaching about God’s graciousness. Apart from Jesus’ teaching, the practice was seen when the Israelites celebrated the Year of Jubilee – a 50-year mark in which debts were reset to zero, and enslaved people were set free.

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This teaching encourages us to let go of debts and wrongs that have been done to us. When modern Christians employ these principles, it can encourage healing and restoration in our relationships and society as a whole.

20. Resting On The Sabbath

The Sabbath day is the day when God rested from all His work of creation. Alongside being a remembrance of God’s rest, it is now God’s commandment to Christians as a day of fellowship, worship, rest, and spiritual reflection.

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Jesus further explained the sabbath as a reminder for us to depend on God’s provision and grace. Apart from the evidence of the sabbath, Psalms 127:2  tells us that God gives sleep to his children.

21. Hospitality To Strangers

One of the Christian values that the Bible is loud on is being welcoming of others. Right from the Old Testament into the New, we are told to be hospitable to strangers and those in need.

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Most people today would rather lock their doors to strangers. But this is not the kind of life the Bible teaches us to live. A Christian is to have the spirit of openness, acceptance, and compassion for others.