When you grow up poor you typically want to keep that part of your life history quiet. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy to hide. Oftentimes people who grew up in poverty will subconsciously exhibit certain behaviors, habits that were acquired throughout their childhoods.

Contingencies For Your Backups

People who grew up poor can experience a certain level anxiety when they start to run out of something.

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Because of this many people will make sure that they have backups for their backups, just to make sure that no matter what they don’t ever completely run out of anything.

Taking A Togo Bag Of Free Food

If there is a party or a work event that is providing free food, you can guarantee that someone is smuggling some food out of there for later.

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Some people speculate that this comes from an insecurity from growing up with little to no food. So to save themselves from having to experience that again, they take a little doggy bag.

Discussing The Price

If you have an abundance of money then you probably have no regard for price, but you people who grew up poor will note the price of something almost every time.


For instance, if someone were to compliment them on their jacket, they may feel inclined to take about the original price of it but how they got it on sale.

Savings Not Investments

Those that grew up without money will have the urge to save their money, so they never have to worry about whether or not they have enough in the bank.

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Instead of investing their money like rich people do, they tend to just have very large savings they hold onto for dear life.

Reusing Disposable Kitchenware

Have you ever opened someone’s fridge to grab the butter container only to discover it has leftover spaghetti in it? This is a tell tell sign that they grew up poor.

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People who are raised in homes that didn’t have a lot of money learn to use and reuse many things.


It’s common for people who didn’t have a lot growing up to not want to let go of anything.

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So what you end up with is people who have a tendency to hoard things. Their fear of not having it when they eventually need it leads to a garage and house packed full of stuff.

Difficulty Acquiring Finer Items

If you grew up poor you knew that buying expensive new things just wasn’t going to happen.

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When you grew up and made your own money, you may still have this feeling that the finer things are an unnecessary purchase. Even if you can easily purchase them without breaking the bank.

Multi-Purposed Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a commodity to a person that comes from nothing. Most people just discard them, but to a poor person they are multifunctional.

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You will often find these baggies in their homes stored after their first use just waiting to be reused for a variety of other purposes.

Line Drying Clothes

We are all aware that using a dryer can add up to costing a lot of money. They can also cause your clothes to have more wear and tear.

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Many of those that grew up are accustomed to line drying their clothes, a habit they carried with them into adulthood. To them it’s almost nostalgic, and it makes their clothes last longer.

Thrifting Instead Of Buying New

Some people who grew up without money find it really difficult to purchase something when it’s brand new.

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They will oftentimes find themselves shopping at second hand stores, regardless of if they can afford the new version or not.

Poor Money Management

Unfortunately if you grew up in a home that didn’t have a good relationship with money, there is a good chance that you to were not taught how to properly manage money.

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People who grew up poor can grow up finding it difficult to properly handle their own money. Sadly this only perpetuates the cycle.

Ready To Be Poor Again

Much of this can come from the fear of being poor again.

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When you have an upbringing that is marked by poverty, you may find yourself with this constant looming feeling that you may lose everything and have nothing again. Sometimes people with this fear will find themselves penny pitching every single dime to help them feel more secure.

Saving Every Last Drop

If you use scissors to cut open the toothpaste container to make sure you get every last drop, you may have grown up poor.

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You may even find yourself using the end of your toothbrush to push out any reminisce in the tube, can’t let it go to waste.

Anxiety Around Expensive Items

People that grew up not having anything expensive around them may feel anxious when they are around nice things,

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You may be constantly worrying that you might ruin it or accidentally damage it and then have to cover the cost.

A Taste For Processed Foods

Much of our taste for certain foods is developed in our early childhoods.

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When you grow up poor you eat what is available.Typically this means the cheaper more processed grocery items like bologna, mac and cheese, or hotdogs. After eating it for so long and so often, you tend to develop a taste for the less costly foods, this will often follow you into adulthood.